User:Tannersf/The Middle East: 1900-2007 - outline

This is my plan for a wikibook about the Middle East.

Please provide feedback and suggestions to me about this possible Wikibook. If it gets alot of feedback, I will start to make it. Add your name under Comments if you would like this book.

Outline edit

Scope of book: a religious history textbook with a bit of economics and politics.

Audience of book: anyone 15+ years old, very advanced 12-15 year olds.

  • Introduction - these are possible sections
    • Birthplace of Three Religions
    • The Splendor of Islam
    • A First Clash of Cultures
    • A Great War Creates A New Middle East
    • Birth of a Nation
    • A New Age of Oil
    • The Rise of Islamism
    • Stuck In The Middle

Fast Facts

    • The World of Islam
    • Important figures of the Middle East
    • Glossary of terms used in this book.

Peoples and Faiths of the Middle East

    • The Paradox of Islam
    • Division of the Faithful
    • Women in Islam
    • The Terrorists
    • The Impacts of Oil
    • The Christians
    • The Saudis
    • The Egyptians
    • The Israelis
    • The Palestinians
    • The Lebanese
    • The Syrians
    • The Jordanians
    • The Iraqis
    • The Iranians
    • The Kurds
    • The Turks
    • The Afghans
    • The Gulf States

History of the Modern Middle East

    • 1919- WWI creates new nations
    • 1923- Ataturk modernizes Turkey
    • 1948- Birth of Israel
    • 1953- A U.S. coup in Iran
    • 1956- A man, a plan, a canal: Suez
    • 1964- Enter the P.L.O.
    • 1967- The 6-day war
    • 1970- Jordan's Black September
    • 1972- Terror at the Olympics
    • 1973- The Yom Kippur War and The Arab Oil Embargo
    • 1978- Breakthrough at Camp David
    • 1979- Iran leads an Islamic uprising and the Soveiets invade Afghanistan
    • 1980- Iran and Iraq's 8-Year War starts
    • 1981- Israel takes out Saddam's nukes and Sadat assassinated
    • 1982- Israel invades Lebanon
    • 1983- The U.S. Barracks Bombing
    • 1986- The U.S. bombs Libya
    • 1987- The Palestinian Intifadeh
    • 1988- Saddam attacks the Kurds and the 8-Year War ends
    • 1989- Bin Laden becomes Jihad's boss
    • 1991- Operation Desert Storm
    • 1993- Oslo accords
    • 1995- Rabin is assassinated
    • 1996- Triumph of the Taliban
    • 1998- The US embassy attacks
    • 2000- Intifadeh, Round Two and Al-Qaeda attacks the U.S.S. Cole
    • 2001- America Under Assault - 9/11 and the US topples the Taliban
    • 2003- The Fall of Saddam and the meltdown in Iraq starts
    • 2005- Murder in Lebanon, new day for Gaza and Iran's new leader
    • 2006- Hamas Wins the polls, Israel and Hizballah go to war

Comments edit

  • Two questions. Give them thought.
    1. The meltdown in Iraq ended? When?
    2. What is the scope? A political textbook? A religious textbook? An economic textbook? An epistemoligcal textbook?
    3. Who is the audience? High school? Undergraduate students? Someone else?
  • (That was actually three questions. :) Cheers, Iamunknown 02:02, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

I have to say that history of the Middle East is not in 1910s to now, it actually came back to the Crusades where Saladin and the Christian Crusades began battling over the control of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Rakuten06 20:34, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

Yeah; but a Wikibook on the Middle East from 1900-2007 should not include the Crusades :-p --Dragontamer 10:41, 25 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Sounds like an excellent suggestion for a Wikibook. Can I suggest something that I've noticed about some of the Wikibooks regarding history: that instead of merely duplicating and lengthening what could already be found on Wikipedia, it might be excellent to include source documents, both primary and secondary (not sure quite how to obtain these and use them under Wiki license) as well as including questions and analysis...Good luck and if you need any help don't hesitate to ask! Tommciver 10:28, 27 December 2006 (UTC)