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TS10 Versions Table edit

Main topic page: Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition (TS2010)
  List of TS10 releases with Code Build numbers dates and footnotes on upgrades [click for table]  
Build Number Patches available Build description Release dates R: / U:
      Build 41491 manual patch to 41615 English Online Release  
      Build 41615 manual patch to 43434 TS2010-SP1  
      Build 41622 manual patch to 43434 English Online Release
      Build 42203 manual patch to 43434 TS2010-SP2 English DVD and Swedish Retail Release  
      Build 42534
French Retail  
      Build 42763
German Retail  
      Build 42831
Dutch Retail  
      Build 42953
Russian Retail  
      Build 43030
Czech, Polish Retail  
      Build 43233
Spanish Retail  
      Build 43434
      Build 44088 Hotfix from build 43434 or a later
manual patch from 42203[1]
TS2010-SP3 Minor revision  R:

 U:November 9th, 2011 (manual),[2]

      Build 45467 auto patch to 46170 TS2010-SP4 (including Trainz Multiplayer Beta)  
      Build 45607 auto patch to 46170 TS2010-SP4 patch 1 (including Trainz Multiplayer Beta)  
      Build 46170 manual patch to 49938 TS2010-SP4 patch 2 (including Trainz Multiplayer Beta)  R:

 U:November 9th, 2011 (manual),[2]

      Build 49933 auto patch From 44088 TS2010-SP3+HF Minor revision, added support for Aerotrain DLC  R: November 9th, 2011 (manual),[2]
      Build 49938
TS2010-SP4 patch 3 (including Trainz Multiplayer Beta)
AND with support for Aerotrain DLC


footnotes edit

  Note: Shadowarrior, JamesMoody, and Windwalkr are official N3V staff and spokespersons.  

  1. Sequence confirmed by Author ed. Fabartus with successive careful installs of TS10, keeping different versions on different drives as installed to new computer. Hotfix from build 43434 inferred from patching method. Manual patch directly skipped.
  2. a b c Trainz TS10 and TS12 Hot-fix Patches released,sub-titled: "Patch for TS10 SP3 build 44088 will take the build to version 49933.", by N2V's Shadowarrior