Welcome to my user page! My name is Terry. I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom to two boys, an artist, writer, seamstress, designer, bibliophile, and belly-dancer. My background is in education and biology. While I have been a frequent user of Wikipedia for a long time, I discovered Wikijunior and have been inspired to start more formally contributing. I would also like to aid in the development of wikibooks geared towards pre-K-12 educators (both home and classroom).

It is my personal POV, that the future of education is not in budget reform and testing, but complete revolution. High-quality open-content sources seem like a great place to do some good work towards that goal.

Current Projects:

  1. Proofreading Wikijunior Solar System - My plan is to start with the oldest, most complete books and work through them, one at a time until they are done. They seem to be stagnating in a state of near completion.
  2. Basic Cell Unit Study --I have been working on this book offline for sometime. I want to play with it on my own page for awhile before I turn it into an actual wikibook. I need to learn how to format it properly. It is written as a lapbook style unit study for middle school age children, or younger advanced students.
  3. User:Starchildmom/Lapbook - An how-to guide geared mainly towards homeschoolers, but useful for all educators. Nowhere near ready to be a wikibook. I am beginning to add the parts that need to be linked to from the Basic Cell Unit Study . This will initially be a graphics heavy book. Eventually, I hope to add video and sound, making it easy to use for all types of learners and non-English speakers.

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