Guide to Game Development/Theory


The general set up that most games fit around
Basic Math, Vectors, Matrices, Trigonometry, Calculus, Quaternions
The drawing of the objects in the scene, e.g. the player, enemies, terrain, boxes
Translation, Scale, Rotation
Poses and Coordinate frames
The view-port that the game is viewed from. Perspective & Orthographic projects.
The Lighting that's cast onto the scene. Ambient, Diffuse, Specular lighting, Normal vectors and Lightmaps.
The menus that the user navigates and the displays that appear on top of the game to display statistics like health.
How all of the entities in the game collide with each other and the terrain.
The physics/mechanics behind the motion, forces and gravity.
How textures are loaded, stored and placed onto geometry.
How the geometry, camera and lighting in a scene gets processed from the scene to the screen.
Programming of intelligence into a computer/bot/enemy.
Path finding algorithms used by AI
In game animations
How you handle user inputs and how they affect things in the game
The topic of different types of game genres and how to create for that genre
Everything else to do with theory

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