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The Ada package is only an anchor or namespace for Ada's standard library. Most compilers will not allow you to add new packages to the Ada hierarchy and even if your compiler allows it you should not do so since all package names starting with Ada. are reserved for future extensions.


List of language defined child unitsEdit

The following library units (packages and generic subprograms) are descendents of the package Ada.

Ada 2005 
This package is available since Ada 2005.

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List of implementation defined child unitsEdit

The Reference Manual allows compiler vendors to add extensions to the Standard Libraries. However, these extensions cannot be directly childs of the package Ada, only grandchilds—for example Ada.Characters.Latin_9.

Currently, only the implementation defined library units of the GNAT compiler are listed here. You can help Wikibooks by adding implementation dependent packages of other compilers:

Extended package implemented by GNAT.
Extended package implemented by ObjectAda.
Extended package implemented by IBM/Rational APEX.

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