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Grand Theft Auto III is a non-linear driving and shooting computer and video game released by Rockstar Games on October 22, 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and May 21, 2002 for the personal computer, as well as in November 2003 for the Xbox, along with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack re-release. As the title implies, the game involves an amount of crime and plenty of carjacking.

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The game takes place in October 2001, or the present date when Grand Theft Auto III was first released. The nameless player character (later revealed in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to be named "Claude") was betrayed by his girlfirend, Catalina, during a bank heist in Liberty City and arrested. However, Claude was freed when the police convey his was in was attacked, allowing him to flee and rise in the ranks of the Liberty City underworld and seek revenge of Catalina. You, the player, will take over the role of this nameless character in GTA III.

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This Wikibook will guide you on how to play GTA III, and the features and item available to you in game.


  • Basics - Learn the basics of the game
  • Missions - A spoiler-free guide to completing GTA III's missions in and outside the game's storyline
  • Vehicles - Listing of vehicles appearing in GTA III
  • Items - Listing of weapons and other pickups in the game
  • Appendices - Miscellaneous information that does not fall in other sections

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