Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Missions/Taxi Driver

Prerequisites edit

  • Vehicle: Taxi or Cabbie (image)

Tips edit

Great to learn new areas and a quick source of money. The faster you reach the destination that the customer wants to go to, the higher the chances of you getting a speed bonus which gives more money. For every 5 fares done consecutively, a 5-in-a-row bonus is rewarded. To get these, it's important to focus on keeping your car intact rather than collecting the speed bonus. If you're going for consecutive fares, it's also important to have enough fat so that you don't die from exhaustion. Use the nitro taxi cheat code so that you can go to places faster.

You can eat up to 11 meals a day, before you puke and lose all the fat that you gained. Do that so as to gain as much fat as possible, so that you can stay in the taxi as long as possible.

Rewards edit

  • Finish 50 fares (total, not necessarily consecutive) to get nitrous boosters in all Taxis and Cabbies.

New Missions Available edit