Teaching Elementary School Health Education/Mental and Emotional Health

Introduction Edit

Mental and Emotional Health is the area of health that focuses on:

  • developing good character
  • interacting in ways that help create a positive social-emotional environment
  • developing healthful personality characteristics
  • choosing behaviors to promote a healthy mind
  • expressing emotions in healthful ways
  • seeking help if feeling depressed
  • using sucide-prevention strategies
  • coping with loss and grief in healthful ways
  • being resilient during difficult times

Each of these health goals have several components.

I Will Develop Good Character Edit

I will Interact in ways that Help Create a Positive Social-Emotional Environment Edit

I will Develop Healthful Personality Characterisitcs Edit

I will Choose Behaviors to Promote a Healthy Mind Edit

I will Express Emotions in Healthful Ways Edit

I will Use Stress-Management Skills Edit

I will Seek Help if I Feel Depressed Edit

I will Cope with Loss and Grief in Healthful Ways Edit