MediaWiki Administrator's Handbook

This book is a guide for administrators of MediaWiki--the software that runs Wikipedia.

Contents edit

  1. Preface
  2. Explanation of Admin-specific Tools
    1. Deletion and Undeletion - how and when to use these tools.
    2. Page Protection
    3. User Block
    4. Sidebar
    5. Importing - how and when to use this tool.
    6. Block - how and when to use this tool.
    7. Edit History - how and when to merge or split up edit histories.
    8. Protect - how and when to use this tool.
    9. Rollback - how and when to use this tool.
    10. Special pages - special pages only available to administrators.
    11. Editing in the MediaWiki Namespace - changing the appearance of the project.
  3. Aspects of Being a Responsible Administrator
    1. Introduction
    2. Being a Project Leader
    3. Recent Changes Patrol
    4. Spam and Spammers - dealing with spam and spammers.
    5. How to Handle Copyright Violations
    6. Countervandalism IRC Bots
  4. Wikimedia-specific
    1. Asking for help - where to go on individual projects to request advice.
    2. Wikimedia projects
    3. Pages to watch - what pages administrators may wish to watch on individual projects.
    4. Combating spam - advice for those doing anti-spam work

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