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Ada Programming/Keywords/interface


This language feature is only available from Ada 2005 on.

Used to declare an interface. Interfaces are the most important innovation in Ada 2005. The basic semantic has been taken from the interface concept of the Java programming language. Interface inheritance is a reduced form of multiple inheritance.

Interface typesEdit

There are various forms of interfaces available:

Normal interfaceEdit

The normal interface is declared as:

 type Printable is interface;

Limited interfaceEdit

Can be used as interface to limited tagged type.

 type Printable is limited interface;

Synchronized interfaceEdit

type Printable is synchronized interface;

All synchronized interfaces are also limited.

Task interfaceEdit

Can be used as an interface to a task type.

type Printable is task interface;

All task interfaces are also synchronized.

Protected interfaceEdit

Can be used as an interface to a protected type.

 type Printable is protected interface;

All protected interfaces are also synchronized.

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