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Bumping PrioritiesEdit

Taking control of your Computer's resources
This article is about tweaking Windows when you are asking Trainz to work at long tasks in the background, while you work in a foreground process.

The trigger for this tutorial about a power user technique was the Cross-loading JA and libraries HowTo page with the recommendation that once JA's are accepted into a Trainz release, it is best to attempt to root out various incompatibility situations, mainly those involving scripting and the occasional shift in KIND mapping to the script libraries before they ambush you. This requires a systematic re-validation route by route beginning with a set of sessions and the route, built up into a large comprehensive list of dependencies.

It was suggested, this operation is one where the user might want to proceed with undemanding foreground tasks, and let CM chunk away re-validating assets a screenful or two at a time.