Ada Programming/Libraries/MultiPurpose/Matreshka

Matreshka is a set on Ada libraries to assist development of information systems. It includes these libraries:

Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
localization, internationalization and globalization of Ada applications. Key component of the library is efficient implementation of unbounded form of string of Unicode characters. Usual set of base string operations extended by locale dependent operations like case conversion and collation according to Unicode Standard, Unicode Collation Algorithm and Common Locale Database. It includes Unicode compliance regular expression engine, text decoding from large number of encodings and message translation system. Message translation system uses XLIFF format to interchange message translations with translators' tools.
XML processor
provides SAX-style API to read and write XML documents. XML1.0 (Fifth Edition), XML1.1 (Second Edition), Namespaces in XML and XML Base Specifications are supported. Strings, files and sockets can be used as input source in blocking or non-blocking mode. Incremental parsing is supported.
allows to develop Web applications and to use them with standard HTTP servers (Apache, ISS, for example).
framework to develop SOAP based web applications. Includes support for WS-Security.
SQL database access
provides simple generic API to access SQL databases. Firebird/Interbase, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3 backends are supported now.
Ada Modeling Framework
implementation of Meta Object Facility to work with modeling languages and models. Includes UML, OCL, and UML Testing Profile modules.

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