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  1. Guide to Game Development/Miscellaneous/Implementing an XP system
  2. Guide to Game Development/The Programming Language/Flash Actionscript
  3. Guide to Game Development/Data file types/.xml
  4. Guide to Game Development/3D Modelling
  5. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Path Finding
  6. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Path Finding/Graph connectivity algorithms
  7. Guide to Game Development/Rendering and Game Engines/OpenGL/Drawing geometry
  8. Guide to Game Development/Rendering and Game Engines/OpenGL/GLSL Shaders
  9. Guide to Game Development/The Programming Language/C-Sharp
  10. Guide to Game Development/Miscellaneous/Planning out your game
  1. Guide to Game Development
  2. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Collision detection
  3. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Mathematics/Vectors
  4. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Physical motion/SUVATs
  5. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Mathematics/Trigonometry/The basic identities applied to right angle triangles
  6. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Mathematics/Trigonometry/Trigonometry used with non-right angles
  7. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Physical motion/Forces
  8. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Physical motion/Momentum
  9. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Mathematics
  10. Guide to Game Development/Theory/Mathematics/Quaternions

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