Grand Theft Auto III/Basics



PC Keyboard & Mouse

On foot:




Open/exit car

First-person aiming

Lock-on (Classic only)

Cycle through weapons

In vehicle:

Honk/activate sirens


Shoot/drive-by (only sideways with Uzi; except Firetrucks and Rhinos [tank])

Exit vehicle

Cycle through radio stations (F9 in PC will play MP3 PLAYER station)


There are three islands of Liberty City to explore. Only the first will be available at the beginning of the game (without the bridge-jump exploit), and the subsequent islands will become available as the player progresses through the game.

> Portland

> Staunton Island

> Shoreside Vale


> Fist

> Pistol (12 rounds / magazine)

> Uzi (25 rounds / magazine)

> Shotgun

> AK-47 (30 rounds / magazine)

> M-16 (60 rounds / magazine)

>> requires Aiming in Classic mode

> Sniper rifle

>> requires Aiming; can zoom in or out


>> requires Aiming

> Flamethrower

> Molotov cocktail

>> hold down Shoot button for longer distance

> Grenade

>> hold down Shoot button for longer distance

The red-orange Heart symbol and number is your hit points (maximum 125).

The green Shield symbol and number is your armor points; these must be found in the game.

There are six blackened sheriff-star symbols under the HP readout. This Wanted meterwill grow in yellow stars with every noticeable crime you commit, such as hitting a police car, stealing a car or hitting any person in front of an officer, firing a gun, etc. Upon starting the game, you can receive a maximum of 4 stars; upon unlocking the 2nd island, 5 stars; unlocking all 3 islands, 6 stars. You may use a Pay 'n' Spray to rid yourself of all stars (except certain scripted missions).

Heart, Shield, and Star symbols are strewn throughout the City, each refilling your HP, AP, or lowering your wanted level by one star.

When you finish side missions, many weapons and bonuses will be delivered to your hideout, one in each island. They will be exhausted until you hit a camera angle that resets these perks: in Portland, run into the end of your garage or save room, then come out to reset your bonuses; in Staunton, run into your large garage; in Shoreside, run into your save room.