Ada Programming/Libraries/Database

The following libraries help you in Database programming:

Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Library License Interbase Firebird MySQL ODBC Oracle PostgreSQL SQLite 3 Sybase Other database Binary packages Notes
APQ GMGPL Yes Yes Yes Yes Debian Thread-safe connection pools
gnadelite ? ? ? ? ? ? Yes ? ? ?
GNATColl.DB GPL/GMGPL Yes Yes ? gnatcoll_db2ada generates thick Ada bindings to a specified database schema. Requires Ada 2005.
GWindows ? ? ? Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? Windows only?
Matreshka SQL BSD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes OpenSUSE, Fedora
ODBC GPL ? ? Yes ? ? ? ? ? none Windows only. Depends on Win32Ada. Very simple.
QtAda (QtSql package) GPL/GMGPL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes IBM DB/2, SQLite2 Microsoft Windows Binding to Qt: requires C++
Simple Components for Ada GMGPL Yes Yes Fedora, Debian SQLite bindings are intended for static linking with the SQLite3 amalgamation. ODBC bindings support 32- and 64-bit platforms
SOCI-Ada Boost Yes Yes Yes ? Requires C++.
SQLite3-Ada Public domain Yes ?
GNADE (GNat Ada Database Environment) GMGPL 3.x, 4.x Yes Yes Yes Debian Embedded SQL preprocessor. Status: removed/unknown.