Ada Programming/Libraries

Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

Predefined Language LibrariesEdit

Ada's built-in library is provided by three root library units: Ada, Interfaces, and System; other library units are children of these. The library is quite extensive and well-structured. These chapters too are more reference like. Most specifications included in them have been obtained from the reznikmm/adalib repository.

The package Standard contains all predefined identifiers in the language.

Ada 83 had a much smaller library and did not yet have this library structure. These root libraries were introduced in Ada 95 to inhibit a name pollution. To preserve compatibility, there exist renamings of all Ada 83 library units XXX as Ada.XXX respectively System.XXX; see RM J.1: Renamings of Library Units (Annotated). Contrary to the names in the root hierarchies, the original Ada 83 names XXX are not protected – they may be reused for user-defined library units.

Implementation-Defined Language LibrariesEdit

Every Ada implementation has as an extension of the predefined Ada library. One example is the library provided by the GNAT implementation.

Other Language LibrariesEdit

Other libraries which are not part of the standard but freely available.

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Ada Reference ManualEdit


  • A collection of Tools and Libraries maintained by the Ada Resource Association.
  • The collection of crates of Alire, a package manager for Ada libraries and applications in source form.