Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Index

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Airport Besides the obvious benefit of being able to get from city to city within San Andreas quickly, air travel can reduce your Wanted level. I had four stars (after an unsecheduled visit to the Easter Bay base) and after flying back to Los Santos, all sins were forgiven :)

Arenas In Los Santos there is a racing arena just south of The Johnson House. Once you have done driving school in San Fierro then you can race here. The race is a figure of eight stock car race. Very tricky. Once you have passed your driving license test in SF then the Las Venturas and San Fierro arenas are up for use. The arena of San Fierro is my favourite because the event is more of a survival stock car mash-up in which you can use weapons and a given homie will pop shots out of the passenger seat window. Las Venturas' arena has two races, a moto set up for a sanchez in which you must manoeuvre the bike around to collect coronas to get as many points as possible. There is also a race similar to the figure of eight track in Los Santos for sanchez plus jumps! These are my favourite parts of an amazing game so go check 'em out!


       check funeral homes, gas stations, and flower beds to find them. Gets Annoying

Hitman - weapon skill level. Reached after hitting targets with X number of shots. See here [1] for the number of shots needed per weapon. Typically gives bonuses to lock-on range, or dual-weilding for certain weapons.