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While the need/utility of replacing assets with manual edits has diminished with the replace tool in surveyor, the utility of that convenience is limited by two factors: 1st) The asset needs be a route or session, and the techniques of this topic work outside those two limited types of KINDS; 2nd) the need of some fault-free kuid in the asset to substitute for, is rather difficult when the problem is that one is missing in your entire collection of Trainz installs.

Sometimes, for personal preference or technical reasons, an assets dependencies may need to be replaced. Described here is an example of how to change a Locomotive's hornsound relatively easily and quickly by using CCP or editing the config.txt file. Other occasions any new Trainzer might want to employ this CCP technique is to replace the often occurring missing assets in an assets make up config.

CCP edits are superior in many such cases for it often will do what a direct edit in the OpSys won't do—tell you the kind of the asset you are looking to replace.

TRS2006 And Above

CCP Screen, tag is highly controlled, so CCP limits edit flexibility. Good for this sort of task.
  • Open Content Manager Plus (CMP) via the Trainz launch screen.
  • Search for the locomotive you are wishing to change.
  • Right-click on the item, go to 'Edit in Content Creator Plus'.
  • You may be asked if you want to continue due the content item being from a different Trainz version. It is usually safe to continue, but there are warnings that this can cause a faulty asset. Backup or clone the asset if you are unsure.
  • In CCP scroll down and you will see the line 'hornsound' amongst other things, e.g. 'enginesound', 'enginespec', 'description' etc.
  • Click on the '...' button that allows you to scroll through your entire collection of assets. Narrow it down using the drop down menu filter and locate a new hornsound of your choice.
  • Exit CCP, saving as you go.
  • Commit the asset before you return to Trainz.

If you wanted to, or if the instability of CMP/CCP forces you to, you could always use the manual method, which is just as easy.

TRS2004 And Below

  • Locate the Custom folder in your TRS2004 installation directory.
  • Find your locomotive and open its config.txt file with a text editor, e.g. notepad.
  • Scroll through until you see the 'hornsound' tag and replace its kuid with one of your desired hornsound.
  • Save the file upon exit and test in Trainz.

Changing Assets Without CCP