Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Vehicles

Legend for mods: TF = Transfender mod shops, WA = Wheel Angels, LR = Low rider mod shop, c = color, h = hood, e = exhausts, l = lights, r = roof, s = spoilers, n = nitro, w = wheels, cs = car stereo, h = hydraulics, v = vents, ss = side skirts.

The first number is the number of seats (if more than 1).


Car Type Description Seats Comments
Blista Compact Honda CRX 2
Blade 1970s Chevrolet Caprice Droptop 4
Buffalo 1990s Camaro with Scoop 2 Heavy car, fast and with excellent traction. Probably the best choice for off-road racing, one can always be found at Catalina's cabin
Club Volkswagen Golf 2
Elegant Sedan 4
Emperor 1990's Infiniti Q45 4
Fortune Early 90's Ford Thunderbird 2
Huntley MkII Range Rover 4
Hustler 30's Bentley 4 Denise's car, very fast and handles well Mod:TF
Intruder Like a Civic 4
Majestic 1978-1988 Buick Regal 2
Phoenix '79 Pontiac Trans-Am 2
Picador `68 Chevrolet El Camino 2 Like a car with a pick-up truck bed. Can be found in Ryder's driveway.
Police Modern police interceptor 4 Runs vigilante missions; no radio; has police lights that when activated cause other cars to move out of your way (activate with a quick tap of L3)
Rancher Bronco style SUV 2 This is the perfect vehicle to use for the Badlands A race (the first one Cesar gives you outside of Los Santos.
Sabre '70 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2
Savannah Full size convertible, lowrider 4 Driven by many Grove street members (find them on the road behind CJ's house); also the car given in Cesar Vialpando Mod:LR
Sentinel `91 BMW 525i 4
Stallion Like a Mustang 2 Comes in convertible and hardtop variants. Fast in a straight-line but poor cornering.
Sunrise Early 90's Pontiac Bonnaville 4
Stratum '94 Honda Accord station wagon 4 Is quick, unlike the less-sporty Solair, which has virtually no redeeming features.
Tampa 1965-69 Chevrolet Corvair 2
Taxi Modern taxi 4 Can be used in the Taxi Driver Vehicle Mission. The taxi is very tough and quite fast, however it can be slow to turn
Voodoo 1960 Chevy 2
Stafford Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2

Sports Cars

  • Alpha - 91' Dodge Stealth
  • Bullet - Ford GT40. Fragile but otherwise fun sports car with good sex appeal, acceleration and handling. One can be found in a lot between Doherty and Easter Basin Docks in San Fiero, or in Doherty after receiving all silver medals (or better) at the driving school.
  • Banshee - Dodge Viper. Excellent acceleration, good speed. Not very nimble.
  • Cheetah - Looks like a Ferrari Testarossa. Fast and very nimble. Excellent racing car.
  • Comet - A Porsche 911 type car, comes in convertible and hardtop versions. A small car and fast but steering can be twitchy.
  • Euros - Looks like a mid 1990's Nissan 300ZX
  • Infernus - Looks like an Acura/Honda NSX. Fast but with excellent traction and therefore a viable choice for off-road racing but can be prone to very wide powerslides off-road as well as having poor off-road hill climbing abilities.
  • Jester - 1995 Toyota Supra
  • SuperGT - Mitsubishi 3000GT. Fast but not much use because of its tendency to spin out. Excellent car for an expert driver but you might as well use the Cheetah. Found in Doherty after receiving all bronze medals in the driving school.
  • Sultan - Most likely early Subaru Impreza WRX or early Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (hints being 4wd and stock hood scoop)
  • Turismo - Looks like a Ferrari F40 with very large wing on the back, fast fast car
  • Uranus - Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon, Saturn SC2
  • Windsor - Jaguar E-Type. Fast, classy, but tends to spin and burn.
  • ZR-350 - Late model(3rd generation) Mazda RX-7. Resembles the Banshee or the Cheetah but has slower acceleration and is fragile


  • Bloodring Banger - Available outside the stadium in San Fiero, tough but prone to spinning out. Used in the [Bloodring] Competition
  • Monster - Monster truck, excellent off-road, high driving position is good for spotting things away from the road, tough, can effectively drive straight over normal vehicles. Available in one of the trailer parks south of Los Santos
  • Stretch - Limo, good as a portable barricade and for impressing hos.
  • Patriot - Based on the Humvee, tough vehicle, high suspension, available in military bases
  • Rhino - a full size M1 Tank. Guess where you can pick up one..
  • Barracks - Army truck. Usually comes packed with damned weekend soldiers.
  • Forklift - Very similar to the golf cart except for the lifting fork
  • Golfcart - Very good on grass but prone to rolling
  • Lawn Mower - Found in Los Santos in a backyard.
  • Sweeper - Street cleaner vehicle that can be found near the lowrider site in Los Santos. Practically useless.
  • Train - You can steal the train


  • Boxville - Slow, unstable but very heavy
  • Pony - Tough car, average speed, prone to rolling
  • TV Van - virtually identical to the Pony except slightly more stable


  • PCJ-600 - Sporty motorcycle featured in Vice City. This is a good choice for attempting jumps and stunts and is quite fast. It tends to skid on grass however and the front wheel will often rear up when accelerating hard from a stop.
  • NRG-500 - Racing motorcycle. Fastest one in the game. Can be found by the export crane in San Fierro, and in a parking garage in Los Santos. It can also be found at the bike school after receiving all gold.
  • FCR-900 - Very fast bike, excellent acceleration and good for jumps. Can be found at the bike school after receiving all silver or better at the biking school.
  • Sanchez - Dirt Bike. Can be found in any country side. Extremely forgiving about jumps and falls. Poor turning circle but probably the best acceleration and traction off-road.
  • HPV1000 - Police Bike. Can be found anywhere. Has sirens, and you can do vigilante missions in them.
  • BF-400 - Older type of sporty bike. Appears in Marina, Los Santos, found after receiving all bronze medals or better in the biking school
  • Freeway - Harley Davidson. A biker-gang type bike. Appears in the country side.
  • Faggio - A motor scooter. Appears in Marina, Los Santos.
  • Pizza Boy - Faggio used for pizza deliveries.
  • Wayfarer - Touring bike, heavy, slow acceleration and stable.


  • BMX - BMX trick bike. Can be found in the overgrown yard across from CJ's Grove house.
  • Mountain Bike - Mountain bike. Can be found in the base and on top of Mountain Chilliad.
  • Bike - Typical bike found in country side.


  • Shamal - Private jet. Looks like a LearJet. Found in all airports.
  • AT 400 - Gigiantic passenger plane that resembles a 737. Spawns randomly in the big hangar in Las Venturas at the end of the runway.
  • Hydra - AV-8b Harrier II (USMC version not the Royal Navy version). Spawns in Area 69. Found aboard the assault carrier in Easter Basin, and at your air strip upon completing "vertical bird" mission.
  • Crop Duster - Pesticide spreading plane. Found on top of the hill southeast of San Fierro. Resembles the Grumman Agcat.
  • Dodo - Motorplane. Spawns in all airports.
  • Skimmer - Motorplane that can land on water. Spawns in the waters in the desert.
  • Stunt plane - Stunt plane. Spawns at the airstrip upon getting all silvers or above in pilot school. This plane resembles the Pitts S-2.
  • Beagle - Small passenger/cargo plane based on the Britten-Norman Islander
  • Nevada - prop cargo plane based on a Douglas DC-3 (The DC-3 was sometimes called the "Dakota")
  • Rustler - P-51 Mustang. Spawns in San Fierro Airport's hangar and at your air strip after completing the mission "Learning To Fly".
  • Sea Sparrow - Old military chopper (think MASH) with floats. Comes with a mounted machine gun. Find this at the Sherman Dam or on the shores north of your air strip.
  • Sparrow - Same as the Sea Sparrow but with skids (not floats) and no gun. Found on Madd Dog's helipad.
  • Maverick - Bell Jet Ranger. Possibly the world's most popular commercial aircraft. The cops and news people use this. Found at most heliports.
  • Hunter - AH-64 Apache. Though neither the Navy nor the Marines use the Apache, it can be found at the Naval Base in Easter Basin. It will spawn at your air strip if you complete the flying school with all gold medals.
  • Leviathan - US/Royal Navy Sea King. This helicopter spawns at your airstrip if you complete the heist mission: "Up, Up, and Away". It is also parked at all airports. Some have magnetic winches
  • Raindance - Army Bell 212 in fire department or coastguard colors. Found at the San Fierro Airport or at the lifeguard posts in Santa Maria Beach.
  • Cargobob - Looks like a Chinook with only one rotor assembly. Found on the helipad at the Army fuel dump.
  • Andromeda - It is a huge passenger and loader airplane similar to a Lockheed C5 Galaxy. It is bigger than the AT-400. It is only accessible through the use of a code.