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My self-portrait

I'm a software engineer who thinks that Wikibooks has a huge potential to do some good in this world. There are a few thing that I know about that are not in "common" knowledge, and I intend to write some wikibooks to help people out that are trying to learn these subjects.

  • Here are some opinions that I have regarding what some basic policies for Wikibooks ought to be like.
  • A little area I am using to experiment with various editing styles and minor projects.
  • An entire Wikibook at once WARNING: this Wikibook takes a very long time to load on most browsers.
  • Watch List - This is a list of Wikibooks that need some special attention.
  • Bookshelf Reorganization - This is more my vision on how the bookshelves ought to be revised. Feel free to discuss and rearrange as necessary, but this is only a proposal at the moment.

Because sometimes the stuff I write is quite POV, and perhaps heated, I've started a new blog about the open source textbook movement. If you are interested in reading some of my opinions, please check it out here:


As this site is definitely not owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, it would be harder to remove content from this blog by the WMF or its board of trustees. Still, I intend to mainly concentrate on Wikibooks and general open textbook issues with this forum. If you want to join the "team" of fellow bloggers to add a post to this blog, please let me know.

Some Wikibooks that I'm currently working on:

Here are some tools that I find useful: