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Main differences to TS09Edit


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TS10 Service PacksEdit



TS2010-SP1 (or TS2010 SP1) is the first patch release to the TS2010 product. It fixes a small number of important issues that were reported by the community after the public release of TS2010 and adds a new "Content Updates" button to the main menu.

Changes since TS2010-SP0Edit

The following list represents the major user-visible changes in TS2010 SP1 as compared to the TS2010 online release build, which will create code build version 41615 when manually patched.[1][2] This was the boxed set DVD release version produced.[notes 1] Bold emphasis added as very important fix or advances; Italics a important grade change.


  1. Speedtrees now appear correctly with ATI graphics cards.
  2. Local assets are now organised differently.
  3. Non-builtin local assets can now be recommited.
  4. New "Content Updates" Menu button for updating built-in assets.
  5. Maximum number of speedtree types available at once has been relaxed.
  6. Speedtrees that had been previously locked can now be moved, rotated or deleted.
  7. Minor Changes to the favorites system.
  8. Regions can now be selected when the favorites filter is on.
  9. Auto-Patcher Fixed




TS2010-SP2 (or TS2010 SP2) is the second patch release to the TS2010 product. It fixes a number of important issues that were reported by the community after the public release of TS2010-SP1 and adds a modest amount of new content and new functionality.[3]

Changes since TS2010-SP1Edit

The following list represents the major user-visible changes in TS2010 SP2 as compared to the TS2010 SP1/TS2010-SP1 patch. Bold emphasis added as very important fix or advances; Italics a important grade change.

  1. Fixed an issue with cabin/interior related function.
  2. Improvements to handling server achievement data messages.
  3. Driver - Tweaked framing for tracking camera.
  4. Surveyor - Hangs when copying and pasting on large routes.
  5. Main Menu - Saved sessions menu does not show details correctly.
  6. Fixed issue where some scenarios appear to be loading twice.
  7. CM - "View Mesh Details" now shows information the first time it is used.
  8. Made some small adjustments to the credits.
  9. CM - "View dependencies" list now correctly shows what assets are missing.
  10. CM - FCT report in CM now shows how much is actually left instead of 1000 days.
  11. Surveyor - Fixed crash when attempting to copy and paste track with a train on it.
  12. Added latest French Asset translations.
  13. Surveyor - Fixed an issue when attempting to place a train on a piece of track already containing a hidden train.
  14. Fixed a crash bug when loading a scenario.
  15. Added new french content.
  16. New menubar icons.
  17. CM - Download panel x of x figures now shows properly
  18. CM - TADThumbnailTable improvments
  19. Driver - New control type art
  20. CM - "Assets already installed" text does now fits correctly
  21. Misc. track placement fixes and tweaks
  22. CHN ND5-1 no longer appears all white
  23. Some missing signals added to ECML
  24. Misc. track and object movement fixes and tweaks
  25. Downtown Traction missing dependencies added
  26. Surveyor - Fixed a crash when click on a broken (showing red) texture
  27. Various texture fixes
  28. Fixed an issue where water was not appearing on older routes
  29. Fixed an issue where textures were not appearing on older routes
  30. Improved CM's ability to grab a user's KUID
  31. Surveyor - Fixed an issue where it was impossible to overwrite existing routes/sessions
  32. Surveyor - Fixed an issue where opening a route would trigger "the route has changed, do you want to save" message
  33. CM - Asset details now shows a "downloading" message when grabbing an assets details from the DLS
  34. Added 'achievement-icon' query support in achievements servlet
  35. Added "trainzutil installfromdls" command
  36. Content Manager - Shift selection no longer selects one too many in thumbnail view
  37. The default position for chat window needs has been shifted down about 50 pixels
  38. Content Manager - While in thumbnail view, pressing the down arrow now selects the asset below the current one (and above for the up arrow)
  39. Content Manager - Selecting assets in thumbnail mode no longer briefly flashes up "<< Unknown data type >>" underneath the thumbnail
  40. Surveyor now contains some default filters
  41. Surveyor - Attempting to place a train at the location of another train that is on a hidden layer now shows a warning
  42. Surveyor - Advanced topology buttons are now disabled unless there is a valid selection
  43. Content Manager - "Click here to resume your previous search" function no longer shown in some circumstances
  44. Surveyor - Using the "Get" tool now automatically selects the "Add" tool —ed: Boo!, Darn it! Broke it again!
  45. Throttle shortcut keys now work when remote from the locomotive (camera focused on rolling stock, not loco itself).
  46. Driver - Changing ends now sends "Camera", "InteriorChanged"
  47. Fixed a case where TADDaemon could fail to accept login from a newly started TADCommandHost
  48. Improved handling of transient TADCommandHost startup failuremessage
  49. Added "achievement" category search to CM
  50. Exiting Surveyor while editing a session no longer breaks route thumbnail images
  51. is now compatible with the in game web browser
  52. Achievements with multiple conditions are now treated as if the conditions are ORed, not ANDed
  53. Surveyor - Options for sky are now selectable in the Environment window - Renumbered 'Developer Settings' with a hopefully more unique KUID
  54. Fixed an issue where an asset with its KUID changed in-place did not show up correctly changed after a repair
  55. Improved error parsing to add KUIDs for asset errors and warnings
  56. Achievement Grant now has a mechanism to request an urgent synchronisation
  57. Fixed an issue where CM shows <NULL> for unknown missing dependencies, instead of the actual KUID
  58. Layers - moving a scenery-with-track object between layers now moves the track
  59. Added group-mode and group-user-mode support to iTrainz
  60. Fixed a DriverModule script crash bug
  61. Content Manager - Now compiles scripts with transitive asset script includes
  62. Provided a separate error for 'crashed during validation' and 'unable to validate at the current time'
  63. Added 'name' support to the achievements servlet system in addition to 'kuid'
  64. Fixed various functions which incorrectly ignored the 'archive' part of various filepaths
  65. Improved clarity of TrainzUtil shutdown log
  66. Improved handling of assorted fault conditions
  67. Improved handling of unprocessed Base folder
  68. Corrected a few TrainzContent absolute sourcefile paths to relative
  69. Corrected the handling of new original/local asset filepaths
  70. CCP - There is now a way to save person details in the "Preferences..." > "Default" tab
  71. Surveyor - Fixed Crash when "Replace assets..." tool attempts to change an object on a locked layer
  72. Surveyor - Train shadows are no longer jerky when on a curvy track
  73. Fixed a bug where ResultsLog may double-localise some strings. This may reveal follow-on issues elsewhere, but is a correct change in itself
  74. Made the SurveyorList the default list in GclLib
  75. Fixed the SurveyorList not being generated until QuickDrive was loaded in Driver
  76. CCP - Creating an new asset, then exiting CCP without saving it no longer leaves the asset unable to be edited in CCP
  77. Prevented TADDaemon from providing PA login timestamp to clients prior to the database being fully loaded
  78. Moves all user-modifiable files into a UserData subfolder within the main program folder
  79. Abstracted all file path through a new set of functions in TrainzFiles
  80. SpeedTree assets now pause
  81. Surveyor - Content Search Filter input boxes now scroll to show all text
  82. Driver Setup window can now be stretched much wider
  83. Scroll arrows now quicker on IDriverOrderBar
  84. IDriverOrderBar clicks on orders now constrained in height to be just the orders, not the whole bar
  85. IDriverOrderBar scrollbar now accepts 'page' movement clicks (which scroll faster), and drag'n'drop scrolling
  86. Will now clear the trackpos of vehicles during a derail, so that later vehicles to wander past don't get unexpectedly chain-derailed
  87. Driver 'Paused' text is now better alligned
  88. Surveyor - Minimap - Mouse cursor now changes to indicate that the window is resizable
  89. Surveyor - Edit environment window - Snow line altitude units fixed
  90. Driver - Script Exception window no longer cancels pause
  91. CM2 - 'All' filter now displays a count in the bottom corner, rather than "All items displayed"
  92. Increased maximum route/session name length in save dialogs
  93. "Pause" will now continue to tick the game with zero delta-time, rather than stopping ticks completely. This allows assorted UI functionality (especially scripted functionality) to continue responding during a game pause
  94. The number of blocked messages permitted in a script thread's message queue has been raised significantly, but overflowing the queue has been changed from a log to a script exception
  95. Railyard -Distorted shed now fixed
  96. Created a trainz-object wrapper for the mozilla browser
  97. Credits - SNC credits now added to the in-game credits
  98. CM2 Download helper no longer scrolls to an item when a download finishes
  99. Industry based achievements now fully working
  100. Added support for copy and paste of track
  101. Surveyor - Drop down box no longer covers the accept button when saving a new session
  102. Launcher - Initial Database update optimised so it doesn't take too long
  103. Fixed memory leaks
  104. TAD performance fixed
  105. Products - Wagon with two products no longer show the wrong product in specific circumstances
  106. HTML Browser - Scrollbar calculation tweaked
  107. Fixed an issue where there is a visible texture seam/line across baseboard joins
  108. Added performance stats for script opcodes and pfx
  109. Improvements made to product handling for non-full queues with multiple permitted products
  110. The date is now being saved/loaded for saved sessions
  111. Layers - Added script function required for retrieving a list of valid layers
  112. Surveyor - Changing an asset's layer by using the '?' tool no longer reverts the layer to "route-layer" after saving
  113. Tutorials - Can now access driver help after loading a saved session
  114. Tutorials - Can now continue tutorial steps after loading a saved session
  115. Driving Experience is now tracked properly, in both DCC and Cab modes, and use of the AI is successfully detected and excluded
  116. Fixed a case where CM displays "please wait..." but isn't actually doing anything
  117. Underwater ambient sound now respects -disablesound flag
  118. Route menu - Session info text no longer alters size briefly when clicking the favourite or sort button
  119. Prevented a situation where specifying an "unscripted" asset as a script include would allow the include but not compile the "unscripted" asset. Includes of "unscripted" assets are now rejected
  120. iTrainz chat 'Add Buddy' text entry field now allows for long usernames
  121. Added native odometer support
  122. Seasonal variation is no longer out by one month
  123. Renamed "Tutorial Complete" to "Session Complete"
  124. Added environmental slider for SpeedTree wind
  125. Date now gets saved in sessions
  126. Surveyor - Route region can now be changed
  127. Surveyor - A few single line edit boxes have removed unnecessary scroll bars
  128. Cutom displacement brush is no longer green until 'get' is used
  129. Using 'get displacement' on a flat area no longer results in an all black displacement



  TS2010 SP3 is the third patch release to the TS2010 product. It fixes a number of important issues that were reported by the community after the public release of TS2010-SP1 (above) and adds a modest amount of new content and new functionality.[4]

Changes since TS2010 SP2Edit

The following list represents the major user-visible changes in TS2010-SP3 as compared to the TS2010 SP2 patch. Bold emphasis added as very important fix or advances; Italics means 'graded' as an 'important' change.

  1. Streamlined achievement logging.
  2. Fixed a specific instance where the script error button could not be clicked on.
  3. Fixed a thread exception when entering the cab of a loco facing backwards in a consist.
  4. Fixed further issues with CM's region filter.
  5. CM now shows kuids for missing dependencies.
  6. Updated DLS license agreement.
  7. Undoing a paste operation now undoes water placement and removal.
  8. Fixed a script error in DriverModule when using the AI to run around.
  9. Added missing functionality to some signal states in specific French Signals.
  10. Faulty routes/sessions can now be deleted in game via the Routes Menu.
  11. Added French localisation to the game.
  12. Adding a "seasonal variant" tag no longer adds a "groundtexture" tag instead in CCP.
  13. Added "Interactive" keyword to all vehicles/industries that support product queues.
  14. Fixed "Backup Asset Keywords".
  15. Added German localisation to the game.
  16. Adjusted some UI elements for formatting issues.
  17. Adding a product to a wagon in surveyor now adds the product as a dependency.
  18. Assets downloaded from the DLS via CM are now automatically favourited.
  19. Fixed an issue where assets were unable to be commited because another process had locked them.
  20. Fixed an issue where built-in assets were being incorrectly marked faulty.
  21. Loading a saved session that uses "Display HTML Pages" no longer causes a script exception.
  22. Fixed an issue where saving in a specific way caused Trainz to hang.
  23. Decreased FCT checking time in CM.
  24. Added Polish localisation to the game.
  25. Added Russian localisation to the game.
  26. Uninstall now checks if trainz programs are running before uninstalling, and will attempt to shut them down.
  27. Improved CD key functionality.
  28. Made various minor changes resulting in assorted performance boosts.
  29. Added Spanish localisation to the game.
  30. Improved database asset searching.
  31. Corrected an issue where saved sessions were not being saved to the correct location.
  32. Modified some error messages and notifications to remove references to TS2009.
  33. Added Czech localisation to the game.
  34. Fixed an issue that could cause the object, track and train lists to not be sorted alphabetically.
  35. Fixed an issue where CM would stall after commiting large amounts of cloned assets.
  36. Added Dutch localisation to the game.
  37. Added extra localisation tokens to strings previously missing them.
  38. Strings in CM's archive helper now correctly show cyrillic text.
  39. Splines no longer draw all over the place when merging routes.
  40. Fixed an issue with layers that would sometimes render trackside objects incorrectly immovable.
  41. Fixed a script exception that could occur when a lot of updates are available via the "Content Updates" menu.
  42. The 'Driver commands' rule now shows commands even if one of them is faulty.
  43. Changing a route's region and saving now retains the new region.
  44. CM no longer appears to hang when adding certain archives.
  45. Fixed an issue where Trainz would not handle certain resolution changes correctly.
  46. Removed references to earlier versions of Content Manager in CM.
  47. Fixed a variety of potential script errors in older sessions.
  48. Added further checks in regard to achievements.
  49. Fixed a potential hang at the Routes Menu.
  50. Fixed an issue that would cause Trainz not to start when using OpenGL and fullscreen mode.
  51. Removed debug options that appeared in CM when it was run in Russian.
  52. Made various major improvements to the Patcher.
  53. 'Manual' button in the Launcher now works correctly when using the Russian Translations.
  54. Fixed an issue where detail strings were showing in English when they should be in Russian or German.
  55. CM now correctly shows how many assets are in a loaded archive.
  56. Fixed an issue with the Edit Environment tool that would cause the dates to lose their alignment.
  57. Fixed an issue where non-local assets could be attempted to be saved to a CDP.
  58. Added localisation tokens to key shortcuts.
  59. Prevent possible crash if Speedtree fails to load.
  60. Added MSVC runtime DLLs for extra support in Windows XP.
  61. Added localisation tokens for several key in-game strings.
  62. Steam engine sound are no longer one cycle out of sync.
  63. "Replace asset..." tool modified to work with track markers.
  64. Bumped version number to 3.3.
  65. Added additional support for Steam usage.
  66. Added additional support for the Blue Comet pack.



SP4 TS2010 SP4 is the fourth major Service Pack patch release to the TS2010 product.[5]

Changes since TS2010 SP3Edit

The following list represents the major user-visible changes in TS2010-SP4 as compared to the TS2010-SP3 patch.

  1. Addition of a public beta of Trainz Multiplayer.
  2. Removal of compatibility mode, meaning that faulty content cannot be used in TS2010-SP4.
  3. Removal of support for Scenarios (assets of kind Activity which were first introduced in Trainz-SP3 and made obsoleted in TRS2006.)
  4. Addition of an in-game "Download All Updates" screen.
  5. Other documentation changes still listed as TBD[5]


Notes and referencesEdit


references and citationsEdit

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