Cookbook:Vegan Paprika Bratwurst

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A Paprika Bratwurst is similar to a Seitan Bratwurst.



  1. Cut onions and bell peppers in small chunks. If desired, fry the onions and peppers lightly.
  2. Mix bell peppers, paprika powder, and chilies or chili powder into the dry gluten powder. It is much easier to mix solid and liquid ingredients separately than adding ingredients to the gluten dough later, as it is very rubbery and sticky.
  3. To fry the sausages an oiled non-stick pan is recommended. To fry the sausages on a grill they must be cooked first in order to make the gluten dough less rubbery.

Notes, tips, and variationsEdit

  • If you use tofu, onions and bell peppers generously the consistency of the sausages may not be sticky enough for the sausages to hold together. Maybe you could process/blend these items to a puree with the liquid you are using to hydrate the gluten and that would solve the problem.

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