The Devonshire Manuscript/So feble is the therd that dothe the burden staye

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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Hartte aprest with dessperott thoughtes ffull well yt maye be sene
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 49r
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 49v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 50r
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 50v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 48v

f. [48v] 
f. [49r] 

u1, 2

1    So feble is the therad that dothe the burden staye
2    of my pore lyfe in hevy plyte that fallethe in dekay
3    That but yt have ells where some aid or some secours
4    the runyng spindell of my fate anon shall end his cours
5    syns thunhappi houre dyd me to departe
6    from my swete wele one only hope hathe staide ^ my lyff apar{p+}te
7    {es}{p+} whyche dothe perswad suche wordes vnto my sory mynde
8    mayntayn thy selff o woffull spryt some better{t'} luck to fynd
9    for tho thow be depriffd from thy desierd sight
10    who can the tell if the retourne befor thi most delyght
11    or who can tell thi lose if thow ons must recover
12    some plesant houre thi wo may rape & thdefend & couer{u'}
13    this is the trust that yet hathe my lyf sustenyd
14    & now alas I se it faint & by trust ame traind
15    the tyme dothe flete & I per{p+}ceve the houres how thei bend
16    so fast that I have skante the space to mark my comyd end
17    westward the sonne from owt thest the east  skant doth sho his light
18 {w+t+}{{th}+e+}   when in the west he hids hym straite within the dark of night
19    and comes as fast where began his pathe Awrye
20    from este to west from west to thest so dothe his Iorney lye
21    the lyf so shorte so frayll that mortall men lyve here
22    So grate a whaite so hevy charge the body that{{th}+t+} we bere
23    that when I think vppon the dystance and the space
24    that dothe so fare devyd me from my dere desird face
25    I know not how tattayne the wyngs that I requere
26    to lift my whaite that{{th}+t+} yt myght fle to folow my desire
27    thus{{th}+us+} of that hope that dothe my lyf somthyng susteyne
28    Alas I fere & par{p+}ly fle full lytill dothe remeayn
29    Eche place dothe bryng me grif wher I do not behold
30    {es}{{th}+e+} those lyvely Iyes whych of my thoughtes were wont the kays o

f. [49v]

31    those thoughts were plesant swete whilst I enioyd that{{th}+t+} grace
32    my plesure past my present payne wher I might em{_e}brace
33    but for by cause my want shold more my wo encrese
34    in watche in slepe bothe day and nyght my wyll doth
35    that thing to wisshe wherof I did lese the sight
36  {{th}+t+}{u'}   I neuer sawe the thing that myght my fayth full harte delight
37    thunesy the uneasy  lyf I lede dothe teche me for to mete
38    {t'}{{th}+em+}{{th}+t+} the flowds the sees / the land & hills that doth them entermet
39   {{th}+t+}{es}  twene me & those shining lyghtes that wonted to cler
40    {p'} {9} {es} {es}  my dark panges of clowdy thoughtes as bryght as phebus3 sper4
41    It techeth me Also what was my plesaunt state
42    the more to fele by suche record how that{{th}+t+} my welth doth bat
43    If suche record alas provoke then flamyd the enflamed  mynde
44    whych sprange that day that{{th}+t+} I did leve the best of me behynd
45    If loue forgit hymselff by length of absence let
46    who doth me gyde o wofull wreche vnto this{{th}+is+} baytyd net
47    wher doth encresse my care muche better{t'} were for me
48    as dume as stone all thyng forgott styll absent for to be
49    Alas the cler crystall the bryght transpparante glas
50    doth not bewraye the colour hid which vndernot yt has
51    as doth thaccovmred the accumbered  sprite thoughtfull throws discouer
52   {u'}{es} {o+r+} {{th}+t+}  of fiers delyght of fervent loue that in our hartes we couer
53    owt by thes Iyes yt shyweth thot euer{u'} more delyght
54    In playnt & teres to seke redresse & that{{th}+t+} both day & nyght
55    these new kyndes{es} of plesurs wherin most men reioyse
56    to me the do redowble still of stormy sightes{es} the voice
57    for I am one of them whom plaint doth well content
58   {_y}{es} it syttesme well mynabsent welth me seems ^ meto lament
59    & with{w+t+} my teris for to assay to charge my Iyes tweyne

f. [50r] 

60    Loke as myn harte above the brinke is frawted full of payn
61    And for bycause therto of those fayre Iyes to trete
62    do me provke I shall retorn my playnt thus to repete
63    for ther is nothing ells that toucheht me so wythein
64    wher thei rule all & I alone nought but the{{th}+e+} cace or skyn
65    wherefore I do retourn to them as well or spryng
66    from whom decendes my mortall woo abovte all other thng thing 
67    so shall my Iyes in payn accompagnye my harte
68    that wher the gooides{es} that did it lede of love to fele smart
69    the crysped gold thot doth surmount apollos pryd
70    the lyvely strenes of plesant sterres that{{th}+t+} vnder yt doth glyd
71    wherin the bemes of loue dothe still encrese ther hete
72    which yet so farr touche so nere in colde to make me swet
73    the wyse & plesant talke so rare or els Alone
74   {u'}{{th}+t+} {{th}+t+}  that did me give the courtesse gifte that suche hade neuer none
75    be fare from me alas and euer{u'}y other thynge
76  {{th}+t+}{{th}+en+} {t'} {w+t+}   I myght forbere with better wyll then that I did me bryng
77    with{w+t+} plesant word & chere redresse of linger payne
78    and wonted oft in kindlid will to ver{v'}tu me to trayn
79    thus am I driven to here & harkyn after newes
80    my confort skant my large desire in dowtfull trust remews
81    and yet with{w+t+} more delyght to morn my wofull cace
82  {{th}+t+}{es}   I must complayne those handes those armes that fermly ^do embrace
83    me from my selff & rule the streme of my pore Lyf
84    strife {{th}+t+} {{th}+e+}  the swete desdaynnes the plesaunt wrathes & that eke louyte styf
85    that{{th}+t+} wonted well to tune in tempre iust and mete
86    the charge that oft did make me err by furour vndyscrete
87    all this is hid me fro with{w+t+} sharpe & craggid hillys
88    at other will my longe abode my dep dispayr fullfills

f. [50v] 

89    But if my hope some tymes rise vp by some redress
90    it stumbleth strayt for feble faynt my fer hath ^ such express
91    such is the sorte of hope the lesse for more desyr
92    wherby I fere & yet I trust to se that{{th}+t+} I require see 
93    the restyng place of loue wher vertu lyve & grose
94    wher I desire my wery lif also may somtym take repose
95    My song thow shalt ataine to fynd that plesant place
96    wher she doth live by whom I lyve may chaunce the have^this grace
97    When she hath red & sen the drede wherin I sterve
98    {{s}8}{{th}+e+} {{th}+er+} {{th}+u+} {es}  by twene her brestes she shall thou put there shall sethee reserue
99    then tell hir I come she shall me shortlye see
100    {{th}+is+}{{th}+t+} if that for waite the bodye faile this soule shall to her flye


Notes & Glosses edit

     1. There is an "n" or "u" above the line.
     2. Every second line, beginning at the top of each page, is slightly indented.
     3. See Cappelli for the expansion of the abbreviation.[1]
     4. The expansion of the abbreviation is non-standard. The intended word is 'sphere,' according to Rebholz.[2]

Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[3] this poem was entered by H5. Wyatt translates and adapts Petrarch's Rime 37, a canzone, which spans four pages in the manuscript and describes the lament of a lover separated from his beloved. Unlike Petrarch's uncertainty in whether the lyric will reach the speaker's beloved, Wyatt's speaker remains confident that it will have safe passage. Wyatt titles the poem "In Spain," which indicates that the poem's composition took place between June 1537 and June 1539 when he was ambassador to Spain.[4] While Wyatt imitates Petrarch's poetic structure, he adopts poulter's measure rather than using Petrarch's complex metrical scheme. The poulter's measure, in the words of Rebholz, consists of "rhyming lines of six or seven iambic feet, respectively, making a couplet of thirteen feet (a poulter's dozen)."[5]

H5 copies the poem neatly, with every second line slightly indented. The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany under the title “Complaint of the absence of his loue” (item 104).[6]

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit

STC13860_24, AAH14, LEge32

Collation edit

1 So] SO STC_13860_24 feble] feoble AAH14 therad] threde/ AAH14 threde LEge32 threde, STC_13860_24 dothe] doth STC_13860_24 staye] stay AAH14 LEge32 stay, STC_13860_24
2 of] Of STC_13860_24 of my] Of mye AAH14 pore] poore AAH14 STC_13860_24 lyfe] lyff LEge32 life: STC_13860_24 in] In LEge32 hevy plyte] heavie plight/ AAH14 syhevy plyght LEge32 heauy plight, STC_13860_24 fallethe] fallythe LEge32 falleth STC_13860_24 in dekay] with his syin dekay LEge32 dekay] decay AAH14 decay: STC_13860_24
3 That] that LEge32 That, STC_13860_24 yt] it AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 have] hathe AAH14 haue STC_13860_24 ells where] ells wheare/ AAH14 frome elles where LEge32 elswhere STC_13860_24 some] some AAH14 somesome LEge32 aid] ayde AAH14 STC_13860_24 aide LEge32 some] some LEge32 secours] succours AAH14 socours LEge32 succours: STC_13860_24
4 the] The STC_13860_24 runyng] ronninge AAH14 running STC_13860_24 spindell] spindle AAH14 STC_13860_24 spyndell LEge32 of] off LEge32 fate] fate/ AAH14 anon] anone STC_13860_24 cours] cource AAH14 cours. LEge32 course. STC_13860_24
5 syns] ffor sens AAH14 ffore sins LEge32 For since STC_13860_24 thunhappi] th'unhappie AAH14 thunhappy LEge32 thunhappy STC_13860_24 houre] houre/ AAH14 howre LEge32 hower, STC_13860_24 dyd] that did AAH14 LEge32 that dyd STC_13860_24 departe] depart LEge32 depart, STC_13860_24
6 from] ffrom AAH14 From STC_13860_24 swete] sweete AAH14 wele] weale AAH14 weale: STC_13860_24 one] and AAH14 only] onely STC_13860_24 hathe] hath AAH14 STC_13860_24 staide] staid AAH14 heldstaide LEge32 stayed STC_13860_24 lyff] lif AAH14 life, STC_13860_24 aparte] apart. LEge32 apart: STC_13860_24
7 whyche] whiche AAH14 Thatwych LEge32 Which STC_13860_24 dothe] doth LEge32 STC_13860_24 perswad] perswade AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 suche] such STC_13860_24 with suche likesuch LEge32 wordes] wordes/ AAH14 sory mynde] sored mynde AAH14 wofullsory mynd. LEge32 sored minde: STC_13860_24
8 mayntayn] Mayntayne AAH14 mayntene LEge32 Maintain STC_13860_24 thy] thie AAH14 selff] selfe AAH14 sellff LEge32 self, STC_13860_24 o] O STC_13860_24 woffull spryt] woful wight/ AAH14 wofull spryte LEge32 wofull wight, STC_13860_24 some] sone LEge32 luck] luke LEge32 fynd] fynde AAH14 finde. STC_13860_24
9 for] ffor AAH14 LEge32 For STC_13860_24 tho] thoughe AAH14 though STC_13860_24 thow] thou LEge32 STC_13860_24 depriffd] depryv'd/ AAH14 depryffd LEge32 depriued STC_13860_24 from thy] from thie AAH14 desierd] desyred AAH14 desyerd LEge32 desired STC_13860_24 sight] syght LEge32 sight: STC_13860_24
10 who] Whoe AAH14 Who STC_13860_24 the] thee STC_13860_24 tell] tell, STC_13860_24 if] iff LEge32 the] thie AAH14 thi LEge32 thy STC_13860_24 retourne] retourne/ AAH14 retorne LEge32 returne STC_13860_24 befor] be for AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 the most delyght] thie more delight AAH14 thy most delyght LEge32 thy more delight? STC_13860_24
11 or] Or AAH14 Or, STC_13860_24 who] whoe AAH14 tell] tell / LEge32 tell, STC_13860_24 the] thie AAH14 thy LEge32 thy STC_13860_24 lose] losse/ AAH14 losse LEge32 STC_13860_24 if] yf AAH14 thow] thou LEge32 STC_13860_24 ons must recover] mayste ones recover AAH14 maist ons maist recover: LEge32 mayst once recouer? STC_13860_24
12 some] Some AAH14 STC_13860_24 plesant] pleasante AAH14 pleasant STC_13860_24 houre] howre AAH14 LEge32 hower STC_13860_24 the] thie AAH14 thy LEge32 STC_13860_24 wo] woe AAH14 wo LEge32 rape] wrapp/ AAH14 wrape LEge32 wrappe: STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 thdefend] thee defend AAH14 the defend LEge32 thee defend, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 couer] cover AAH14 cover. LEge32 couer. STC_13860_24
13 this is the trust] This is the trust AAH14 Thus in this trust STC_13860_24 that yet] as yet/ AAH14 as yet STC_13860_24 hathe] that hath AAH14 hath LEge32 it hath STC_13860_24 lyf sustenyd] life sustayned AAH14 lyff sustaynid LEge32 life sustained: STC_13860_24
14 &] but AAH14 and LEge32 But STC_13860_24 alas I se] (alas) I see STC_13860_24 faint] fainte/ AAH14 faint: STC_13860_24 &] and I AAH14 LEge32 and I, STC_13860_24 trust] trust, STC_13860_24 ame traind] am trayned AAH14 ame trainid. LEge32 am trayned. STC_13860_24
15 the] The AAH14 STC_13860_24 dothe] doth LEge32 STC_13860_24 flete] fleete AAH14 passeflete LEge32 flete, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 perceve] perceyve/ AAH14 perceyve LEge32 se how STC_13860_24 the houres] the howres AAH14 thowrs LEge32 the howers, STC_13860_24 how thei bend] how they bend AAH14 how thei bend LEge32 do bend STC_13860_24
16 so] So AAH14 STC_13860_24 fast] fast: STC_13860_24 that I] alas that that I LEge32 have] haue STC_13860_24 skante] scant AAH14 STC_13860_24 skant LEge32 space] space/ AAH14 mark] marke LEge32 comyd] commynge AAH14 comyng LEge32 commyng STC_13860_24 end] end. LEge32 STC_13860_24
17 westward] Westwarde AAH14 Westward STC_13860_24 sonne] Sonne AAH14 from] form AAH14 owt] out AAH14 STC_13860_24 thest] the easte/ AAH14 the East STC_13860_24 skant doth sho] dothe scantlye shew AAH14 skant doth shew LEge32 scant shewes STC_13860_24 light] Light AAH14 lyght LEge32 light: STC_13860_24
18 when] Butt AAH14 When STC_13860_24 west] West STC_13860_24 hids] hydes AAH14 hyds LEge32 hides STC_13860_24 hym] him STC_13860_24 straite] streight/ AAH14 sellffstraite LEge32 strayt, STC_13860_24 within] with in LEge32 dark] darke AAH14 LEge32 night] nyght LEge32 nyght. STC_13860_24
19 and] And STC_13860_24 comes as fast] cons agayneas fast LEge32 where began] wheare he/ began AAH14 where he / began LEge32 where he began, STC_13860_24 pathe] path LEge32 STC_13860_24 Awrye] a wrye AAH14 LEge32 awry. STC_13860_24
20 from] ffrom AAH14 From STC_13860_24 este to west] easte AAH14 est LEge32 East STC_13860_24 west] west/ AAH14 West, STC_13860_24 from] to est from LEge32 west] West STC_13860_24 thest] easte/ AAH14 East STC_13860_24 dothe] doth STC_13860_24 Iorney] iourney AAH14 STC_13860_24 vgeIornei LEge32 lye] ly LEge32 ly. STC_13860_24
21 the] The AAH14 STC_13860_24 lyf] lyfe AAH14 lyff LEge32 life STC_13860_24 shorte] short AAH14 LEge32 short, STC_13860_24 frayll] fraile/ AAH14 fraile LEge32 fraile, STC_13860_24 lyve] liue STC_13860_24 here] heare AAH14 here: STC_13860_24
22 So] so LEge32 grate] great AAH14 STC_13860_24 gret LEge32 whaite] waight AAH14 weight, STC_13860_24 hevy] heavie AAH14 heauy STC_13860_24 charge] chardge/ AAH14 body] bodies AAH14 bodies, STC_13860_24 bere] beare AAH14 bere: STC_13860_24
23 that] That AAH14 That, STC_13860_24 think] thincke AAH14 thinke LEge32 vppon] vppon/ AAH14 apon LEge32 vpon STC_13860_24 dystance] distaunce AAH14 distance LEge32 distaunce, STC_13860_24 space] space: STC_13860_24
24 that] That STC_13860_24 dothe] doth AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 fare] farr AAH14 ferr LEge32 farre STC_13860_24 devyd] devyde AAH14 devid LEge32 deuide STC_13860_24 me] not LEge32 from] fro/ AAH14 dere] deere AAH14 desird] desyred AAH14 desired STC_13860_24 face] face: STC_13860_24
25 not] not, STC_13860_24 tattayne] t'attayne/ AAH14 tattain STC_13860_24 wyngs] winges AAH14 wynges LEge32 winges, STC_13860_24 requere] requyre AAH14 require LEge32 require, STC_13860_24
26 to] To STC_13860_24 lift] Lifte AAH14 lyfft LEge32 my whaite] my waight AAH14 me vp: STC_13860_24 yt] I AAH14 STC_13860_24 it LEge32 myght] might AAH14 STC_13860_24 fle] flye/ AAH14 flie, STC_13860_24 folow] follow AAH14 desire] desyre AAH14 LEge32 desyre. STC_13860_24
27 thus] Thus AAH14 STC_13860_24 thtusus LEge32 of] off LEge32 hope] hope as yet/ AAH14 hope, STC_13860_24 dothe] doth AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 lyf] lyff LEge32 life STC_13860_24 somthyng susteyne] sustayne AAH14 some thing sustayne LEge32 somethyng sustayne, STC_13860_24
28 Alas] alas LEge32 Alas: STC_13860_24 fere] feare AAH14 feare, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 parly] partlye AAH14 partly LEge32 STC_13860_24 fle] feele/ AAH14 fele LEge32 fele: STC_13860_24 lytill] lytle AAH14 litill LEge32 litle STC_13860_24 dothe] doth LEge32 STC_13860_24 remeayn] remayne AAH14 LEge32 remain. STC_13860_24
29 Eche] Eache AAH14 dothe] doth LEge32 STC_13860_24 bryng] bringe AAH14 bring STC_13860_24 me] my AAH14 grif] greefe/ AAH14 grieff LEge32 griefe: STC_13860_24 wher] wheare AAH14 where LEge32 STC_13860_24 behold] beholde AAH14
30 those] Those AAH14 STC_13860_24 lyvely] lovelye AAH14 liuely STC_13860_24 Iyes] eyes AAH14 eyes: STC_13860_24 whych] whiche AAH14 thatwich LEge32 which STC_13860_24 of] off LEge32 thoughtes] thoughtes/ AAH14 thowghtes LEge32 thoughts STC_13860_24 were] weare AAH14 wer STC_13860_24 kays] keyes AAH14 keys STC_13860_24 holde] hold LEge32 STC_13860_24
31 those] Those AAH14 STC_13860_24 thoughts] thoughtes AAH14 STC_13860_24 thowghtes LEge32 were] weare AAH14 plesant] plesaunte AAH14 plesaunt LEge32 pleasant STC_13860_24 swete] sweete/ AAH14 swete / LEge32 swete: STC_13860_24 whilst] whylest AAH14 enioyd] enioyed AAH14 STC_13860_24 grace] grace: STC_13860_24
32 my] My AAH14 STC_13860_24 plesure] pleasure AAH14 STC_13860_24 past] past / LEge32 past, STC_13860_24 payne] payne/ AAH14 payne / LEge32 pain, STC_13860_24 wher] when AAH14 STC_13860_24 thatwher LEge32 might] myght LEge32 embrace] well enbrace AAH14 well embrace LEge32 well embrace. STC_13860_24
33 but] But AAH14 LEge32 And, STC_13860_24 by cause] because AAH14 STC_13860_24 becawse LEge32 want] want/ AAH14 shold] shoulde AAH14 should STC_13860_24 wo] woe AAH14 encrese] encreace AAH14 encresse LEge32 encrease: STC_13860_24
34 in] In LEge32 STC_13860_24 watche] wache LEge32 watch, STC_13860_24 in slepe] and sleepe AAH14 and slepe, STC_13860_24 bothe] both LEge32 STC_13860_24 day] day, STC_13860_24 nyght] night/ AAH14 night, STC_13860_24 my] mye AAH14 wyll] will AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 neuer] never AAH14 sesse] ceace AAH14 cesse LEge32 cease STC_13860_24
35 that] That AAH14 STC_13860_24 thing] thinge AAH14 wisshe] wishe AAH14 LEge32 wish: STC_13860_24 wherof] whearof/ syns AAH14 wheroff / sins LEge32 wherof since STC_13860_24 lese] leese AAH14 STC_13860_24 sight] syght LEge32 sight: STC_13860_24
36 I neuer sawe] I never saw AAH14 I neuer saw LEge32 Was neuer STC_13860_24 the thing] that thing AAH14 thing STC_13860_24 myght] might/ AAH14 mought in ought STC_13860_24 fayth full] faithfull AAH14 faytfull LEge32 woful STC_13860_24 harte] hart AAH14 STC_13860_24 hert LEge32 delight] delyght LEge32 delight, STC_13860_24
37 thunesy] th'uneasye AAH14 thvnsesy LEge32 Thunesy STC_13860_24 lyf] life AAH14 lyff LEge32 lyfe, STC_13860_24 lede] leade/ AAH14 lead, STC_13860_24 dothe] doth LEge32 STC_13860_24 teche] teache AAH14 teach STC_13860_24 mete] meete AAH14
38 the] The STC_13860_24 flowds] fludds AAH14 flowdes LEge32 floodes, STC_13860_24 sees /] Seas AAH14 sees LEge32 seas, STC_13860_24 land] Landes AAH14 land, STC_13860_24 & hills] the Hilles/ AAH14 and hilles LEge32 the hylles: STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 them] then STC_13860_24 entermet] entermeete AAH14 entremete LEge32 entermete STC_13860_24
39 twene] Tweene AAH14 Twene STC_13860_24 me] me, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 shining] shyning AAH14 shene STC_13860_24 lyghtes] lightes/ AAH14 lightes: STC_13860_24 wonted] wonted for AAH14 STC_13860_24 wontyd LEge32 cler] cleare AAH14 clere LEge32 STC_13860_24
40 my] mye AAH14 My STC_13860_24 dark] darked AAH14 STC_13860_24 darke LEge32 of] off LEge32 clowdy] Clowdie AAH14 cloudy STC_13860_24 thoughtes] thoughtes/ AAH14 thowghtes LEge32 thoughts, STC_13860_24 bryght] bright AAH14 STC_13860_24 phebus] Phebus AAH14 STC_13860_24 sper] spheare AAH14 spe LEge32 spere, STC_13860_24
41 techeth] teacheth AAH14 STC_13860_24 techithe LEge32 me] me, STC_13860_24 Also] also/ AAH14 also LEge32 also, STC_13860_24 what was] to know what was LEge32 plesaunt] pleasaunte AAH14 plesant LEge32 pleasant STC_13860_24 state] state: STC_13860_24
42 the] The AAH14 STC_13860_24 fele] feele AAH14 fele, STC_13860_24 suche] such STC_13860_24 record] recorde/ AAH14 record, STC_13860_24 how] howe AAH14 welth] wealthe AAH14 wealth STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 bat] bate AAH14 bate. LEge32 STC_13860_24
43 If] if LEge32 suche] such LEge32 STC_13860_24 record] recorde AAH14 alas] alas/ AAH14 (alas) STC_13860_24 provoke] prouoke STC_13860_24 then flamyd] th'enflamed AAH14 thenenflamid my LEge32 thenflamed STC_13860_24 mynde] mynd LEge32 mynde: STC_13860_24
44 whych] Whiche AAH14 thatwiche LEge32 Which STC_13860_24 sprange] sprang LEge32 sprong STC_13860_24 that] the AAH14 day] daye AAH14 day, STC_13860_24 leve] leave/ AAH14 leaue STC_13860_24 behynd] behynde AAH14 behynde: STC_13860_24
45 If] if LEge32 loue] love AAH14 LEge32 forgit] forgeat AAH14 forgett LEge32 forget STC_13860_24 hymselff] hym self/ AAH14 hym sellff LEge32 himself, STC_13860_24 lenght] lengthe AAH14 length STC_13860_24 absence] absence, STC_13860_24 let] lett AAH14 let: STC_13860_24
46 who] whoe AAH14 Who STC_13860_24 doth] did AAH14 gyde] guyde AAH14 STC_13860_24 guyd LEge32 o wofull wreche] o wofull wretche/ AAH14 (O wofull wretch) STC_13860_24 baytyd] baighted AAH14 baytid LEge32 bayted STC_13860_24 net] nett AAH14 net? STC_13860_24
47 wher] Wheare AAH14 where LEge32 Where STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 encresse] encreace AAH14 encrease STC_13860_24 care] care/ AAH14 care? LEge32 care: STC_13860_24 muche] moche AAH14 much STC_13860_24 were] weare AAH14 wer STC_13860_24 me] me, STC_13860_24
48 as] As STC_13860_24 as dume as stone all thyng forgott styll absent for to be] AAH14 dume] dome LEge32 dumme, STC_13860_24 stone] stone, STC_13860_24 all thyng forgott styll] to think on nowght andall thing forgott still LEge32 forgott styll] forgot, still STC_13860_24 be] be. LEge32 STC_13860_24
49 Alas] alas LEge32 Alas: STC_13860_24 cler crystall] cleare Cristall/ AAH14 Clere Crystall LEge32 clere cristall, STC_13860_24 the] that AAH14 bryght] bright AAH14 STC_13860_24 transpparante] transplendaunnt AAH14 transparant LEge32 transplendant STC_13860_24 glas] glasse AAH14 glasse STC_13860_24
50 doth] Dothe AAH14 Doth STC_13860_24 bewraye] declarebewray LEge32 bewray STC_13860_24 colour] coulour AAH14 colours STC_13860_24 hid] hydd AAH14 hyd LEge32 hidde, STC_13860_24 which] whiche AAH14 wich LEge32 vndernot yt] vnderneithe it AAH14 vnder nethit LEge32 vnderneth it STC_13860_24 has] hase: STC_13860_24
51 as] As AAH14 STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 thaccovmred] th'accombred AAH14 thaccomberd LEge32 thaccumbred STC_13860_24 sprite] sprite/ AAH14 thoughtfull] now thoughtfull AAH14 thowghtfull LEge32 the thoughtfull STC_13860_24 throws] throwes AAH14 STC_13860_24 discouer] discover AAH14 LEge32 discouer, STC_13860_24
52 of] Of AAH14 STC_13860_24 off LEge32 fiers delyght] fearce delight, AAH14 feares delite, STC_13860_24 of] off LEge32 fervent] feruent STC_13860_24 loue] love/ AAH14 loue: STC_13860_24 hartes] hertes LEge32 couer] cover AAH14 LEge32 couer. STC_13860_24
53 owt] Oute AAH14 Out STC_13860_24 thes] these AAH14 STC_13860_24 Iyes] eyes AAH14 eyes, STC_13860_24 yt] it AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 shyweth] shewethe/ AAH14 shewth LEge32 sheweth STC_13860_24 thot] that AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 euer more] evermore AAH14 euermore STC_13860_24 delyght] delight AAH14 delight. STC_13860_24
54 playnt] plaint LEge32 plaint, STC_13860_24 &] of AAH14 and STC_13860_24 teres] teares AAH14 STC_13860_24 seke] seeke AAH14 redresse] redresse/ AAH14 redresse: STC_13860_24 & that] and eke AAH14 seke& that LEge32 and eke STC_13860_24 both] bothe AAH14 LEge32 day] daye AAH14 & nyght] and night AAH14 and night. STC_13860_24
55 these] These AAH14 STC_13860_24 Thes LEge32 new] STC_13860_24 kyndes] kynde AAH14 kindes STC_13860_24 of] off plesurs LEge32 plesurs] pleasures/ AAH14 pleasures STC_13860_24 wherin] whearin AAH14 wherein LEge32 most wherein STC_13860_24 most] most men AAH14 allmost men LEge32 men STC_13860_24 may] AAH14 LEge32 so STC_13860_24 reioyse] reioyce AAH14 reioyce, STC_13860_24
56 to] To AAH14 STC_13860_24 the] theye AAH14 thei LEge32 they STC_13860_24 redowble] redoble AAH14 redubble STC_13860_24 still] still/ AAH14 of] off LEge32 stormy] stormye AAH14 LEge32 sightes] sighes AAH14 STC_13860_24 syghes LEge32 voice] voyce AAH14 LEge32 voyce. STC_13860_24
57 for] ffor AAH14 LEge32 For, STC_13860_24 am] ame LEge32 of] off LEge32 them] those/ AAH14 them, STC_13860_24 whom] whome AAH14 plaint] playnte AAH14 playnt STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 LEge32 content] content: STC_13860_24
58 it] It AAH14 STC_13860_24 syttes] sittes AAH14 LEge32 sits STC_13860_24 well] well / LEge32 well: STC_13860_24 myn] myne AAH14 STC_13860_24 absent] absente AAH14 welth] wealthe/ AAH14 welth / LEge32 wealth STC_13860_24 seems] seemes AAH14 semes STC_13860_24 me] for AAH14 STC_13860_24 me LEge32 lament] lament AAH14 LEge32 lament: STC_13860_24
59 &] and AAH14 LEge32 And STC_13860_24 teris] teares AAH14 teares, STC_13860_24 for to assay] to geve assaye/ AAH14 for to' assay LEge32 tassay STC_13860_24 charge] chardge AAH14 my] myne AAH14 STC_13860_24 myn LEge32 Iyes] eyes AAH14 eies STC_13860_24 tweyne] twayne AAH14 twayn: STC_13860_24
60 Loke] Lyke AAH14 STC_13860_24 Loke as] sins thatlyke as LEge32 myn] my AAH14 STC_13860_24 harte] hert on euer LEge32 hart STC_13860_24 above] aboue STC_13860_24 brinke] brincke/ AAH14 brink LEge32 STC_13860_24 frawted] fraughted AAH14 STC_13860_24 frawtid LEge32 payn] payne AAH14 pa LEge32 payn. STC_13860_24
61 for bycause] forby cawse LEge32 forbecause, STC_13860_24 bycause] because AAH14 therto] thearto/ AAH14 therto / LEge32 therto, STC_13860_24 of] off LEge32 fayre] faire AAH14 fair STC_13860_24 Iyes] eyes AAH14 STC_13860_24 trete] treate AAH14 treate STC_13860_24
62 do] Do AAH14 STC_13860_24 provke] provoke / LEge32 prouoke: STC_13860_24 shall] wyll STC_13860_24 retorn] retourne/ AAH14 retorne / LEge32 returne, STC_13860_24 my] mye AAH14 playnt] playnte AAH14 plaint LEge32 STC_13860_24 repete] repeate AAH14 repete LEge32 repeate. STC_13860_24
63 for] ffor AAH14 LEge32 For, STC_13860_24 ther] theare AAH14 there LEge32 STC_13860_24 ells] ells/ AAH14 elles LEge32 els, STC_13860_24 toucheht] toucheth AAH14 STC_13860_24 towches LEge32 wythein] within AAH14 with in LEge32 within: STC_13860_24
64 wher] Wheare AAH14 where LEge32 Where STC_13860_24 thei] they AAH14 STC_13860_24 all] all: STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 alone] alone/ AAH14 nought] nowght LEge32 cace] Case AAH14 case, STC_13860_24 skyn] sckynne AAH14 skyn. LEge32 skin. STC_13860_24
65 wherefore] Whearfore AAH14 wherfore LEge32 Wherefore, STC_13860_24 do] shall STC_13860_24 retourn] returne/ AAH14 retorne / LEge32 returne STC_13860_24 them] them, STC_13860_24 well] Well AAH14 well, STC_13860_24 spryng] Springe AAH14 spring: STC_13860_24
66 from] ffrom AAH14 From STC_13860_24 whom] whome AAH14 decendes] discendes AAH14 descendes STC_13860_24 woo] woe/ AAH14 wo LEge32 wo, STC_13860_24 abovte] above AAH14 LEge32 aboue STC_13860_24 thngthing] thinge AAH14 thing. LEge32 STC_13860_24
67 so] So AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 my] myne AAH14 STC_13860_24 myn LEge32 Iyes] eyes AAH14 STC_13860_24 payn] payne/ AAH14 payne LEge32 pain STC_13860_24 accompagnye] accompanye AAH14 accopagnie LEge32 accompany STC_13860_24 my] min LEge32 harte] hert LEge32 hart: STC_13860_24
68 that] That AAH14 STC_13860_24 wher] weare AAH14 were LEge32 STC_13860_24 gooides] guydes AAH14 LEge32 guides, STC_13860_24 lede] lead/ AAH14 lead STC_13860_24 love] loue STC_13860_24 fele] feele AAH14 smart] the smarte AAH14 the smart. LEge32 STC_13860_24
69 the] The AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 crysped] Crisped AAH14 cryspid LEge32 crisped STC_13860_24 gold] golde AAH14 golde, STC_13860_24 thot] that AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 doth] doth/ AAH14 surmount] sormount LEge32 apollos] Appolloes AAH14 Apollos LEge32 STC_13860_24 pryd] pryde AAH14 pride: STC_13860_24
70 the] The STC_13860_24 lyvely] lyvelye AAH14 liuely STC_13860_24 strenes] streames AAH14 STC_13860_24 plesant] pleasaunt AAH14 plesaunt LEge32 pleasant STC_13860_24 sterres] starres/ AAH14 starres STC_13860_24 yt] it AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 doth] dothe AAH14 glyd] glyde AAH14 glyde: STC_13860_24
71 wherin] whearein AAH14 where in LEge32 Wherein STC_13860_24 bemes] beames AAH14 STC_13860_24 of] off LEge32 loue] love/ AAH14 love LEge32 dothe] doth LEge32 doe STC_13860_24 still] so AAH14 styll STC_13860_24 encrese] encreace AAH14 encresse LEge32 encrease STC_13860_24 ther] theyre AAH14 theire LEge32 theyr STC_13860_24 hete] heate AAH14 heate: STC_13860_24
72 which] Which AAH14 STC_13860_24 wiche LEge32 farr] farre LEge32 STC_13860_24 touche] towche LEge32 touch STC_13860_24 so] me so AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 nere] neare/ AAH14 nere, STC_13860_24 colde] cold LEge32 swet] sweate AAH14 sweate. STC_13860_24
73 the] The AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 wyse] wise LEge32 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 plesant talke] pleasaunt talke/ AAH14 plesaunt talk LEge32 pleasant talk, STC_13860_24 rare] rare, STC_13860_24 or els] or ells AAH14 or elles LEge32 orelsor els STC_13860_24 Alone] a lone AAH14 alone LEge32 alone: STC_13860_24
74 that] That AAH14 STC_13860_24 did me give] gave to me AAH14 gaue to me STC_13860_24 give] gyve LEge32 courtesse gifte] Curteist guifte/ AAH14 courtese gyfft LEge32 curteis gift, STC_13860_24 suche] earste AAH14 erstsuche LEge32 erst STC_13860_24 hade] had AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 neuer] never AAH14 none] none: STC_13860_24
75 be] arbe LEge32 Be STC_13860_24 fare] farr AAH14 ferre LEge32 farre STC_13860_24 me] me, STC_13860_24 alas] alas/ AAH14 alas / LEge32 alas: STC_13860_24 euery] everye AAH14 thynge] thinge AAH14 thing LEge32 thyng STC_13860_24
76 myght] might AAH14 STC_13860_24 forbere] forbeare AAH14 forbeare STC_13860_24 wyll] will/ AAH14 will LEge32 wyll: STC_13860_24 that] it AAH14 this STC_13860_24 I] that AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 did] dyd STC_13860_24 bryng] bringe AAH14 bryng, STC_13860_24
77 with] With STC_13860_24 plesant] plesaunte AAH14 pleasant STC_13860_24 word] worde AAH14 STC_13860_24 & chere] and cheere/ AAH14 and chere, STC_13860_24 of] off LEge32 linger] lingred AAH14 STC_13860_24 all mylingerd LEge32 payne] pain: STC_13860_24
78 and] whiche AAH14 And STC_13860_24 wonted] wontyd LEge32 oft] ofte AAH14 offt LEge32 in] within LEge32 kindlid] kindled AAH14 STC_13860_24 kendlid LEge32 will] will/ AAH14 to] into LEge32 vertu] vertue AAH14 STC_13860_24 trayn] trayne AAH14 trayne. LEge32 trayn. STC_13860_24
79 thus] Thus AAH14 Thus, STC_13860_24 am] ame LEge32 driven] dryven AAH14 LEge32 forst STC_13860_24 here] heare/ AAH14 here / LEge32 heare, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 harkyn] herken AAH14 LEge32 harken STC_13860_24 after] affter LEge32 newes] news LEge32 newes. STC_13860_24
80 my] Mye AAH14 My STC_13860_24 confort] compforte AAH14 comfort STC_13860_24 skant] scante AAH14 scant STC_13860_24 large] lardge AAH14 desire] desyre/ AAH14 dowtfull] doutfull AAH14 STC_13860_24 remews] renewes AAH14 renews LEge32 renewes. STC_13860_24
81 and] And AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 delyght] delight/ AAH14 delite STC_13860_24 morn] mone AAH14 STC_13860_24 playnemone LEge32 my] mye AAH14 wofull] woful AAH14 cace] case: STC_13860_24
82 complayne] complaine LEge32 complain STC_13860_24 handes] handes, STC_13860_24 armes] armes/ AAH14 armes: STC_13860_24 fermly] fermely LEge32 firmely STC_13860_24 do] do AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 embrace] enbrace AAH14
83 me] Me, AAH14 Me LEge32 STC_13860_24 selff] self, AAH14 sellff / LEge32 self: STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 rule] rule / LEge32 streme] stearne AAH14 sterne LEge32 STC_13860_24 my] mye AAH14 pore] poore AAH14 STC_13860_24 Lyf] Lyfe AAH14 lyff LEge32 lyfe: STC_13860_24
84 the] The STC_13860_24 swete] sweete AAH14 desdaynnes] disdaynes AAH14 disdaynes / LEge32 disdaines, STC_13860_24 plesaunt] pleasaunt AAH14 plesant LEge32 pleasant STC_13860_24 wrathes] wrathes, AAH14 STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 STC_13860_24 that] AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 louyte] the lovelye AAH14 the lovely LEge32 the louely STC_13860_24 styfstryf] strife AAH14 stryff LEge32 strife: STC_13860_24
85 that] That AAH14 STC_13860_24 wonted] wontid LEge32 well] offtwell LEge32 tune] tune/ AAH14 tune / LEge32 tempre] temper AAH14 STC_13860_24 iust] iuste AAH14 Iust LEge32 iust, STC_13860_24 mete] meete AAH14 mete, STC_13860_24
86 the] The STC_13860_24 charge] rage AAH14 LEge32 rage: STC_13860_24 oft] ofte AAH14 offt LEge32 did] dyd STC_13860_24 err] err/ AAH14 erre / LEge32 erre, STC_13860_24 vndyscrete] vndiscreete AAH14 vndiscrete LEge32 vndiscrete. STC_13860_24
87 all] All AAH14 STC_13860_24 hid] hydd AAH14 hydde STC_13860_24 fro] fro/ AAH14 fro / LEge32 fro, STC_13860_24 sharpe] sharppe AAH14 sharp LEge32 sharp, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 craggid] Craggie AAH14 cragyd LEge32 ragged STC_13860_24 hillys] hills AAH14 hilles LEge32 hylles: STC_13860_24
88 at] att AAH14 At STC_13860_24 at other will] my faintyng hopeat other ill will / LEge32 other] others AAH14 STC_13860_24 will] will, STC_13860_24 longe] long STC_13860_24 longe abode] brytill lyfflong abode / LEge32 abode] abode/ AAH14 my dep] willingmy diepe LEge32 dep] deepe AAH14 depe STC_13860_24 dispayr] dispaire AAH14 dispaire LEge32 STC_13860_24 fullfills] fulfills AAH14 ful LEge32 fullfils. STC_13860_24
89 But] but LEge32 And STC_13860_24 some tymes] somtyme/ AAH14 somtyme LEge32 sometime STC_13860_24 rise vp] rise vppe AAH14 ryse vp LEge32 ryse vp, STC_13860_24 redress] redresse AAH14 LEge32 redresse: STC_13860_24
90 it] It STC_13860_24 stumbleth] stomblethe AAH14 stumblithe LEge32 strayt] straight AAH14 straite / LEge32 straite, STC_13860_24 feble] feoble AAH14 faynt] faynte/ AAH14 faint / LEge32 faint: STC_13860_24 fer] feare AAH14 STC_13860_24 fere LEge32 hath] hathe LEge32 such express] suche excesse AAH14 such LEge32 such excesse. STC_13860_24
91 such] Suche AAH14 suche LEge32 Such STC_13860_24 sorte] feresort LEge32 sort STC_13860_24 of] off LEge32 hope] hope/ AAH14 hope / LEge32 hope: STC_13860_24 desyr] desyre AAH14 LEge32 desyre: STC_13860_24
92 wherby] whearbye AAH14 wherby I fere] wherby I fere LEge32 STC_13860_24 fere] feare AAH14 &] and AAH14 LEge32 And STC_13860_24 trust] truste/ AAH14 trust ere that I dye STC_13860_24 se] see AAH14 STC_13860_24 require] requyre AAH14 LEge32 require: STC_13860_24
93 the] The AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 restyng] restinge AAH14 loue] love/ AAH14 love / LEge32 loue: STC_13860_24 wher] wheare AAH14 where LEge32 STC_13860_24 vertu] vertue AAH14 STC_13860_24 lyve] lyves AAH14 LEge32 dwelles STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 grose] growse AAH14 growes STC_13860_24
94 wher] Wheare AAH14 where LEge32 There STC_13860_24 desire] desyre AAH14 desire, STC_13860_24 wery] wearyd AAH14 lif] life/ AAH14 lyff LEge32 life, STC_13860_24 also may] AAH14 STC_13860_24 also may all LEge32 somtym] somtyme AAH14 sometyme LEge32 somtime, STC_13860_24 take] maye take AAH14 may take STC_13860_24 repose] repose. STC_13860_24
95 My] Mye AAH14 song] songe AAH14 song: STC_13860_24 thow] you LEge32 thou STC_13860_24 ataine] attayne/ AAH14 ataine / LEge32 attain STC_13860_24 fynd] fynde AAH14 finde STC_13860_24 plesant] pleasaunt AAH14 pleasant STC_13860_24 place] place: STC_13860_24
96 wher] wheare AAH14 where LEge32 Where STC_13860_24 she] shee AAH14 doth] dothe AAH14 live] lyve AAH14 lyve / LEge32 lyue, STC_13860_24 whom] whome AAH14 LEge32 lyve] Live/ AAH14 lyve / LEge32 liue: STC_13860_24 may] maye AAH14 permay LEge32 chaunce] chance, STC_13860_24 the] to AAH14 STC_13860_24 the have] she the h LEge32 have] haue STC_13860_24 this] this AAH14 STC_13860_24 this grace] this grace LEge32
97 When] when AAH14 LEge32 she hath] shee hathe AAH14 red] readd AAH14 red, STC_13860_24 &] and AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 sen] seene/ AAH14 sene LEge32 STC_13860_24 drede] dreede AAH14 dred LEge32 grief, STC_13860_24 wherin] whear in AAH14 wherein LEge32 strove] serve AAH14 sterve LEge32 serue: STC_13860_24
98 by twene] Betweene AAH14 Betwene STC_13860_24 thou] the AAH14 LEge32 thee STC_13860_24 put] put/ AAH14 put: STC_13860_24 there] theare AAH14 there, STC_13860_24 seshe] she AAH14 LEge32 STC_13860_24 reserue] reserve AAH14 LEge32 reserue STC_13860_24
99 then] Then AAH14 LEge32 Then, STC_13860_24 tell hir] tell her that AAH14 saytell her that LEge32 tell her, that STC_13860_24 come] come/ AAH14 come for here I may not tary LEge32 cumme: STC_13860_24 she] shee AAH14 she shall me shortlye see] she shall me shortly se LEge32 shortlye] shortly STC_13860_24 see] see: STC_13860_24
100 if that] and yf AAH14 yff that LEge32 And if STC_13860_24 for waite] for waighte AAH14 STC_13860_24 for whayte LEge32 bodye] body LEge32 STC_13860_24 faile] faile/ AAH14 fayle LEge32 fayle, STC_13860_24 this] the AAH14 STC_13860_24 mythis LEge32 soule] Sowle AAH14 sowle LEge32 soule STC_13860_24 her flye] h LEge32 flye] flee. STC_13860_24