Teaching Elementary School Health Education/Mental and Emotional Health/Understanding How Stress Affects Health Status

Stress is the body's response to the demands of daily living. A stressor is a source or cause of stress. For our students stress can be phyiscal, mental, social, or environmental. There are two types of stress that can effect our students. They include:

  • Eustress- A healthful response to a stressor that produces positive results.
  • Distresss- A harmful response to a stressor that produces negative results.

Since stress has a holistic effect, it can effect other areas of health than just mental and emotional health. These other areas include, family and social health, growth and development, nutrition, personal health and physical activity, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, communicable and chronic diseases, consumer and community health, environmental health, injury prevention and safety. Here are several lesson plans over stress and how to deal with it with our students.