User:Robert Horning/Watch List

These are a list of Wikibooks that I'm looking over because I feel they are skirting very close to violations of Wikibooks policies or are otherwise likely to be ignored and lost in the shuffle of stuff within Wikibook.

Being listed here doesn't mean they will be deleted or anything, just that I'm keeping tabs on this content and if I am satisfied with the progress the books are making, I will likely remove the content from here. This is more of a caution flag, and I don't want to disrupt the progress the books are making by adding an ugly warning flag.

Cleanup CandidatesEdit

Just watching to see if it goes anywhereEdit

What is this?Edit

Books to really work on that require admin assitanceEdit

New Book ScanningEdit

I'm currently scanning the bookshelves for new book titles I've missed earlier, and I'm currently at Wikibooks:Engineering bookshelf