Cookbook:Spicy Carrot Aioli

Spicy Carrot Aioli
Category Vegan recipes
Servings 1 bowl and 1 blender
Time 10 minutes

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Every vegan should know about aioli and related sauces. They add a creaminess which can be otherwise rare in vegan cooking.

The key to the not-vegan-tasting deliciousness of an aioli is the garlic / olive oil emulsion. The same principle is at work in hummus (or marinara). Other common emulsifiers are glycerin, soy lecithin (present in soya-milk, tofu etc.) and egg yolk.

Note on carrotsEdit

Carrots can damage some blending equipment. It is recommended to cut them into really small pieces so they're easier to blend.



    • French-style or Dijon mustard (i.e. one that does not contain "turmeric" in the list of ingredients)


  1. Cut carrot extremely fine (1 mm slivers) so that blender can handle it.
  2. Place all ingredients (start with 2 tablespoon olive oil) (Squeeze juice of 1 or more oranges, but don't add any orange peel) into blender-safe dish
  3. blend
  4. continue adding olive oil blending and tasting until it reaches desired creaminess.

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