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Ada Programming/Libraries/Database/GWindows

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Library functionsEdit

David Botton created GNATCOM project to help Ada interoperate with Windows COM Object. The GWindows project is based on GNATCOM. It is used to create Windows Graphics User Interface.

The database package is a subset of the GWindows project. It is very easy and useful.

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Sample codeEdit

with Gnatcom.Initialize;
with Gnatcom.Types;
with Gnatcom.Variant;
with Gwindows.Databases;  use Gwindows.Databases;
with Ada.Text_IO;         use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Strings;
with Ada.Strings.Fixed;
with Ada.Exceptions;
with System;

procedure Test is
     Connection : Database_Type;
     Recordset  : Recordset_Type;  
     customer   : Gnatcom.Types.Variant; 

     -- make connection
     Open (Connection,
        "DSN=Northwind","your ID","your password");

     -- make Recordset(ResultSet)
     Open (Recordset,
        "SELECT * from Orders",

     -- start to process your bussiness solution
     while not Eof (Recordset) loop
        customer := Field_Value(Recordset,"customerId");
        Process (customer);       -- your customer procedure
        Move_Next (Recordset);
     end loop;

     -- release database resource
end Test;

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