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In a software family of releases that have evolved over twenty years (and counting) there have been a few interface changes modifying the user Look, See, and Feel experience, to say the least. In truth, Trainz menu organization and screen presentations evolution in light of that huge period were remarkably stable; nearly static ignoring graphical wrappers and allowing equivalence for differing hyperlinks behind the buttons. Those too drifted a bit with different anchoring institutions and websites backing the specific applicable Trainz releases, these leading to updated and differing webpages for each generation customized to it's tech and of course, the superficial (albeit, noticeable—but unimportant) graphical window dressing changes such as color and button/link placement (and names).

A functional trainzoptions.txt file with commented out options

 // High Resolution native 16:9 mode alternative to 1920 x 1080
 // Install in F:\Auran\TR06 Loader Menu says version registers at build 3337

 // Current limited RH (ACER) Monitor 
 ///////// Dad02 Tower with Chris's ASUS Monitor, spring 2013 ///
 //	16:10 family1
 // -width=1440
 /// //// My Dad1 laptop & other 16:10 Native (1.6:1) screen monitors 'zoomed' values 
 ////// NOT! 1920 x 1080 16:9 (1.7777...:1) Native mode monitors
 //	16:10 family2
 //	16:10 family3

Basically the same arrangements and button actions/effects established in 1999's Trainz 0.9 Beta release held steady until the TS2009 main menu incorporated linking to main page of the new TrainzOnline Wiki. The most major operational change after Trainz 1.3 TS2010 changed the loader menus style and operations offered the user. was updated by SP4 converted the last TS09 to almost full compatibility and featured Menus presented by TS10 and TS12.

Trainz's Launcher Menus



Trainz's Main Menus


Trainz Main Menus appear after the executive and memory management software has bootstrapped itself, adjusted the screen display modes when an alternative configuration is specified{{efn|Until TANE, a configuration option file called Trainzoptions.txt was editable to select various loader switches, video and memory options, and allow the user to specify the camera/viewer focal distance in the cab, in surveyor into memory and prepared to run the database in support of the various GUI modules, possibly requiring graphics stressed under dynamic conditions. The more data elements one has locally, the longer the Trainz loading operation will take.


Trainz's Loader Screens


Trainz Main Menus appear after the database has bootstrapped itself into memory and prepared to run the various GUI modules, possibly requiring graphics stressed under dynamic conditions. The more data elements one has locally, the longer the Trainz loading operation will take. While that data manipulation and cataloging process proceeds, perhaps sometimes requiring a data base update delay, the User sees the Loader screens shown here by main version of the release:


Trainz's Driver Menus


Trainz Driver Menus are entered from the Main Menu and are in the TRS-era/JET2 based graphics engine releases nearly identical looking to the Surveyor Menu of the install, but selected using a different Windows button and mouse-click giving the selections a read-only protection, and eliminating any routes which do not have default sessions assigned to them.


Trainz's Surveyor Menus

Trainz 1.0 first modest 3 boards route maps seen from the Trainz 1.1 Surveyor Menu. This map shown as selected was later in TRS2004 renamed 'Outback Australia' but initially modified (doubled to six map boards) for a Scenario in UTC and as Steam Engine Driver tutorial Session in TRS2004.

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