Ada Programming/Keywords/is


The keyword is separates the name of an entity from its definition.

In type declarationsEdit

 type Day_Of_Month  is  new  range 1 .. 31;

See Ada Programming/Types and Ada Programming/Subtypes.

In subtype declarationsEdit

 subtype Day_Of_February  is Day_Of_Month  range 1 .. 29;

See Ada Programming/Subtypes.

In package declarationsEdit

 package My_Package  is
   ... -- declarations
 end My_Package;

See Ada Programming/Packages.

In procedure and function declarationEdit

 procedure My_Procedure  is
   ... -- declarations    
   ... -- sentences    
 end My_Procedure;

See Ada Programming/Subprograms.

In generic instantiationsEdit

 package Day_Of_Month_IO  is 
       new Ada.Text_IO.Integer_IO (Num => Day_Of_Month);

See Ada Programming/Generics.

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Ada Reference ManualEdit

Ada Quality and Style GuideEdit

Ada Keywords
abort else new return
abs elsif not reverse
abstract (Ada 95) end null
accept entry select
access exception of separate
aliased (Ada 95) exit or some (Ada 2012)
all others subtype
and for out synchronized (Ada 2005)
array function overriding (Ada 2005)
at tagged (Ada 95)
generic package task
begin goto pragma terminate
body private then
if procedure type
case in protected (Ada 95)
constant interface (Ada 2005) until (Ada 95)
is raise use
declare range
delay limited record when
delta loop rem while
digits renames with
do mod requeue (Ada 95) xor