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The purpose of Adventurer Awards is to provide instructors with answers to facilitate their experience as teachers. The answers here are based in the requirements of the North American Division for the Adventurer Program.

The awards are designed to be used in connection with the Adventurer curriculum. It is recommended that a variety of awards be offered to help each child have a well-rounded understanding of many interests.

Instructors should be creative and make the award meaningful to the Adventurer child. Remember to challenge the more advanced child without discouraging the lesser achiever.

The goal is to help each child experience achievement and to learn new activities and ideas in an interesting and fun way. Affirm each child, remembering that there is more than one right way. Encourage each child to do his/her best. We do not need to be perfect. God is not finished with us yet.

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Little Lamb StarsEdit

Little Lamb

The Little Lamb Stars are designed for children four years old or pre-schoolers. A patch for each star is available through AdventSource

  1. ABC's
  2. Bible Friends
  3. Bodies of Water
  4. Colors
  5. Community Helper
  6. Finger Play
  7. Healthy Food
  8. Healthy Me
  9. Insects
  10. Little Boy Jesus
  11. Music
  12. My Friend Jesus
  13. Numbers
  14. Sharing
  15. Special Helper
  16. Stars
  17. Trains And Trucks
  18. Trikes & Bikes
  19. Weather
  20. Wooly Lamb
  21. Zoo Animals

Eager Beaver ChipsEdit

Busy Bee AwardsEdit

The Busy Bee Awards are designed for children six years old or first-graders. A patch for each award is available through AdventSource

Busy Bee
  1. Artist
  2. Bible I
  3. Butterfly
  4. Buttons
  5. Fish
  6. Flowers
  7. Friend of Animals
  8. Guide
  9. Health Specialist
  10. Home Helper
  11. Music Maker
  12. Potato
  13. Reading I
  14. Safety Specialist
  15. Sand Art
  16. Spotter
  17. Swimmer I

Sunbeam AwardsEdit

The Sunbeam Awards are design for children seven years old or second-graders. A patch for each award is available through AdventSource

  1. Acts of Kindness
  2. Baking
  3. Camper
  4. Collector
  5. Cooking Fun
  6. Courtesy
  7. Feathered Friends
  8. Fitness Fun
  9. Friend of Jesus
  10. Friend of Nature
  11. Gardener
  12. Glue Right
  13. Handicraft
  14. Ladybugs
  15. Missionaries
  16. Reading II
  17. Road Safety
  18. Seasons
  19. Seeds
  20. Skier
  21. Trees
  22. Whales

Builder AwardsEdit

Helping Hand AwardsEdit

Multi-Level AwardsEdit

The Multi-level Awards are design for children of all grade level. A patch for each award is available through AdventSource

Adventurer logo for multi-level awards
  1. Bible Storytelling
  2. Bread of Life
  3. Cooperation
  4. Delightful Sabbath
  5. Dogs
  6. Good Samaritan
  7. Listening
  8. Missionaries
  9. Parables of Jesus
  10. Photo Fun
  11. Stay Safe
  12. Universe

Special Award PatchesEdit

Awards CategoriesEdit