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According to the United States Code for registering a copyrighted work, you must include your nationality (what country you claim citizenship in) and the country you are currently residing in, if different. It is also suggested by the U.S. Copyright office to include the year you were born, for identification purposes. They also ask for the year of death, and if you know of a Wikibookian who has passed away, this would also be useful. How exactly we are going to collect this information for users and contributors of this Wikibooks is totally unknown, and is going to be an interesting little ride. Please add comments in the discussion page if you have any reservations about giving this information out. This is moving into new territory here, so we don't know exactly what is going to be required or if new policies should or ought to be developed.


  1. Laura K Fisher, Laura K Fisher, Boulder, CO, USA, 1982
  2. RJHall, R. J. Hall, Seattle, Washington, USA
  3. Robert Horning, Robert Horning, Logan, UT USA, 1965
  4. Rachel Knott, Rachel Knott London, UK
  5. Theresa knott, Theresa Knott London, UK, 1967
  6. Zanimum, Nicholas Moreau, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, 1986
  7. StarryTG, Brendan Ryan of Kingsbury, NY USA, 1984
  8. The bellman, Robin Shannon of Sydney, Australia
  9. D. F. Schmidt, Derek F. Schmidt, USA, 1980
  10. Tlogmer, Ben Yates, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  11. Shanel -- Shanel Kalicharan Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 1988 (citizenship Trinidad and Tobago)
  12. User:RachelRachel Rein of California, USA, 1977
  13. User:Luigi30 - Chris Rohl Bradenton, FL, USA, 1990
  14. Basejumper123- Ben Mitchell Rockport, MA, USA, 1990
  15. Tim Thomason- Tim Thomason Wilmington, IL, USA, 1985
  16. User:joe smith, Joe Smith, Dumont, NJ, USA
  17. sultan bin Robinson , sultan bin Robinson ,Eldoret,Kenya,2001
  18. Starchildmom , Terry McClary, North Bend, OR, USA, 1972


  1. MacGyverMagic
  2. Danny
  3. Angela Beesley (the info can be found at Wikipedia, but I don't believe it's needed and we shouldn't be asking people for personal details that are not covered by the Wikimedia:Privacy policy)
  4. Asbestos
  5. Lyellin
  6. Mkn
  7. Metric1000
  8. Uncle G
  9. Geocachernemesis
  10. Geni UK
  11. Asbestos
  12. Ludraman, John Collison, Ireland, 14
  13. Timwi
  14. Goodgerster
  15. Gentgeen, John Pozniak, San Jose, California, USA
  16. Mihoshi
  17. Isomorphic
  18. Ascánder
  19. Rpresser
  20. Larsie
  21. Bart133 -- USA, 1992
  22. Guanaco
  23. Walabio
  24. Redlentil
  25. Yann - Geneva
  26. Brim
  27. Ckjackson
  28. Batjew
  29. Cyberman
  30. Lawman, New Jersey
  31. Hapsiainen
  32. Phoenix-forgotten
  33. Bobdoe
  34. Risk
  35. Andreas Ipp, Andreas Ipp
  36. Kaldari, Ryan Kaldari, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  37. Mufking11
  38. Agitate
  39. Jeandré
  40. Kid Power
  41. Javad
  42. Desertfox 59
  43. Alsocal, Allen Lew, University of Berkley
  44. SV Resolution
  45. FutureAstronaut, Kathy Garcia USA
  46. Wisden
  47. Воображение

And many anonymous Wikibook contributors