Guide to Game Development/Data file types

Data file types/formatsEdit

Text based file typesEdit

Easy for humans to read, levels of indentation, can take up a lot of space. Standard used for storing general data.
Compact data file, better for humans not to see, levels of indentation.
Text file used for miscellaneous things.
Easy to read, usually used to store game options.

Binary based file typesEdit

Used with XNA programming


Used for storing 3D models
Material template library, used to store one or more materials within one file. Used with Wavefront .obj.
File type owned by Autodesk

Image typesEdit


Loss-less compression, good compress
Uses lossy compression
Loss-less compression, not so amazing compression, but easier to read with code

Texture formatsEdit

Used for DXTC (Desktop platforms: OS X, Linux, Windows & Tegra) and ATC (Andreno GPUs) textures [1].
Used for PVRT textures (PowerVR GPUs)[1].
Used for ETC1 textures(All OGLES 2.0 devices compatibles)[1].


Scaled vector graphic





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