Trainz/Using Content Creator Plus (CCP)

Content Creator Plus (CCP) is a Trainz database importer program that is included with TRS2006 and later releases. As it has been updated, some of the bugs that plagued the early version have been ironed out and advancements have been made in its usefulness. In essence, the CCP software requires definitions of assets to comply with Trainz standards, and provides fields for filling in and specifying the parameters which define which type asset the asset is (KINDs) and sub-classifications (Category-class) and which Containers that KIND and category-class require. This 'scripts' the user into proper definition, formulation, and assembly of a complete simple or complicated multi-component by forcing definition of required data types needed by that type asset. Many older Trainz assets can be successfully translated into newer Trainz releases and still exist on the DLS. Many of those were mal-specified however, resulting in a translation problem that the TrainzUtil utility cannot resolve, creating a Trainz Error. Many times such errors are simple typos, or elements no longer used in the Trainz data model schema. These can be fixed using simple tools, most often, just a plain ordinary text editor like the ubiquitous Windows Notepad editor.

Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation

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CCP now serves the purpose of:

  • Creating a folder for a new asset.
  • Creating a config.txt file for a new asset.
  • Checking assets for errors and reporting them.
  • Allowing the user to edit the config.txt file as they wish, adding containers and tags as need be.

A config.txt may still require manual editing for various reasons, one being the fixing of faulty assets. CCP is accessed from CMP or directly from the Trainz installation folder.

To use the CCP efficiently, it is essential to have the Content Creation Guide (CCG) at hand. For an asset to work correctly, CCP needs to be used with knowledge of Kinds of assets.

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