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The materials in the Wikimedia Cookbook come from many sources. If you know of a source that has been used, or have added material yourself, feel free to add to this list, in alphabetical order.

Other organizations edit

Individuals edit

In alphabetical order:

  • Adil - has added a few recipes.
  • AlbertCahalan - added a couple dozen recipes (the yummy ones)
  • Alsocal - Wikify pages, added content from Open Source Cookbook
  • BoldLuis
  • Datariumrex - Made a salmon recipe and related Wikidata item. Interested to learn how to represent recipes in Wikidata.
  • D'Ranged 1 – adding recipes as time allows; first recipe added was Acorn Squash with Orange Marmalade
  • Camille G. Weston contributed delicious gluten veggie meat recipe. Loves vegetarian and vegan cooking.
  • David Johnson - adds various things as/when he can. He's especially proud of his Chicken Tikka Masala recipe.
  • Geocachernemesis - has contributed 42 of his own images recently, along with a couple of recipes; also interested in standardising module naming capitalisation styles to fit in with Wikipedia and the rest of Wikibooks.
  • Gentgeen - maintains featured recipe and ingredient on the cookbook page; tries to keep all pages to a consistent format; has added a few recipes; added some meat and poultry articles, as well as some other ingredients.
  • Grimm - has added recipes and edited articles for grammar, format, and universal equivalents.
  • Shawn Hornickel - added a recipe, and hoping to add more.
  • Iwatchaltonbrown - has added over 50 recipes, improved quality of several pages, and corrected incorrect information.
  • Jmsfwk
  • Joe Jarvis
  • Karl Basallote adds few recipes on Filipino cuisine.
  • Kellen is mostly working on the vegan cuisine section, but is also interested in standardizing categories and naming and in the overall structure of the cookbook.
  • Kilometers to Verona
  • Klaus - has added a few recipes.
  • Liblamb - filled some cooking technique stubs and has added recipes.
  • Mcld - British recipes, and typesetting.
  • Meowmom - have cooked and baked for over 30 years, will share as often as possible :)
  • Moby-Dick4000 has written and contributed to all the paella recipes and three pasta recipes.
  • Morgan695 - contributed some recipes.
  • Nmontague - added some distinctly Canadian items, running through his Great Grandmother's recipe book
  • Paalappoo - added a few recipes and hopes to add more
  • Pencilsharp - uses his grocery industry experience to help where he can.
  • Phantom - has added info on baking and deep frying, based on his experience in the food industry.
  • Psychofarm - a real technology and cooking novice, but gets a strange sense of satisfaction from editing pages.
  • Redlentil - mostly interested in basics: ingredients rather than recipes.
  • Reubenbarton - added a few of my favorite recipes and a few that I have developed.
  • ShelleyAdams - editing and wikification.
  • Sir Myles na Gopaleen (the da) - Middle Eastern recipes
  • Barris - expanding the cookbook
  • Tannersf - adding all kinds of recipes
  • The bellman - I am going to do whatever i can to make this the greatest almanac of all things cooking the world has ever seen.
  • Thor Malmjursson - Gluten & Lactose Intolerant, so will try and help with dairy free and gluten free recipes.
  • Tonyr1988 - I'll try to add as many things as I can when I randomly find them.
  • Unacuoca - I've added a recipe and hope to add more. I also enjoy editing.
  • Xania - I'm adding metric measurements to all recipes and adding a few of my own too!
  • Webaware - main interest is in fermented foods.
  • Wikidsoup - main interest in vegetarian & vegan foods and health, and foods that I cook a lot: bread, soups and curries.
  • WikiUser70176 - cleanup and adding links