Tannersf Edit

Hi!!! My name is Tannersf (not real name).

My Projects Edit

I will edit just about anything.

I'm currently working on Star Trek Starships. I'm going to try and get it completed soon.

  1. Historical Documents This is going to be a huge book, so I'll need some help!
  2. Volcanoes This book will be more of a textbook than the others.
  3. Solar System This book will be alot like the volcano book above.
  4. Star Trek Starships This one will contain 30 ships, so not much in this one.

But I've requested a Wikijunior book and also getting ready to start a book on income tax.

Lastly, I'm getting ready to do (or edit) study guides for some popular novels.

Here is a possible idea for a Wikibook: The Middle East - outline

Feel free to send me any messages!

Rock bands Edit

  1. A Certain Ratio
  2. A House