Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Items

For locations of these items, see this FAQ entry.

Fists edit

  • Fists - You start with them.
  • Brass Knuckles - For an extra hurt in your punches. Found under the road bridge near CJ's house in Grove Street.

Melee edit

  • Pool Stick - You get one when you play pool.
  • Nightstick - A police baton.
  • Shovel - Find one in Ryder's yard, or in the Las Venturas Quarry.
  • Baseball Bat - GTA classic. Find in one of the baseball diamonds in Garcia, San Fiero
  • Golf Club - You get one when you drive a Caddy (golf cart). Available from one of the garages at Angel Pine.
  • Knife - Capable of stealth attacks, many pedestrains carry these. Available at the Snake Farm near El Quebrados.
  • Katana - Japanese Samurai sword, find one in Chinatown.
  • Chainsaw - CJ can use it on people instead; find one in the countryside or in the land fill. Found at: Scrapyard, Ganton, Los Santos; Building Site, Doherty, San Fiero; FinalBuild construction lot, Garcia, San Fiero; logging camp Panoptican.
  • [Skateboard] - a lost item that can be restored in the PC version; see the Skateboard mods page for more.

Pistols edit

  • 9mm - Your standard pistol, can be dual-wielded.Found in the back garden of the top left house in Grove Street,Los Santos.
  • Silenced 9mm - Ideal for stealth attacks.Found behind the Convention Centre in Los Santos.
  • Desert Eagle - Extremely powerful pistol, good range. Found in a yard near Zero's shop, Garcia, San Fiero; the trailer park next to the L'ill Probe Inn; on the beach, northeastern ocean docks.

Shotguns edit

  • Sawn-off Shotgun - Powerful close up, can be dual-wielded. Found in the Film Studios, Market, Los Santos; in a boxcar, southern end of train tracks
  • Shotgun - Standard shotgun.Found at the end of a wooden pier in the desert.Near where you destroy the ships in the Vertical Bird mission.
  • Combat Shotgun (SPAS-12)- Very powerful automatic shotgun, can fire many rounds before reloading.

SMGs edit

  • Tec9 - Standard SMG, can be dual-wielded. Found behind the Cathedral in Downtown, San Fiero and on top of Sweets house in Grove Street,Los Santos.
  • Micro-SMG (MAC-10)- Fires faster than the Tec9, can be duel-wielded. Found in the multi-story near the beach in Los Santos; Pier 69, San Fiero.
  • MP5 - The most powerful SMG, borders on assault rifle power but has a short range. Found on the roof of the Jefferson Motel, Jefferson, Los Santos (accessed via the fire escape at the back of the motel).

Assault Rifles edit

  • AK-47 - Rifle of choice for street gangs and Soviet Troops, Can fire 30 rounds before reloading. Found in the Film Studios, Market, Los Santos; under the stairwell in the warehouse at southern end of train tracks.
  • M4 - Rifle of choice for US Soldiers, Can fire 50 rounds before reloading. Find one at the end of the runway at Los Santos International, or in the fenced back yard of one of the large homes west of Paradiso, San Fierro.

Rifles edit

  • Country Rifle - Rifle of choice for farmers, Lacks scope.
  • Sniper Rifle - Powerful, long-range rifle, good for taking out targets at a distance. Found at the top of the fire escape at the Interglobal Television Studios Stage 25, Vinewood, Los Santos

Projectiles edit

  • Tear Gas - Clears a crowd quickly, but doesn't damage cars. Can be found in the Las Venturas Airport, near the business jet parked on the west side.
  • Molotov cocktails - Explodes in a blaze of fire. Found in the alley next to the rusty recycling centre in East Los Santos.
  • Grenades - Standard explosive, can bounce off walls, and can be bought in Ammu-Nation. Found in the multi-storey near the beach, Los Santos
  • Satchel Charges - does not explode on contact, rather, it attaches itself to an object, and can be remotely denotated. Find next to the Avispa Country Club building, San Fierro.

Heavy Weapons edit

  • Flamethrower - Sets bushes and people alike ablaze. Found on the deck of the export ship, Easter Basin Docks, San Fiero. Find one at Toreno's ranch after "Vertical Bird".
  • Minigun - Takes time to wind up, uses ammo at a ridiculous rate. Can be found in the underground parking lots of one of the buildings near the Las Venturas Police Station. The building has a large single American flag on the front and the parking lot is entered via the rear of the building. Another place to find this weapon is on top of the red train bridge leaving from San Fierro, you need the jet pack to get it from there. In Area 69 facility: take the jetpack and fly to Las Venturas, go to the unmapped Pay n Spray, fall into Blue Hell through the polygon seam at the entrance, fly under LV and the Desert to the Restricted Area, over the third room find the open grate, fly down (here there is another seam), go back to the previous room, ascend the steps into the room with 45-degree-angle glass at the bottom. Find one at Toreno's ranch after "Vertical Bird".
  • Rocket Launcher - A standard rocket launcher. There is a spawn point for this at the east end of the San Fierro airport, between the fuel tanks. One can be obtained on Level 8 of the Emerald Isle multistorey. On top of a building in LS, near the Jefferson hospital. Find one at Toreno's ranch after "Vertical Bird".
  • Heat-Seeking RPG - A rocket launcher that can track targets. Find one at Toreno's ranch after "Vertical Bird".

Body Armour edit

Provides protection against damage. Found in the following locations:

  • In the alley way behind the Cluckin' Bell in Ganton, Los Santos
  • In Madd Dogg's mansion in Vinewood, Los Santos
  • In the building east of the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Santos up the escalators
  • In the two warehouses east of the airport in Ocean Docks, Los Santos
  • In a nearby alley South-West of Zero's Store in Kings, San Fiero
  • In the mini-mart back lot in San Fiero
  • Base of cliff near to ocean side west of Paradiso, San Fierro
  • In both the Las Venturas and Los Santos Police Departments
  • The lakeside cabin near the Wig Wam Motel
  • Greenglass College, Las Venturas
  • Inside of old airplane, airstrip save point
  • Inside the locker room of the Los Santos Police Department.
  • Near the end of a runway and inside one of the hangers in Las Venturas airport
  • The factory in Blueberry Acres
  • Inside the base of the Come-a-lot tower nearest the Four Dragons Casino
  • Can also be found near CJ's house under the bridge
  • Santos, in Dillmore Police station, 2 sets, 1 in the cells, one in an office.

Gift Items edit

These are meant to be given to CJ's girlfriend as a gift, but they can also be used to beat people up with. Also, you cannot give some of these items straight away.

  • Double Dildo - Found in the police station showers in Los Santos, Dillimore, and in Millie's bedroom. A purple double-ended model.
  • Vibrator - Found in the bay north of San Fierro. Drive along the highway south across the bay and make a left on the second street after the tollbooth. The vibrator is behind a container on the left side of the street.
  • Flowers - A bunch of flowers, often found in flower beds and near gas stations.
  • Cane - cannot be given as a gift, but is a legitimate object to carry in certain situations, so it goes in the gift slot.

Special Items edit

  • Spray Can - Use to spray gang tags and make enemies cough. Found in CJ's bedroom, and on top of shop behind CJ's house.
  • Camera - Use to take photo opportunities and save pictures to memory. Found in CJ's bedroom, and various locations around Red Country and San Fierro.
  • Fire Extinguisher - Used to put out fires and make enemies cough. Found at the Xoomer gas station in Easter Basin, San Fierro. Also found behind the counter of any Burger Shot or Well Stacked Pizza Co.

Apparel Items edit

  • Parachute - Use when jumping from high places. Found on top of Mt. Chilliad, and automatically when you jump out of a plane with a pilot's license.
  • NVG - Night vision goggles. Help you see in the dark. In Area 69 control tower from and after 'Black Project' mission
  • TVG - Thermal vision goggles. Help you see enemies' heat signatures. Top of Area 69 lookout tower immediately right of foot entrance..