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This language feature is available from Ada 95 on.

Interfaces.Fortran is a unit of the Predefined Language Environment since Ada 95.


with Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types;  --  see G.1.1
pragma Elaborate_All(Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types);
package Interfaces.Fortran is
   pragma Pure(Fortran);

   type Fortran_Integer is range implementation-defined;

   type Real             is digits implementation-defined;
   type Double_Precision is digits implementation-defined;

   type Logical is new Boolean;

   package Single_Precision_Complex_Types is
      new Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types (Real);

   type Complex is new Single_Precision_Complex_Types.Complex;

   subtype Imaginary is Single_Precision_Complex_Types.Imaginary;
   i : Imaginary renames Single_Precision_Complex_Types.i;
   j : Imaginary renames Single_Precision_Complex_Types.j;

   type Character_Set is implementation-defined character type;

   type Fortran_Character is array (Positive range <>) of Character_Set
      with Pack;

   function To_Fortran (Item : in Character) return Character_Set;
   function To_Ada (Item : in Character_Set) return Character;

   function To_Fortran (Item : in String) return Fortran_Character;
   function To_Ada     (Item : in Fortran_Character) return String;

   procedure To_Fortran (Item       : in String;
                         Target     : out Fortran_Character;
                         Last       : out Natural);

   procedure To_Ada (Item     : in Fortran_Character;
                     Target   : out String;
                     Last     : out Natural);

end Interfaces.Fortran;

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