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Ají Dulce

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Ají dulce ("sweet chile") is a variety of sweet pepper—usually a Capsicum chinense cultivar—found in Latin America and the Caribbean.



Aji dulce is similar in appearance to the habanero, maturing to a wrinkled orange-red pepper.[1] It has a mild, sometimes smoky flavour.[2] Some cultivated aji dulce have developed a spicy profile due to cross-pollination, but this is unpopular and largely avoided.[1]

Selection and storage


Like other chiles, aji dulce should be crisp and brightly colored. They should not be spicy. Store them in the fridge for up to several days, discarding when getting soft.[3]

These peppers are widely used in Caribbean cooking.[1] In Puerto Rico, ají dulce is an important ingredient for sauces, such as sofrito or "mojito isleño" (a fish or meat sauce). It is also used in mild salsas.




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