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General Questions edit

Where can I find this car/weapon/tag/horseshoe/whatever? edit

  • SAM: This map shows the location of every parked vehicle, weapon, tag, horseshoe, oyster, snapshot, enterable building, and much more. Go to that page and wait for the java applet to load (2-3 seconds), then either check off what you are looking for on the right, or press "Select All." If you are looking for something specific, click on "Set Filter" and type in the name (or first few letters) and press enter. To zoom in or out, press the + or – buttons. To save the map, click on "External Link" and copy the contents of the box that appears. That link will point to your "saved" map.
  • GameFAQs: This site also contains several maps to help you find what you are looking for.
  • 708145: This site also contains several maps to help you find what you are looking for.

As for the elusive van used for performing robberies, it's parked in a little lot across the street from the Gym in Los Santos. It will only function for robberies at night (after 20:00), so watch the clock.

How can I get lots of money quickly? edit

Cheating edit

By repeatedly entering the Money/Health/Armor/Repair code, its gives you 250,000 for every successful entry :R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Using Inside Track Betting edit

This is generally accepted to be the fastest method.

Save your game as near to one of the Inside Track Betting shops as possible. (locations). Enter the shop, and bet all your money on the horse with the highest odds (at the bottom of the list). If you win, save the game. If you lose, reload from your last save, and retry. This gambling method is probably the best of all gambling methods, since:

  • It is available right from the beginning of the game. (If you need a safehouse before triggering the Big Smoke mission, you can make at least $10,000 by completing either the Taxi Driver or Firefighter Vehicle Missions. You can then buy the safehouse closest to the Los Santos branch of Inside Track Betting.)
  • You can bet up to $10 thousand each time.
  • Unlike the other gambling games, the horse odds bear no relation to the outcome (e.g. a horse with 12-1 odds seems to win more frequently than 1 time in 12. I'm guessing each horse has an equal chance of winning).

Because of this ratio, if you hate the delay of save/load, another strategy is to bet about 10% of your current stash on Purple repeatedly until Purple wins, then bet 10% of your current (now doubled at least) stash on Green until it wins. Repeat until you have enough. After about the third or fourth win, the other horse seems to win almost immediately, so it's best to do this rather boring task all at once instead of stopping and restarting. Each win will more than likely double your earnings (betting 10% on a horse paying 10-to-1), so as the doubling happens more frequently, it's pretty exciting. Don't get greedy! Although I haven't verified this empirically, it seems to sense when you bet more than 15-20%, and makes the horse come up less often.

Other methods edit

Another quick way to make some money is to play billiards at the bar just down the street from CJ's house (your first save game location) on the right. If you are decent at pool and want to relax and make some decent starter money, this is a fun way to do so. You initially can bet up to $1000 so it's a good start. If you lose, you can simply reload your game and retry. It's only a few blocks from home. (You can also kill your opponent and take your money back, but you may not be able to ever enter a pool hall again to play, so beware.)

Another way is to cycle/drive up and down the streets of ganton and kill any drug dealers you come across as each gives you $2000 at least. Also this does not attract as much police attention as killing innocents gets weapon skills up, cycling/bike/driving skills up. If after a while it seems there are very few around just save your game then load the game and there should be a few more.

If your gambling skill is full, save outside the Four Dragons Casino and just bet £1,000,000 on roulette at odds of 50/50 (red/black or odd/even) – if you lose, reload, if you win, save

Pimping missions are relatively easy to do (enter a Broadway, press R3). After the multiplier kicks in, so does the money. Also a handy way to up your driving skill. Plus, after the first 10, girls will pay you to sleep with them.

Do the health cheat (on the PS2: R1, R2, L1, X, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP) so you will get health,armour and money.

Controls edit

Windows recognises my controller but it isn't working correctly/at all in the game! edit

Download the San Andreas Advanced Control utility and follow the instructions.

How do I use my PS2 controller with the adapter I bought? edit

Follow Wolfmight's GTAForums guide.

Also download the San Andreas Advanced Control utility and follow the instructions both in its readme and in the topic above.

How do I use my Xbox controller with the adapter I bought? edit

Try the utility above, which may or may not work with an Xbox controller.

Failing that, Xbox controller users should use XBCD exclusively. See this forum thread for full instructions.

The XBCD solution above may not always work. In that case, set it up with JoyToKey. Consult the GameFAQs boards guide for more about this.

I've got a lookalike PS2/Xbox controller, how do I set it up to feel just like a PS2/Xbox? edit

Check the Controls section of the guide. You should be able to work out what button on the controller would be what button on the PS2/Xbox, so simply configure those to be the same or better. Some buttons like Start and Back may end up being left over, so just configure whatever you like to those (perhaps the Replay function).

How do I use the Instant Replay on the Xbox? edit

Hit Start and you will find Play Replay is the last item on the list beneath Load Game.

How do I use the Instant Replay on the PC? edit

See: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Basics/Controls#PC

Story Missions edit

Life's a Beach edit

How do you start the dancing sequence? edit

Each time the girl talks to you, press right on the D-pad to reply affirmatively. If you press the button immediately after the question is asked, sometimes it doesn't register, and you have to press it again.

Unreachable 4000 points edit

Are you unable to reach 4000 points after trying and trying? Use the original Sony PS2 controller! Some controllers might have an incorrect latency.

Stowaway edit

How do I reach the plane? edit

In the PC version, many people have difficulties reaching the plane. There have been numerous answers given, including leaning forward on the motorcycle for a speed boost (note that you need keep tapping lean forward, not hold it down). This helps some people, but many others still couldn't catch the plane. To catch it, turn the frame limiter ON! Now you will reach the plane before it's barely started moving! After you catch it, you can turn the frame limiter off.

All you have to do is get next to where the barrels are droping. By moving Further out from the plane it speeds up. by getting closer the plane slows to a speed that you can easily drive on after a few barrels have rolled of.

Else stay to the side to avoid the barrels and approach the ramp at an angle and get to the plane

Madd Dogg edit

Help! I can't pass Madd Dogg, the guy always dies! edit

See this section below

End of the Line edit

Tenpenny has set the place on fire, and I'm at the part with the fire extinguisher, BUT I CAN'T GRAB IT. What do I need to press to grab it? edit

Press L1 when you're standing in it, or the TAB key in the PC Version. It'll replace an item in your inventory. Also, if you have already completed level 12 of the Firefighter mission, you become fireproof, and you don't need the fire extinguisher.

Some people also recommend that it's easier to see the fires if you don't use the Night-Vision Goggles. Increase the brightness in the game options and/or on your TV set if that helps.

Vehicle Missions edit

What's the best place to do Paramedic? edit

Angel Pine is the popular choice. All the patients will spawn in a very small radius from the medical center there.

What's the best place to do Firefighter? edit

Some claim that if you do them on the freeway running down the east of Los Santos, then the burning vehicles will only ever spawn on that freeway. I assume they mean the part which is in Red County, since it's so far from any other roads.

Others claim Angel Pine, but I found that area too hilly.

What's the best place to do the Vigilante "cheat"? edit

The cheat involves starting the mission, then running inside a building (preferably fast-food so you can keep refreshed and get your health restored if you take a hit), then returning to your vehicle just before the mission is aborted. Repeat as necessary: usually one or two levels are achieved per trip inside the building, but for the last few levels, it might take a few trips, so be patient.

However, I've found that doing this cheat in Los Santos doesn't work well, because the baddies are often spawned up in the rural areas, and the cops don't get to them quick enough.

The trick is to wait until you're in San Fiero, and start the cheat near the north end of the city, just south of the bridge, like at the Cluck there. All the baddies spawn downtown, and the cops get to them rather quickly. Yeay.

Schools edit

Boat School edit

How do you get a gold on Flying Fish?? edit

Okay, first off you need to go to the cliff to the right, the one that connects to the Gant Bridge. Line up right around the Reefer with the two waypoints. Then gun it, you will need to remain relatively straight with the jump. Then as soon as you hit the jump, press the 'lean back' key (this will cause you to fly much further). Continue doing this until you are just about to hit the water, then press the 'decelerate' button. If this doesn't work, then try to aim for the out of bounds line. Don't go out of bounds, just come really close to it.

Locations edit

Airports edit

How do I get a Pilot's License? edit

A pilot's license is issued when your flying skill reaches around 20%. You can either obtain this by attending Flight School, or just by spending enough time flying a plane around.

How do I get into an airport without a Pilot's License? edit

Take a car to the main gate of the airport. You will know it is the main gate from the presence of a little security office with a man inside. Park the car as close to the main gate as possible, then jump on your car, and then over the gate. Don't worry, no wanted level will appear for this action.

You can also get the gate to trigger opening by combinations of looking and slamming hard against the gate while running. Apparently, the game occasionally gets confused about your "current location" and thinks you're inside the gate already but wanting it to open so you can get out, and opens the gate for you. This trick is handy if you want to drive your vehicle inside the fence. Or just use the car flying cheat and fly across the gate.(sqare,down,L2,up,L1,circle,up,x,left).

What planes are available for flying at the beginning of the game? edit

Without using cheats, you can really only access those planes in Los Santos International Airport. See the previous question for how to get inside. Inside the airport are two planes:

  • Dodo
  • Shamal

Gangs and Territory Warfare edit

See also: Turf Wars Guide

How do I recruit Grove Street Family members into a gang? edit

This is a platform-neutral summary. The controls are as follows:

  • Follow Me : press Up (PS2, Xbox) or G (PC)
  • Hold Position : press Down (PS2, Xbox) or H (PC)
  • Disperse temporarily : hold Down (PS2, Xbox) or H (PC)
  • Disband a member : target and hold Up or Down (PS2, Xbox) or H (PC)

Target a friendly gang member and hit the Follow Me button to make him follow you. If you do not see the health arrow above a homie's head, they are not being targeted and will ignore your recruitment/disbanding commands. Each member has to be recruited individually, you cannot just target a bunch of homies all at once.

Hit the Follow Me command when not in targeting mode to make CJ call his gang back to him if they get involved in a fight.

To make them stay where they are, target a specific gang member and hit the Hold Position button.

After the second addition to your gang, the "Gang Strength" bar appears onscreen and will fill with a green segment for each new addition. If a gang member dies the bar decreses with a red segment.

Note that when homies are recruited CJ is "responsible" for them. If he kills one or lets them be killed by someone else he will lose a small amount of Respect.

The more Respect you have, the bigger the gang you can lead, from three to seven homies.

To disband your group, press and hold up or down (PS2, Xbox) or H (PC). They will disperse, but can still be regrouped with the untargeted Follow Me command. To permanently dismiss someone from your gang, target him and hold the Hold Position button. Again, this dismissal must be done individually.

How do I start a territory war? edit

Kill three enemy gang members (sometimes four) while in the territory you wish to conquer. They can be in adjacent territories, but the gang war will be declared based on the zone in which you are standing. You must kill them while on foot, or perhaps using the jetpack.

My statistics say I own all the territories, but I still get attacked by an enemy gang. Why? edit

Even if your statistics state that you own all territories, you may still get attacked.

Territories are not quite as simple as they might seem. They can be exclusively owned by a single gang, or they can be jointly owned by two (or possibly more) gangs. Providing your gang is one of the gangs who owns the territory, the statistics will state that you own it.

Jointly owned territories can occur if you lose a gang war that you have started, if you run away from or quit a gang war, or if you ignore a gang war that a rival has started.

It can be difficult to tell on the map, but you might have noticed different shades of green for some territorites that you "own". The shades vary all the way from light green to grey (which is hard to see). The greyer shades of green mean that you don't exclusively own the territory, and you will still find members of other gangs in the territory, who may still attack.

Simply retaking the territory will work, but to ensure that this never happens, make absolutely sure that you win every gang war you start. And if the rivals start running away, don't worry about chasing them, they will eventually come back.

Usually, a territory can only be attacked from an enemy-owned, or jointly owned territory which is adjacent to that territory, but not always.

There seem to be territories in San Fierro. Why? edit

This is caused by a glitch known as "territory glitch". This glitch is caused by using a plane to fly outside the game's boundaries into the ocean. The longer you fly, the more territories will spawn over the map. This usually happens during the mission Saint Mark's Bistro where you have to fly a long way outside the map boundaries.

See also: 178 Territories Glitch

How do I give my gang members better weapons and/or body armor? edit

You can't give GSF members specific items, but if you spray all 100 tags in Los Santos, some of the members get better weapons (e.g. Desert Eagle instead of Pistol, and MP5 instead of Micro-SMG).

Vehicles edit

General edit

My car is all busted up. How do I repair it? edit

If you're not currently on a mission, you can just put it inside one of your safehouse's garages, and let the garage door close on it. When the door opens again, it will be good as new.

If they're available, you can stop in on one of the pay-n-sprays, but you will have to pay $100 for the privilege.

What is the fastest car/bike/boat/plane/helicopter? edit

I shall define fastest to mean the vehicle that can maintain the highest sustained maximum speed in normal conditions.

There are two ways to work this out. I refer to them as the practical and the theoretical methods:

The practical method is to drive each vehicle in the game by a known distance, and time lthat distance.

The theoretical method is reverse-engineer the game data, and work it out mathematically.


This method is arguably the most tedious, and so far, this method has been carried out for the cars and bikes only. See Vehicle Speeds FAQ @ GameFAQs for the details.

Note that the results don't quite fit in with the aforementioned definition of fastest, since the times listed there may include a portion of the vehicle's acceleration time.


This is a bit more tricky to do. The data files alone aren't completely decipherable, since they require more information about the exact equations used in the physics model in the game code. The information here is derived solely from the file DATA/HANDLING.CFG

In that file, in column N, there is an entry for the maximum velocity that the engine of the vehicle can propel that vehicle at. This is one of the measures of top speed. If we use this figure alone, then:


  • 240 km/h (149mph): Infernus / Turismo
  • 230 km/h (143mph): Bullet / Cheetah / Super GT
  • 220 km/h (137mph): Hotring Racer


  • 190 km/h (118mph): All motorbikes
  • 140 km/h (87mph): Mountain Bike
  • 120 km/h (75mph): All other non-motorized bikes


  • 190 km/h (118mph): All boats
  • 150 km/h (93mph): Vortex (the only hovercraft)

Planes/Helicopters/RC Vehicles

  • 200 km/h (124mph): All planes/helicopters (excluding RC)
  • 75 km/h (47mph): All RC vehicles

Other Forces

These figures are hard limits on what the engine can achieve, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the vehicle, can actually achieve that speed. Nor does it mean the vehicle cannot exceed that speed.

It's fairly obvious that the game physics model includes gravitational force, and some of the data in the file suggests the model also includes drive force, tractional force and drag force.

Gravitational Force

I shan't go into the physics for this one, but suffice it to say that gravity can cause a vehicle to exceed the aforementioned top speeds (e.g. when going downhill).

Drive Force

The drive force is the amount of force that the engine can produce.

drive force = body mass × engine acceleration

body mass is in column B.

engine acceleration is in column O.

Tractional Force

The tractional force or tractive effort is the amount of the drive force which is transferred to the road by the wheels of the vehicle. This usually depends on a number of factors, but I'm guessing it's:

tractional force = drive force × traction multiplier

traction multiplier is in column J.

Drag Force

All vehicles are subject to a drag force which is the effect of the air pushing back on the vehicle. The traditional equation is:

drag force = 0.5 × drag multipler × area opposed to medium × medium density × velocity

But I'm guessing the drag force is calculated differently, since the drag multipliers in column D don't seem consistent with regular physics models.

I can't work out the surface area opposed to the medium, since it's not in this file, and is probably calculated from the model data, assuming it's even taken into account at all.

The medium density is a measure of the current medium through which you are travelling (e.g. air or water), but I don't believe it's taken into account, since none of the vehicles are designed to travel underwater. Perhaps one of the cheats that lets you drive an ordinary vehicle underwater might take this into account, but I haven't checked.

If anyone can work out how the drag force is calculated, I'd love to hear it.

Terminal Velocity

A vehicle will reach its terminal velocity when its tractional force is equal to its drag force. So basically, if this terminal velocity is lower than maximum engine velocity figures specified above, then the terminal velocity will be the effective maximum velocity instead.

Hydra edit

How do I fly the Hydra? edit

Simple. X is used to move, but where you move depends on the thruster's position. Push and hold the right stick forward to move the thrusters back so you can fly foward. Push and hold the right thumbstick back to make the thrusters point downward so you can hover. (Note that you have to hold the stick in place for a few seconds: otherwise, the thrusters only move part of the way.) Left stick to move. hold R1 to target and when the target thing turns red, hit L1 to fire missile that will seek the target out. If you are under attack, press O to launch countermeasures, which attract heat-seaking missiles. Turning sharply while in pursuit of a missile is also a good way to avoid them, (they explode). Press R3 to retract or to extend the landing gear. Holding R2 while turning right, or holding L2 while turning left will make for much easier turns.

It is hard as you do need to keep track of what postition the thrusters are in during flight!

Items edit

Goggles edit

What's the difference between the Thermal Goggles and the Night Vision Goggles? edit

The Thermal Goggles work by thermal imaging. The Night Vision Goggles work by image enhancement.

Thermal imaging

This technology operates by capturing the upper portion of the infrared light spectrum, which is emitted as heat by objects instead of simply reflected as light. Hotter objects, such as warm bodies, emit more of this light than cooler objects like trees or buildings.

Image enhancement

This works by collecting the tiny amounts of light, including the lower portion of the infrared light spectrum, that are present but may be imperceptible to our eyes, and amplifying it to the point that we can easily observe the image.

When do the Thermal Goggles become available as a Pick Up? edit

You get to use them for the first time, and they become available as a Pick Up, after The Truths mission "Black Project" in Bone County.

NOTE: Due to a bug, they are non-respawnable!

When do the Night Vision Goggles become available as a Pick Up? edit

You get to use them for the first time, and they become available as a Pick Up, after the Bank Heist mission "Breaking the Bank at Caligulas" in Las Venturas or after Sweets mission "End of the Line" in Los Santos.

Where are the spawn locations for both of the Goggles? edit

1. Night Vision Goggles (Respawns) – Madd Doggs Mansion – The pair of Night Vision Goggles can be found on the bottom floor of the mansion, right behind a flight of stairs, near the two arcade games.

2. Night Vision Goggles (Respawns) – Factories – There are factories near San Fierro at the Southern end of the main highway, the Goggles spawn somewhere between the Eastern buildings, near a door.

3. Night Vision Goggles (Respawns) – Area 69 – These spawn at the top of a guard tower in the Western section of Area 69.

4. Thermal Goggles (Only Spawns Once) – Madd Doggs Mansion – The Goggles are located next to the main TV near the bar and living room area.

5. Thermal Goggles – Zeros RC Shop – The Goggles spawn at the rear corner of Zeros RC Shop.

6. Thermal Goggles – Area 69 – These spawn inside the main control room near the South entrance.

How come I picked the Thermal Goggles up before, but I can't seem to find them again, even though I'm looking in the exact same spawn location? edit

For some reason, and no one knows if this was intentional, the Thermal Goggles are only available for picking up once and only once per each spawn location. So, that means you'll never be able to collect the Thermal Goggles again, if you have used up all four pick-ups. If you plan on getting Busted or Wasted, or you want at least one of the Thermal Goggles left in your game save, just be sure to not pick them up at all of their locations.

Parachutes edit

What are the spawn locations of parachutes? edit

  • On the roof of the tallest building in Los Santos
  • On the roof of the Pointy building in San Fierro
  • On the top of Mount Chiliad
  • On the top of the antenna in the dessert of Las Venturas
  • On top of The Emerald Isle casino in Las Venturas
  • Automatically available to you if you bail from an air vehicle, once you have a pilot's license. (Before you get your license, all you get is this sinking OMGWTF feeling because you remember you've restarted the game.)
  • However if you want a very satisfied splat session, go as high as the Shamal can go and bail, laugh on your way down as CJ realizes what a moron you are!

How do I open my parachute? edit

Press 'Circle' while falling.

How do I cut off my parachute? edit

Press 'Triangle' after opening parachute. Be advised: This will kill you in most cases.

If I forget my parachute, am I dead? edit

Not if you can find water. Apparently, you can land in any amount of water (even the reflection pools in front of a building that you normally walk around without getting your knees wet) without hurting yourself. So, aim for water!

100% Completion edit

see the 100% Completion Guide

Cheats edit

Does cheating affect 100% completion? edit

No, cheating does not affect 100% Completion, not at all. The only effects it has are the cheat's natural effect, the subtraction of ten points per cheat entered from your Criminal Ranking, and the game counts your "Times Cheated" in your stats...

Are there any cheats that can screw up the game? edit

Yes and no. Cheats such as Peds Riot, Peds Attack Each Other, and Peds Attack You will remain for the duration. They cannot be disabled by re-entering them, and saving the game will permanently lock them into that savestate. The only way to get rid of them is to load an unenabled save game. It is not advisable to save with these cheats enabled.

However, while peds homing in on CJ could make it harder these cheats do not as a rule affect the ability to get 100%, except in one instance: the mission "Madd Dogg". If any of the Peds Riot cheats enabled, it will be absolutely impossible to complete this mission because the additional calculations make Madd Dogg miss his jump and die. It has been suggested that if you use the adrinalin mode cheat and then run very fast you can save him before he jumps, but this is untested.

Serious Bugs/Glitches edit

The End of the Line Bug edit

If you save your game upon completing the final mission, the game may not reload from that save. The suggested fix is to start a side-mission such as Taxi Driver, end it, and then save again.

The Tag-Spraying Glitch edit

Help! I ran out of paint during a tag and now it's not counted! Have I screwed my chances of getting 100%? edit

No. This is not actually a glitch at all, just mismatched coding.

If you run out (or just stop) when ~95% done with spraying a tag, it will say "### out of 100 Tags sprayed".

However the game does not record this in the statistics until the tag is complete in the game world itself and displays the finished texture.

The text appears just before the graphics and beep. It's only out of synch by about a second or so, so only a really quick and stingy trigger finger (or a paint shortage) will leave it unfinished.

The game remembers which stage of the spraying animation any given tag is at, assumedly so that you can be interrupted by a cop or gang member and then come back later to finish up whatever was left.

How do I know if a tag needs spraying? edit

Go around to the ones you've done.

Target the tag as if to attack it (PC version in Mouse+Keyboard mode may not be able to do this) and if it lights up it hasn't been truly completed.

Respray any that light up or just don't look finished. You can tell because they are on the second-to-final texture rather than the complete-looking one.

When resprayed you should hear the beep and see the "completed tag" texture.

When you see a pink tag you have to spray it.

I don't like going back over everything, how can I stop this happening in future? edit

Just don't run out of paint, and ensure you fully spray each tag.

In order to avoid running out of paint, run up the stairs and grab the spraycan each time you save at the Johnson house. This adds "ammo" to the can rather than just refilling its contents, so if you save more often than you use the spraycan you'll never (effectively) run out.

Do the infinite ammo cheat so you wont have to worry about spraying in the wrong places.

The New Game Glitch edit

What is the 'New Game Glitch'? edit

When you start a new game, by choosing "New Game" from the "Game" menu, all your statistics are reset, except for the two girlfriend benefits of keeping weapons when busted or wasted, so if the game from which you started a new game had these benefits, you will receive them in the new game. This is identical to the "Purple Nines Glitch" in GTA3, only this time, the glitch has a positive effect, rather than preventing you from completing the game.

How do I avoid the 'New Game Glitch'? edit

If you want to start a new clean game, then remove your memory card before booting the PS2. You can put it back in once the new game has started.

The Basketball Glitch edit

What is the Basketball Glitch? edit

The Basketball Glitch causes the game to stop loading up the Basketballs from every spawn location. This means you won't ever be able to play Basketball again, which includes the Basketball Challenge minigame.

What causes the Basketball Glitch? edit

The 100% cause of this glitch happens if you ever save at Madd Doggs Mansion at any point in the game, once you save, you will be guaranteed to obtain the Basketball Glitch. No one knows why exactly this happens, and it's still unknown if it has been fixed up in the XBox version, but we'll soon find out.

What can I do to get rid of the Basketball Glitch? edit

Only if the glitch occurs on PC: Use the "Basketball Bug Fix" by Artem Khassanov/spaceeinstein.

Possible solutions for PS2- and XBOX-owners: 1. Go to the nearest Safe House and save the game 6 times (thus skipping some days) 2. Go to the nearest Fast Food Restaurant and eat as much as possible - get CJ quite fat 3. Completely change CJ's appearance – clothes, haircut, and tattoos.

Was this fixed for the Xbox/PC versions? edit

In the PC and Xbox versions, it has not been fixed

The Gym Glitch edit

What is the 'Gym Glitch'? edit

Sometimes, you will get the message "You have worked out enough for today. Come back tomorrow." when you have clearly waited long enough. Consequently, you are unable to work out.

What causes the 'Gym Glitch'? edit

No-one seems to be sure. After you have finished working out, you have to wait a certain amount of time until you can work out again. I'm not certain of the exact amount, but let's assume 24 minutes real-time. If you are trying to advance this time by saving the game (which advances the clock by 6 hours game-time), it may not count as time waited. The game may measure it as 24 minutes real-time from the last time you worked out, regardless of the number of times you have saved in that time. (It has been suggested that it doesn't matter how long you wait on the PC version.)

Another user asserts that the glitch is caused when, instead of eating to get rid of hunger, the player decides to save. This builds up a "hunger debt" and although the player isn't told that CJ is hungry, he is in fact too weak to exercise, resulting in the gym glitch where CJ has "done enough exercise for today".

      • This error is not caused by anything you do, or fail to do in the game. It is caused by a memory, or game save error where a piece of data is dropped. It could be caused by saving over and over to the same save slot, so you might try saving to different slots now and then. This might be the cause of the Basketball glitch as well.

How do I fix the 'Gym Glitch'? edit

Only if the glitch occurs on PC: Use the "Gym Fix" by Artem Khassanov/spaceeinstein.

Possible solutions for PS2- and XBOX-owners: There have been various solution suggested. One I've heard recently that if you lose all your fat, you can then re-enter the gym. If my above theory is correct, then all you have to do is wait long enough.

Another suggestion is to eat two meals (preferably salads – no need getting fat), then save your game about 3 or 4 times till you get to the next day, then eat two meals again, save until you reach the next day again. Repeat this process for about 3 (in-game) days and go to the gym, you should now be able to use the equipment, if not then just eating two meals and save until you get to the next day and keep repeating until the glitch dissapears.

There may be a "hunger debt" but it requires a trigger such as killing all the people in a gym or just being unlucky

    • Another solution which has been known to work (it did for me!) is to have CJ dressed in clothes as well as all accessories i.e. hat, sunglasses, watch, chain and of course, shoes. Then save your game with him dressed like this, I also suggest walking outside of the house/building and walking back in. Then go into the wardrobe and remove everything so he is JUST wearing his boxers. As soon as you walk out of the wardrobe, save your game again. Now try the gym, like i said to my supprise it worked!! For me the exact location where I saved and changed clothes was the house on Santa-Maria beach, and the gym I used was the outdoors one, east of the house on the beach, although I'm not sure that the exact location matters? I also heard that to avoid it happening again, never work out to the amount that it tells you "you've worked out enough for today...". Good Luck!!!!
    • [edit]I actually found that this did not completely fix the problem and every time I went into one of my houses, changed clothes, or rode a train the glitch would return. However, I vagely remembered it was only after I went to the "Below the belt" gym in Las Venturas and learnt the new moves did I get the glitch in the first went back to the gym in Los Santos to learn the original moves and since then I havent had the glitch!! [/edit]

Another possible solution is to try using the gym in Madd Dogg's (or your) Mansion. When I discovered this gym, it was the first time I was allowed to work out in a very long time. After that, the "you have worked out enough today" business never came back.

      • (THIS WORKS!) To clear the memory card write error, save your current game (the one you wish to fix) if you need to. Go to your main game menu and reload a previous save where you know the gym was accessable. In the previously saved game, go to the gym and work out until the "You have worked out enough..." message appears, then leave the gym, go to a save point and save the game again, preferrably to an empty save slot, or one past the game you wish to fix. (DO NOT OVERWRITE THE CURRENT SAVE YOU WISH TO FIX. YOU WILL LOOSE ALL OF YOUR PROGRESS!)Once this is done, go back to your main menu and reload the game save you are trying to fix. Go to a gym and try to work out to see if it worked, then save the fixed game. This stops the save error cycle by re-entering the missing data.

Feb 25, 2006 Suggestions from Take2 Support: I got the gym glitch and called Take2 support today (US support number listed in the manual). The support person knew all about the glitch and suggested three possible solutions: 1) die 2-3 times in a row, 2) save 6 times in a row, or 3) change all clothes. I did #1 and it worked! The support person said the method of death does not matter, but I shot a cop car until it was on fire and died when it blew up, spawned at hospital, was killed by gang members I fought, spawned at hospital, was killed by gang members and nearby cops, spawned at hospital and went directly to the gym. Since #1 worked I haven't bothered to try #2 or #3, but the moral here is to call support and do what they suggest first. If what support suggests doesn't work, then you should try other solutions.

"Disc Read Error"?!? The game won't run, is it scratched? edit

First of all, it is very likely that the disc is not scratched.

This problem applies to both the Xbox and PS2, but with very different reasons.

Because the PC version copies the majority (or entirety, on a full install) of the game data to the hard drive, there are no read errors during play, but it can have problems detecting the disc when doing the security check.

PS2 solution edit

Unfortunately, the DualDisc format used to store the high volume of data in San Andreas is not compatible with some PS2 models, thus causing problems. Here's Sony's official advice:

"The console should be placed in the horizontal position. When the console is placed vertically, there is a greater likelihood that the DualDisc will come into contact with the mechanical parts of the console, causing a light scratch on the disc. Avoid using the console in the vertical position."

So while it may be scratches causing the read error, the scratches may have actually been caused by the vertical position itself in the first place.

Read more about this problem and which models are affected at

Even if you have an affected model but are running it in a vertical position with no problems, it is highly advisable that you run the game horizontally to avoid any future (or further) damage to the disc.

This particular problem does not apply to the PC or Xbox, as their drives do not read in a vertical position.

Xbox solution edit

Some models of the Xbox will give scratched-disc errors, but with a completely different cause. Some of the Xbox DVD drive brands have trouble keeping up with data synching because the game constantly streams data from the disc (instead of at the beginning of each map as in linear games).

The solution in this case is to either replace the drive with the more compatible model or purchase a replacement Xbox. The latest version of the Xbox has a more compatible drive and will not be affected by this problem.

The game says to insert the DVD in the drive, but I did! (PC only) edit

Some people experience problems with the game detecting that the disc is in the drive. Even on a full install where nothing at all is actually loaded from the disc, the game still requires the disc be present in the drive while loading; this is a security check to ensure the player actually owns the game. If for some reason the drive cannot be detected correctly, it will decide the disc is absent.

NOTE: these solutions only apply if you own the game. If you have a pirated DVD or downloaded an ISO rip, it may be impossible to correct whatever problems are inherent in that bootleg. In that case, just buy the game.

However there are several workarounds:

  • install the latest drivers for the DVD drive (if any)
  • purchase a new DVD drive (this problem largely affects cheaper "brandless" drives so it is recommended that a name-brand unit be purchased)
  • use a NoCD crack, eliminating the security check

Note that when using the NoCD crack it is still possible to use the minimum install; the game will still read the radio stations from the DVD correctly, it is only the security check that is being disabled by the crack.

In very rare occasions (or if the disc is scratched) the radio stations will not play even with the crack applied and the disc in the drive, in which case the player must use the full install option to load everything from the hard drive. This also eliminates the need of the game disc altogether, which is why Rockstar tried to prevent such a method in the first place.

I did all that but I think the disc is scratched after all, how do I fix the scratches? edit

First of all ensure the model and position of the console are correct and compatible with the game before attempting any fix.

Also note that the existence of scratches does not automatically mean there is a problem. Discs can take a surprising number of scratches before it affects their performance, and the shallower a scratch is the less likely it is to be a problem. And having lots of tiny scratches is not necessarily a problem, it is more about the depth of the scratches rather than their quantity.

Try a CD-restoration kit, following the instructions as closely as possible to ensure the best result. Failing that, run a professional laser-cleaner disc in the drive for the recommended length of time; do not attempt to wipe, polish, or otherwise clean the laser eye yourself. If it still does not work, it might be irreversibly damaged.

Home remedies for scratches, such as boiling water, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste and others are not recommended. They were not intended to serve this function and can actually cause further damage, be sure to use only those products specifically formulated for disc repair.

PC-specific problems edit

Help! My PC meets/exceeds the minimum but it won't run! edit

For now, see this forum thread about solutions.

The game runs fine, but whenever I try to open Advanced Settings it crashes! edit

This is a peculiar glitch that only affects some models of cards, and even then seems to only affect some versions of their drivers.

In some cases it is possible to uninstall all drivers, set up the Advanced Settings, and then reinstall the driver; alternately, changing to a customised set of drivers (such as the Omega Drivers or those at can inexplicably allow access. These may be inferior to the current official drivers, so it is possible to change the settings and then reinstall the old ones.

However both these solutions mean that those settings cannot ever be changed again without going through the driver-changing process once more.

It is expected that Rockstar will fix this problem at some point; in the meantime, there is talk among the modding community of making an external settings-editing utility that would get around this problem completely!

Myths edit

I've heard there is an alien at the Li'l Probe Inn. Is this true? edit


The original trick was, you find this ped dressed in black at the inn, you put on your thermal goggles, and he looks very strange. People assumed this meant he was an alien, given the fact that you are at the Lil Probe Inn, wearing thermal goggles, and the guy probably is the same ped that babbles about aliens. The truth is, R* sucks at thermal signatures. They didn't have the patience to create appropriate thermal signatures for every object and ped, so colors of cloths and surroundings will screw up what you see. If you look at some peds, you'll see that dark or light clothing give off different colors and can make some peds look extremely weird. The same is true of this ped. Not only is there nothing special about his heat signature, but this myth has had so many variants and people claiming that other peds (including the pool guy) are aliens that it shouldn't even be considered a popular myth.

I've heard that the map in the Li'l Probe Inn is significant. Is it? edit


The dots do not point out anything significant. They do not point out UFOs, they do not point out aliens, bigfoot, or any other phenomenon. They do NOT point out the locations of beat-up Glendales ("Ghost Cars"). Below is a link to the location of beat-up Glendales, and you can see clearly that the dots do not correlate. If you'll notice on the walls, there are pictures of UFOs all over, and this is meant to be a typical HQ of a UFO hunter. It's likely that R* meant for this to be a map of UFO sightings that whoever used this room had pinned up to make his/her searching easier. You can count on the fact that if you visit these locations, you will not find anything special. Plenty of gamers, many much more determined than you, have tried before you and failed. The map is decoration and ambience, nothing more. The map points out the locations of heavy artillery weapons in the game except the minigun locations in Las Venturas and the Kincaid Bridge in San Fierro.,0.0,1536.0,0.0,1536.0,-1.0,-1.0,-1.0,glen,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

I've heard there is a "Ghost Car". Is this true? edit

This is the name commonly given to a particular car in Back O' Beyond. The car spawns on a slope, and because of gravity (I'm sure you're familiar with that), it rolls down the hill. There are some theories as to why it loses traction before rolling, including that it spawns above ground and falls a foot or two (like many cars do). Because of this action, it loses traction when it hits the ground and starts to roll. The most likely explanation is that it is one of the very few cars in the game that actually spawns on a significant slope -- a steep one at that. It does not drive anywhere, it does not stop randomly, it simply rolls down the slope. Little children who got frightened by this named it the Ghost Car, and the myth keeps perpetuating itself with each new gamer. There is a "Ghost Vortex" as well, on the beach north of the boat school. It moves by itself, down a slope, for the same reasons that the Glendale does.

I've heard that you can see lights in the sky at night. Are they UFOs? edit

They are not UFOs, and that's all I can tell you. I'll preempt all the semantic tards who will come and say "A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object, and those are unidentified." Ok, then I'll clarify what I mean to you all, they are not "Alien UFOs," but out of lazyness, I'm going to say just "UFO." These balls of light are nothing random, rare, or special. When you see one, stop and wait for a few hours (in-game) and you'll see the same ball of light moving along the same path a little later. What could they be? Planes. Just like in Vice City, they are planes that leave vapour trails. For reasons unknown (probably shoddy development practices) R* did not apply models to these lights, so no matter how close you get, they still look like just lights. If you want to think of them as UFOs, that's cool, but if we're applying realism to this game, then what leaves vapour trails, has blinking lights, and flies in a regular, scheduled pattern? Planes. They may actually be leftovers from Vice City's code, but I can't remember if those planes had models or not.

I've heard that Bigfoot is in the game. Is this true? edit

This has been proven wrong many times, and the people who made Grand Theft Auto have said more then once that he doesn't exist.

Yes he is not real but R* did say there is something in the woods!

I've heard that Leatherface is in the game. Is this true? edit

No. The San Andreas disk has been scanned more than enough times to show no Leatherface skins.

I've heard that you can do a sex minigame. Is this true? edit

Yes and no. The only way you can get it is with either a mod or a game save editor. You cannot access this feature on any version of the game without alteration of some form. It makes use of leftover code that Rockstar never intended to use but left intact for unexplained reasons. There is only the possibility of picking up hookers, driving to an alley, and watching the car rock and listen to the girl scream. It's the only sex in the game aside from girlfriends.

See main article: Hot Coffee mod