The Devonshire Manuscript/Eche man telles me I chaunge of my devise

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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The Ioye so short alas the paine so nere Payne of all payne the most grevos paine
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 75v

f. [75v]

1    {_u}{es} Eche man . telles me I chaunge of my devise
2    & on{_o} my faithe me think it good reson
3    {{th}+e+}{_u} to chaunge porpos even after the season
4    for yn everye case to kepe still on guse
5    ys mete for them / that{{th}+t+} wold be takin wise
6    {_on}{_o} {n'} and I am not of suche manner condicion
7    But tretid after / after{t'} adyvers fasshion
8    and therevppon my dyver{v'}snes doth ryse
9    but you that blame this diuer{u'}snes most.
10    chaung / you nomore but still after on rate.
11    trete / ye me well & kepe ye the{{th}+e+} same state.
12    and whilis with{w+t+} me doth dwell this werid goste.
13    my wordes{es} norI shall never be varyable
14    but alwaies as yor owne bothe ferme & stable/


Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany under the title “Of change in minde” (item 46).[2] The speaker justifies his fickleness.

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit

STC13860_06, AAH02, LEge08

Collation edit

1 Eche] Eache AAH02 EChe STC_13860_06 man .] man AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 telles me] me tellithe AAH02 me telleth LEge08 me telth, STC_13860_06 chaunge] change STC_13860_06 of] most AAH02 STC_13860_06 moost LEge08 devise] deuise: STC_13860_06
2 &] and AAH02 LEge08 And, STC_13860_06 faithe] faith LEge08 faith, STC_13860_06 think] thinck AAH02 LEge08 thinke STC_13860_06 good] goode LEge08 reson] reason AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06
3 to] To AAH02 STC_13860_06 chaunge] change STC_13860_06 porpos] propose LEge08 porpos even] purpose lyke AAH02 purpose, like STC_13860_06 even] like LEge08 season] season. STC_13860_06
4 for] ffor AAH02 LEge08 for yn everye] For in ech STC_13860_06 yn] in AAH02 LEge08 everye] every LEge08 case] cas LEge08 kepe] keepe AAH02 on] one AAH02 STC_13860_06 oon LEge08 guse] guyse AAH02 gyse LEge08 guise STC_13860_06
5 ys] Is STC_13860_06 mete] meete AAH02 mytt LEge08 them /] them AAH02 theim LEge08 them, STC_13860_06 wold] would LEge08 STC_13860_06 takin] taken AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 wise] wyse AAH02 LEge08 wise. STC_13860_06
6 and] And STC_13860_06 am] ame LEge08 suche] such STC_13860_06 manner] maner AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 condicion] condicon AAH02 condition LEge08 condicion: STC_13860_06
7 But] but AAH02 LEge08 tretid] treatid AAH02 treted LEge08 treated STC_13860_06 after /] after AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 after adyvers] a dyvers AAH02 LEge08 a diuers STC_13860_06 fasshion] facion AAH02 fashion: STC_13860_06
8 and] And STC_13860_06 therevppon] thearvpppon AAH02 therupon LEge08 STC_13860_06 my] any LEge08 dyversnes] dyvernes LEge08 diuersnesse STC_13860_06 doth] doeth LEge08 ryse] rise LEge08 rise. STC_13860_06
9 but you that blame this diuersnes] But you, this diuersnesse that blamen STC_13860_06 diuersnes] dyversnes AAH02 dyvernes LEge08 most.] most AAH02 moost LEge08 most, STC_13860_06
10 chaung /] Chaunge AAH02 chaunge LEge08 Change STC_13860_06 nomore] no more AAH02 LEge08 no more, STC_13860_06 on] one AAH02 STC_13860_06 oon LEge08 rate.] rate AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06
11 trete /] treate AAH02 trete LEge08 Treat STC_13860_06 ye] you STC_13860_06 well] well: STC_13860_06 &] and AAH02 STC_13860_06 ye] you STC_13860_06 the same state.] in the same state AAH02 in thesame state LEge08 in that state. STC_13860_06
12 and whilis] And while LEge08 STC_13860_06 whilis] whyle AAH02 doth] dothe AAH02 doeth LEge08 werid] wearied AAH02 weried LEge08 STC_13860_06 goste.] goste AAH02 goost LEge08 gost, STC_13860_06
13 my] My AAH02 STC_13860_06 wordes] worde AAH02 LEge08 word STC_13860_06 nor] now AAH02 never] not AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 varyable] variable AAH02 LEge08 variable, STC_13860_06
14 but] But AAH02 STC_13860_06 as] one AAH02 oon LEge08 one, STC_13860_06 yor] you AAH02 your LEge08 STC_13860_06 bothe] boeth LEge08 both STC_13860_06 ferme] fyrme AAH02 ferme LEge08 firme STC_13860_06 &] and AAH02 STC_13860_06 stable/] stable AAH02 LEge08 stable. STC_13860_06