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Trainz Terms (and) Links (tests and) Formation edit

About edit

This odd title is a 'Jargon' cross-reference for Trainz writers and contributors (perhaps especially myself and my failing memory!). It catalogs the lengthy list of common Trainz terminology to form links which are implemented (or preferred) forms and alternatives, including which pages are currently unlinked (Not yet created) where-in the expected primary page to cover the topic will be the referenced term in the left two columns.

For our newer community members, the links on this page can be used to browse to discussions and concepts it takes all of us quite a while to get a handle on.

Since the Trainz Notations and Trainz Glossary pages are such handy quick references, perhaps especially for the new Trainzer trying to come to grips with the extensive verbiage created by combination Railroad, Railfan, model railroading, and their overlap within and to the extant Trainz Community and its twenty-years of existence as a Online Community, a society of people with common interests and a common sub-language. This page is about keeping such verbiage straight and guidance on which forms are best used as the best good link in a given context.

As a general rule, new links should be created with 'typical community capitalization and plurality'. So when all else fails, use examples from the Trainz forums for guidance of the kind of link to make the primary for the tools. When there is a choice, go with singular page titles, preferably with lower case names such as are used in Trainz config file tag names. Shortcuts are cheap, easy and alternatives can be readily formed, including variants on plural or singular. Usage counts, and should be leaned upon; so TR04, TS09 and TS12, for example, are far more likely to be seen in posts than the formal longer titles.

A-Z edit

A {{TA|term_name}} form {{TG|term_name}} form {{TL|term_name}} form {{TN|term_name}} form {{TR|term_name}} form {{TBDL|term_name}} form
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