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Aji Amarillo
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Aji amarillo paste/purée

Aji amarillo peppers are a variety of chili pepper commonly used in Peruvian cooking.

Characteristics edit

Aji amarillo are a couple inches long with a golden orange color as they mature. They have a distinct, somewhat fruity taste compared to passion fruit and mango.[1][2] They are considered moderately hot, registering around 30-50,000 units on the Scoville scale. [1]

Selection and storage edit

They may be purchased fresh, frozen, dried, canned, or as a purée.[2] When fresh, they should be crisp and not soft or discolored. The paste is typically just the boiled and puréed pepper, and it has a longer shelf life than the fresh pepper.[2]

Use edit

Aji amarillo is widely used in Peruvian cooking, forming part of its "holy trinity" alongside garlic and red onion.[1] It is used in sauces, ceviche, meat dishes, and more.

Recipes edit

References edit

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