Grand Theft Auto III/Missions

Story missions edit

Portland edit

Introduction edit

Give me liberty

At this point, it is possible to do all side missions with exploits and cheats, before beginning the first mission.

Luigi edit

Luigi's girls
Don't spank ma bitch up
Drive Misty for me
Pump-pump action
The fuzz ball
Achievement: Use a Coach (bus) to pick up all 8 girls at once.

Joey edit

Only between the in-game clock time hours of 05:00 and 20:00.

Mike lips last lunch
Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
Van Heist
Cipriani's chauffeur
Dead skunk in the trunk
The getaway

Tony edit

Bonus cash if you kill all triads.

Taking out the laundry
The pick-up
Salvatore's called a meeting
Triads and tribulations
Blow fish

Salvatore edit

Cutting the grass
Bomb da base
Act I
Last requests

8-Ball edit

Bomb da Base
Act II
If you run 'n' gun everyone on-board the ship, you will be safely teleported to just off the boat back onto the pier.

El Burro o' Diablos edit

Optional. Phone missions.

Can hit one of the three competitors' vehicles to immediately begin with a head start.
I scream, you scream
Trial by fire

Marty Chonks of Bitchin' Dog Food edit

Optional. Phone missions. Across the street from Joey's garage.

The crook
The thieves
The wife
Her lover

Staunton Island edit

Asuka edit

Sayonara Salvatore
Under surveillance
Paparazzi purge
Payday for Ray
Two-faced Tanner

Kenji edit


Kanbu bust-out
Grand theft auto
Deal steal
Smack down

Ray edit

Silence the sneak
Arms shortage
Evidence dash
Gone fishing
Plaster blaster
Marked man

Donald Love edit

Waka-gashira wipeout!
A drop in the ocean
Grand theft aero
Escort service
Love's disappearance

King Courtney o' Yardies edit

Optional. Phone missions.

Bling-bling scramble
There is no bonus if you manage to smuggle all platinum pieces in total (Patriot is best).
Uzi rider
Gangcar round-up
Kingdom come

Shoreside Vale edit

Catalina edit

The exchange

D-Ice o' Red Jacks edit

Optional. Phone missions.

Be aware some editions of GTA3 will erase the existence of Purple Nines after the mission Rampage.

Uzi money
Rigged to blow
Bullion run

Side missions edit

Ambulance edit

Levels 1-12 will require you to pick up and deliver L number of casualties to the hospital; Level 12 requires 4 minimum trips (Ambulance seats 3 + driver).

Bonuses: Health, Drugs, and if Level 12 is successfully completed, Claude Speed will sprint indefinitely without rest.

Recommended to do these missions ASAP before gangs begin shooting at you on sight.

Taxi edit

100 passengers gives you the special Cabbie (maroon/burgundy) located at the hardware store across the bridge from Diablo territory.

Vigilante edit

20 kills per island gives you 2 star-reductions at your hideout.

Can be started in Police cruiser, SWAT Enforcer van, FBI sedan, or Rhino tank (maybe OL Barracks truck).

(PC) Glitch: going to menu (Esc) next to fugitive will force them to exit their vehicle.

Firefighter edit

20 fires extinguished per island, 60 total, unlocks the Flamethrower at your hideout.

(PC) Glitch: going to the menu will extinguish any fire.

These missions are the only way to retrieve some rare vehicles for the Import-Export Garage before unlocking the 2nd island.

Upon completing each list below, all vehicles in that garage will be available for free. Walk into a GTAIII icon with the name of the vehicle hovering above, walk out of the garage, and retrieve your fresh vehicle of choice.

Import-export edit

Import-Export Garage, Portland
Emergency Vehicle Barge, Portland
Import-Export Garage, Shoreside

Off-road missions edit

Patriot playground
A ride in the park
Multistorey mayhem

Remote-controlled vehicle missions edit

Diablo destruction
Mafia massacre
Casino calamity
Rumpo rampage

Other stuff edit

Hidden packages edit

Up to 100 in total, this may require a separate subpage. Protip: ALL 100 are physically retrievable without cheats before starting the first mission.

On rocks in middle of bay, requires boat
Staunton Island
On highest point of suspension-lift bridge, requires either vehicle to hop on and off of, or Dodo if obtaining this package before Shoreside Vale is unlocked.
Shoreside Vale

Rampages edit

Unique stunt jumps edit