Grand Theft Auto III/Appendices

Glitches and Lore:

> Flame weapons and Grenade blasts (including RPGs) will travel through walls.

> Cars will automatically begin burning and then explode when upturned.

> Prostitutes/hookers: Using a non-emergency vehicle, proposition these ladies (two types) by stalling your car next to them. They will begin to bend forward repeatedly, then get into your car in any available door. If you take her off the street, into some grassy fields, some alleyways, and some parking lots, the vehicle will noticeably shake with an accompanying squeaking noise. Per visit, a maximum of 37 HP will be awarded in increasing speed. These ladies o' night will exit after the last squeak, but if you move your vehicle to another spot, you can restart the squeaks, up to a maximum of 125 HP.

> "You weren t supposed to get here you know" is printed on a white background behind a wall of the hospital parking lot in south Staunton Island. An M-16 and hidden package are nearby, proving this statement to be a joke.

> Carson City, shown in the starting cutscene, has its assets hidden behind Shoreside Vale, floating near incongruous layers of water. There was a mod that physically connected and gave standing room to Carson City, starting from the picnic area at the lower neighbor-hood of Shoreside Vale, Wichita Gardens.

> Another mod created a staircase to ascend to the top of Donald Love's skyscraper, and gives ground to the rooftop meditative gardens.

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