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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

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The game is set up as thirteen worlds divided into four levels each. One world, *World 9, is a secret world that you can only get to if you complete all eight previous worlds without warping. The game is only single player, and from the title screen, you must choose between playing the game as Mario or Luigi. The brothers play slightly differently from one another.

What's new in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels?Edit

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels has very similar gameplay and graphics to the original Super Mario Bros., so several deem it a harder version of the original. As with any sequel, there are new additions:

Plumber PerformanceEdit

The Mario Bros. have slightly different abilities in the area of jumping. Luigi is the high jumper of the two while Mario can stop more accurately.

Normal Dash Slip Description
Mario 4 Blocks 5 Blocks 2 Blocks When Mario Jumps, he can clear the height of four blocks on a normal run and five on a dash,
which works out to a 25% dash boost. He can cancel the effect of his own momentum quickly.
Luigi 5.5 Blocks 6 Blocks 4 Blocks Luigi clears the height of 5.5 blocks on a normal run and six while dashing.
This gives him a 9% dash boost. His four block slide makes stopping him a chore.

Lost Level SurprisesEdit

The Lost Levels are logical extensions of the first Super Mario Bros. game. The objects and enemies are very similar with the exception of six interesting items; Poisonous Mushrooms, Red Piranha Plants, Super Springs, Fake Bowser, Flying Bloopers and Wind.

Poisonous Mushrooms Red Piranha Plants

Red Mushrooms make little Mario or Luigi super-sized. Green Mushrooms serve as a 1-Up. But, Brown Mushrooms (Purple in Super Mario All-Stars) should be avoided. They move like regular and 1-Up mushrooms too, so beware! A plumber collecting them will take damage just like touching an enemy (unless he has a Starman). Depending on the terrain, Poisonous mushrooms are brown, cyan, or white, matching the color of certain enemies such as Goombas and Buzzy Beetles.

These menaces pop out and sink in faster than green ones. You can only stand on top of the pipe to make them temporarily disappear. These debut in World 4-1, and green ones are gone for good. Upside-down Piranha Plants are just like red ones, but they don't get scared off at all! They debut in World 5-1 along with the right-side up.

Super Springs: Other than being colored green instead of red, these jump-aids look identical to the regular Springs. But when your hero hits a Super Spring and jumps at the same time, he'll blast off into the stratosphere. Your plumber will return near the coin indicator.

Fake Bowser: Appears in the middle of Worlds 8-4, 9-3, and D-4. He is very similar to Bowser, but he is aqua colored.

Flying Bloopers: In a few levels Bloopers can be found in the air. They do not act any differently than they do underwater, but now they can be stomped.

Wind: In some levels, your hero will be pushed by a powerful wind. Note that this does not affect enemies.

Remark about mazesEdit

In the original Super Mario Bros. game, it is not so obvious that you would make a mistake. However, this time there is a visible implication in every case.

  • Castle 3-4 - If you fail the first part, no Podoboo will come out of the crevasse. If you fail the second part, the fire-bars will disappear.
  • World 5-3 - If you move to the very right of the first part, the hovering platform and all enemies will disappear.
  • Castle 6-4 - If you fail the first part, the fire-bars will disappear, and there is no Piranha Plant in the pipe. If you fail the second part, the extended fire-bar will disappear, and the upside-down pipe will not have a Piranha Plant.
  • World 7-2 - If you move to the very right of the first part, the hovering platform will disappear. If you fail to sink into the pipe, stay away from the right of the platform or jump off to ensure your safety.
  • Castle 8-4 - If you move to the very right of the first part, the Piranha Plants and Cheep Cheeps will disappear. If you fail to clear the fourth part, the extended fire-bar, Parakoopa and platform will disappear.


Just like the first Super Mario Bros., when you have reached the Flagpole at the end of the level, you can net yourself some extra points with some Fireworks depending on your timer and (this time around) your total coins as well. It works a little different than its predecessor, but to make them appear, you have to match your timer's last digit with the last digit of your coin count. If the digit is an odd number, you will receive three Fireworks; and if it is even or ends with zero, you will receive six.

Also, in addition to the Fireworks, you can make lives using the same trick, as long as your coin total is a multiple of eleven or your coin total is zero (i.e., 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99) and you match it with the timer's last digit. You will receive a 1-Up instead of points, so it won't matter from how high it's reached, but the Fireworks will appear nevertheless. Here are some examples:

Coins Timer Prize
23 103 3 Fireworks
32 242 6 Fireworks
75 215 3 Fireworks
04 324 6 Fireworks
81 111 3 Fireworks
60 100 6 Fireworks
11 251 1-UP and 3 Fireworks
88 118 1-UP and 6 Fireworks
99 249 1-UP and 3 Fireworks
00 120 1-UP and 6 Fireworks


While points are not so important, a few changes have been applied:

  • It is impossible to bypass the flagpole animation with the glitches in the prequel.
  • Clearing a castle level will still convert remaining time into score.
  • Upon saving the princess, every remaining extra live is converted to 100,000 points.

Redesigned SpritesEdit

World 1

World 1-1Edit

Poisonous Mushrooms a-plenty!
Don't take World 1-1 for granted! There are two ordinary "?" blocks with Poisonous Mushrooms in this level and the very first Power-Up is not on a "?" block. This introductory level is the very face of the high level of difficulty that awaits you throughout this game.

Part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World1-1 A.png

  • The Mushroom Power-Up in the enclosed area at the beginning slides back and forth. Hit it from below so that it bounces over the wall.
  • Expert players can create a multiple 1-Up opportunity for themselves in the enclosed area. When the Red Koopa Troopa is on the right side of the platform, flip it upside down while you're small. Hit the Power-Up brick and quickly grab the mushroom without going too far to the right. Break the block just right of the Power-Up brick to create a tiny staircase before the Troopa wakes up. Jump up and knock the shell into the back brick so that you get stuck and bounce continuously off the shell until you earn many extra lives.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World1-1 B.png

  • After you capsize the Koop Troopa on the top row, kick it to the right. The shell will ricochet and wipe out the Koopas below.
  • The last pipe in this section leads to coin room A. If you approach this pipe from the left side, your plumber will plummet. Instead, jump from the right.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB2j World1-1 C.png

  • Don't miss the Power-Up opportunity in the last "?" block below the pipe.
  • The rightmost pipe is the exit from Coin Room A, and the last Power-Up opportunity would be in the coin room itself.

World 1-2Edit

Only five at a time on the screen, please!
The console cannot handle enough memory to permit every single sprite on the screen, and half a screen ahead of you (which you can't see). In part 2, the last two still platforms can limit the number of Piranha Plants in the pipes. In Part 3, the number of ascending platforms will be two if you kill at least one of the green Koopas in part 2. If you don't kill any of them, a second ascending platform will be one sprite too many, so you will only find one ascending platform.

Part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World1-2 A.png

  • If you're in need of a Power-Up Mushroom, you can find one in the ceiling above the first staircase. Chase it to the break in the ceiling. However, only Super Luigi can reach a Fire Flower.
  • A hidden block after the second pipe can provide a stepping stone to revealing the vine hidden in the ceiling. If you climb up the vine, you will discover the first warp zone which leads to World 3.
  • The conventional route in this passage leads to a host of dangerous obstacles. You can avoid these hazards by running on the roof.
  • If you choose to take the lower level, you may find two Power-Ups and two 1-Ups. But if you try to knock either 1-Up back, you will reveal a Power-Up which will remove the 1-Up. Follow it to the end of the ceiling, or if you are big, break a hole in the bricks to the right of the right most power-up block and catch the 1-ups one at a time through the hole.
    • A super-sized hero can reach both a Fire Flower and a 1-Up. If you are regular sized, you can only collect a Mushroom or a 1-Up, but not both.
  • For some reason in Super Mario All-Stars, there is no water in World 1-2. But this will not affect gameplay as your player cannot swim in these kinds of pools of water anyway.
    • The first pit in Part 1 is completely empty. Part 4 contains lava pits instead.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World1-2 B.png

  • After the first pipe in this section, be sure to grab the invincibility Star. While it will protect you from the green piranha plants that you can't stand next to, you'll still have to time your jumps carefully.
  • The 10-coin block at the end of this section is probably only worth the trouble if you have fire Mario.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB2j World1-2 C.png

  • If you take the first pipe that you encounter in this section, you will arrive at the standard level end that you will find at the end of every level with you must rise out of a pipe to complete.
  • However, if you make it to the ceiling over this pipe, you will continue on to an alternate end of the World. Climb the stairs and run beyond to find another Warp Zone that leads to World 2.
  • One more surprise can be uncovered by dropping down the lower pipe before the Warp Zone, which leads to part 4.

Part 4Edit

File:SMB2j World1-2 D.png

  • When you reach the lower over-hang near the end, there are two ways to pass it. The easier way is to sacrifice your power-up so that you are small. Then you can run across the gap.
  • The harder way is only necessary if you wish to stay large. Then you must slide under the first column of block, and break them so that you can run right up to the second column before ducking. Then get a good running start, and duck at the last possible moment so that you slide across the gap. Duck too soon, and you'll fall right in the water and die.
  • There are two hidden Coin Blocks on the edge of the pit. Use them as steps to lead you over the wall to the second warp zone, which leads to World 4.
  • If you choose not to use the hidden blocks to reach the warp zone, you can take the very last pipe which leads to coin room B.
  • This level is a source of infinite lives.
    • Even if you are unable to return to the 1-Up block behind the halfway point, you can still collect many coins by looping around from the last pipe in Part 2 to coin room B. You have the potential to collect 52 coins per loop.
    • If you are playing Super Mario All-Stars, remember that if you die here, you will be taken back to the beginning of Part 1 instead of the halfway point. If you know where the 1-Up block is located, then this level is one of the sources of infinite lives.
      • Also in All-Stars, you don't get pushed down immediately after smashing a brick. Therefore, you can potentially save time by breaking the brick just above the crevasse in this part.

World 1-3Edit

part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World1-3 A.png

  • Hop onto the left platform and let it sink as the right platform rises. Then jump to the right and continue on to higher ground.
  • Bloopers can now appear in mid-air. They follow you in an up and down pattern. Lead this one to the left. Then turn around and stomp it when it drops down to attack.

part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World1-3 B.png

  • There's not much room to run on this high bluff. You'll have to react quickly as another Blooper approaches. Let it drop, then stomp it.
  • If your plumber is small, this Power-Up will be a Mushroom that will quickly slide to the right. Pop it up and grab it from the left side.

part 3Edit

File:SMB2j World1-3 C.png

  • There's no stair case at the end of this level, just two tree tops. Get a good running start and leap to the flagpole.

World 1-4Edit

part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World1-4 A.png

  • The Power-Up at the entrance to Bowser's Dungeon is very high and close to the edge. If your hero is small, pop up the Mushroom then grab it as you jump over the gap to the right. If you are playing as Mario and you are super-sized, approach the Fire Flower from the left side to avoid falling in the pit. Luigi can easily reach it without distance.
  • There's not much room to jump in the passage at the end of this section if your hero is super-sized, especially if he is high-jumping Luigi. You'll have more clearance if you duck first, then jump.

part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World1-4 B.png

  • There are two types of fiery obstacles here; Bowser's Fireballs, and rotating Fire-Bars. If you've got good timing, you can make a spectacular move and jump over a Fireball and Fire-Bar at the same time.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, there are four rotating fire-bars as opposed to only 3 in lost levels, the three columns mentioned below are lower so watch up for Bowser's fireballs.
  • Bowser's Fireballs never fly higher than the three columns in the middle of this section. Jump on top of these brick barriers and wait for the right moment to continue your journey to the level's end.
  • Your expedition through the first of the Lost Level Worlds ends in an encounter with Bowser, King of the Koopas. If you have Fireballs you can finish him off with five blasts. If not, run past him to the right and cut the bridge from under his feet.

World 2

World 2-1Edit

Part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World2-1 A.png

  • Run with super speed for the length of the bridge. You'll easily avoid contact with a flock of flying Koopas.
  • Towards the end of this section, jump first to the pipe on the right, then to the left. Drop down the pipe to reach coin room C.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World2-1 B.png

  • In the middle of this section is your first encounter with a Super Spring. These bouncers will send you skyrocketing if you jump on contact.
  • Make a vine appear in the brick row after the springboard, and be sure not to scroll it off the screen as you jump up. Climb the vine to reach the first coin heaven.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB2j World2-1 C.png

  • Jump up to very last block platform and jump again from the block on the right to pop up an easy 1-Up Mushroom.

World 2-2Edit

Part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World2-2 A.png

  • Running and long jumping is the theme of this wide open level.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., there are actually a few pitfalls near the start of the level after the first pipe and the 2 bottomless pits on the far right side of this image are wider.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World2-2 B.png

  • In order to reach the other side of the first gap in this section safely, you must run with super speed and jump before you hit the block.
  • It'll take some practice to stop on the one block column at the end of this section from a jump, but it may be worth it to collect the Starman from above. Choosing not to get the Starman creates an opportunity for a 1-up: capsize the first Koopa Troopa and kick it to the right.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., watch out for an extra bottomless pit after the first pipe, which includes a pipe.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB2j World2-2 C.png

  • Drop down the first pipe in this section to find coin room A.
  • If you are small in the middle of this section, you have an advantage because you can hit the 10-Coin Block very quickly from the two block wall.
  • Two hidden Coin Blocks act as steps to the floating pipe near the end of the section. Hit them as shown and start climbing.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., the first pipe in this section doesn't lead anywhere. After the 10-Coin block and power-up the bottomless pit is wider.

Part 4Edit

File:SMB2j World2-2 D.png

  • Be very careful on the final staircase. Jump on the high block to avoid crashing into the Goombas that drop down.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., also be careful where the three blocks are. There is an empty space instead of a middle so your best bet will be you'll need a running start to cross. After that, there is no elevated block to protect you from the Goombas.

World 2-3Edit

Part 1Edit

File:SMB2j World2-3 A.png

  • The airborne obstacles are in full force in this stage. Watch out for a school of flying fish on the opening bridge and try to zero in on them as they fly by.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World2-3 B.png

  • With so many enemies in the air, you'll be happy that you took the time to collect the Power-Up in the group of blocks early in this section.
  • Airborne groupers and winged Koopas gang up on our hero at the end of this section. Watch the enemies closely and jump when the coast is clear.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB2j World2-3 C.png

  • Collect the number of Coins that you need here in order to earn a 1-Up when you touch the flagpole at the end of the stage.

World 2-4Edit

Part 1Edit

Difficult landing

As long as the ceiling is two spaces high above your hero's head where he is supposed to land, you can guarantee a safe landing. However, there are some areas where the ceiling clearance is too low to guarantee it. If you are regular sized, you will be safe. If you are super sized, you will need to land a proper way, or you will likely fall into the pit.

It is easier to land backwards than forwards. One solution is to dash before you jump or fall, and then land backwards. Stop too soon, and you might not land.

File:SMB2j World2-4 A.png

  • After you pummel the Koopa at the top in the very beginning, you can kick the shell to the right and follow it as it plows through the enemies below. If you don't lose sight of it, you'll earn a 1-Up.
  • You'll need good distance in order to clear the large gap at the end of this section. Run with super speed and jump when the Fire-Bar is on the right side.
  • Find a valuable Power-Up in a hidden block above the passage entrance. If you are Mario, you can only pick up a Mushroom.
  • Although this level is a possible source of infinite lives, you have to sacrifice a life to go back to the beginning, so trying for infinite lives might not be worth the trouble here, particularly in the original game.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB2j World2-4 B.png

  • Drop down to the floor just before you reach the passage in this section. You'll avoid most of the heat from the Fire-Bars and the Fireballs above. Make sure to dash over the small pits.
  • Balls of fire known as Podoboos in the Mushroom Kingdom fly up from the pits. Wait for them to sink back down, then jump.
  • If you're confident that you can hold off Bowser's attack, you'll find a 10-Coin Block in the left brick wall over the bridge. Collect it at your own risk.

Wait for a big bonus

If you grab the axe at the same time that the timer ticks down to zero, you'll earn a time bonus for 999 clicks of the clock; 50,000 points! Be careful, though — it takes a well timed jump, and remember that points don't give you extra lives.

World 3

World 3-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World3-1 A.png

  • Run under the Hammer Bros. here and collect the Starman.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World3-1 B.png

  • Beware of the very first pipe in this section! It leads to coin room B, but it ultimately leads to a World 1 Warp. You'll take two giant steps back if you enter that Warp Zone.
  • If you emerge from the Coin Room pipe to the left of the block wall, you can make a vine sprout from the bricks above. Climb it to arrive at a coin heaven.
  • If Mario is your man, you'll have to jump off of a Koopa in order to get the 1-Up at the end of this section.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World3-1 C.png

  • The lowest pipe leads to coin room C.
  • The Super Spring towards the end of the level gives you enough hang time to reach the flagpole at level's end, but don't fly over it, or you will find yourself on a one way trip back to World 1.
  • Once you catch the flagpole, you can no longer go backwards to World 1. You can only go forward from here until you arrive at World 5.

World 3-2Edit

Surface enemies underwater!
While you can normally jump on Goombas, Koopas, Buzzy Beetles and other enemies on the surface, you can't when they are underwater! You can only use fireballs to kill them. If you can't use fireballs or the enemy is resistant, you will have to avoid them at all times.

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World3-2 A.png

  • The fish swim to the left as you move to the right. Get out of their way.
  • If you do the blooper dodge trick (walk on the floor or if you are playing as big Mario, duck under a blooper hovering over you) you will be O.K

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World3-2 B.png

  • There's no getting rid of the Koopa Troopa that walks the ocean floor here. Swim on.
  • The opening to dry land looks inviting, but jumping out of the water is a no go.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World3-2 C.png

  • Three nasty Bloopers cause trouble near the end. Wait for them to converge, then swim away.
  • The pipe at the end leads to the standard ending.
  • There are two blocks at the end at the standard map to get you to the top of the flag two squares before it if you fell off the tower.

World 3-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World3-3 A.png

  • Kick a Koopa shell to the left from the top of the first large land mass. It will bounce after it drops and clear out the Koopas below for a 1-Up.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World3-3 B.png

  • Position your plumber just to the left of center on the middle bluff and jump straight up to collect a Power-Up Mushroom or Fire Flower.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World3-3 C.png

  • The precarious platforms at the beginning of this section will fall if you stand on it for long. Jump repeatedly up and down as you wait for the pipe to clear.
  • The best way to reach the high bluff at the very end is to jump from one floating block platform to the next. To help you out, make to hidden blocks appear over the first bluff in this section.

World 3-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World3-4 A.png

  • If you don't follow the correct path through this dungeon, you will find yourself stuck in a never ending loop.
  • The low ceiling at the very beginning will make for a disastrous first jump attempt. Start by running instead. You'll clear the first gap easily.
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, the first floor before the staircase is longer while the gap between the first lava pit and the floating wall is shorter. This will make it easier to jump from the beginning, while you will need to jump the second lava pit a little earlier.
  • Stay on the very bottom of this first leg. When the Podoboo is in the air, run over the narrow pit near the end with super speed to avoid two fiery obstacles.
  • Deliberately take the wrong route if you want to power up. The hidden block resets automatically. Once Mario is big, you'll have to slide through the narrow passage.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World3-4 B.png

  • For the second leg, you must always take the highest path available.
  • Uncover a series of four Coin Blocks and use them as a platform so that you can stay on course.
  • If your character is super-sized, he may hit the ceiling when he attempts to jump from the small staircase in the middle. Make him duck, then jump.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World3-4 C.png

  • Once you take the proper route through the second leg, you will arrive at Bowser's bridge. Prepare to face him.

World 4

World 4-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World4-1 A.png

  • New persistent red Piranha Plants and a flying Lakitu welcome you to a very challenging world. Be careful!
  • From this point to World 5, you can only go forward. Green Piranha Plants are history.
  • It's not shown in the picture however directly adjacent left above of the blocks with the multi-coin brick in the middle is a hidden coin block.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World4-1 B.png

  • You'll have to hit the spring at the start of this section while running at super speed in order to clear the long gap ahead.
  • It's not shown in the picture however directly adjacent to the staircase is a hidden one-up block.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World4-1 C.png

  • When you pop up the Power-Up Mushroom, wait for it to slide off the block, then catch it in the air.
  • The first pipe of this section leads to a challenging, Coin-filled swimming area A. Swim at your own risk.
  • The last block before the staircase contains a vine which leads to another coin heaven A.
  • Immediately to the right of the staircase, make two hidden Coin Blocks appear for extra running room on your leap to the flag.
  • This level is a source of infinite lives because the coin heaven transfers you back to the staircase after the large pool of water. You have the potential to collect 123 coins per loop.
    • If you want to try and speed things up, you can try looping with just the coin heaven. You collect only 83 coins per loop, but you might move a little faster this way.

World 4-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World4-2 A.png

  • When you pop up the Power-Up Mushroom, move to the right, then wait for it to drop. The Bullet Bills will not hit your hero.
  • Grab the Starman in the first brick after the cannons, and dash. You'll flatten all of the Mushroom World enemies in your path with ease.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World4-2 B.png

  • If you're trying to get a Mushroom, be sure to collect it before you hit the final "?" Block, or you'll replace it with a Poison Mushroom.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World4-2 C.png

  • Jump to avoid the Hammer Brother as you blaze through this section.
  • The first pipe in this section leads to coin room A.

World 4-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World4-3 A.png

  • The platforms in this area start to drop upon contact. Jump quickly to avoid falling. The 2nd, 5th and 6th lifts move horizontally.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, however there are 2 small platforms to land below the lifts. Also since this is level 6-3 in Vs. Super Mario Bros, the lifts are narrower and it’s night and grey.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World4-3 B.png

  • Bounce off of the back of the Koopa Paratroopa near the right side of the first long gap to guarantee a safe landing.
  • A Bullet Bill flies through this area. Get out of its way and keep moving.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World4-3 C.png

  • It's difficult to stop on the one-block platforms at the very end of this level. You may have more luck with quick hops.

World 4-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World4-4 A.png

  • Collect the power-up at the beginning of this world, but don't put yourself at risk of being burned by the fire-bar to get it.
  • If you want to get past the beginning gap, go back and run.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World4-4 B.png

  • Three Koopas drop into the low-ceiling passage at the start of this section. Duck and jump to stomp them, but watch out for the rebound shell.
  • If you're controlling Mario, you'll have to dash and jump to reach the dangerous Fire-Bar block at the beginning of the section. Hop on, hop off, and run.
  • Be careful when you reach the lowering platform. As small Mario, use your super speed dash while pushing Right to reach safety. Super Mario must jump from lower down.
  • Run through the middle passage at the end of this section and pop up the Power-Up Mushroom. Then drop and run to catch it.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World4-4 C.png

  • You'll have the most luck in your encounter with the king if you dash under him as he jumps.

World 5

World 5-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World5-1 A.png

  • Stay low. Piranha Plants drop down from the hanging pipes. Wait for them to go back up, then make low jumps.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World5-1 B.png

  • Enter the first pipe in this section to take a trip to coin room D.
  • Near the end of this section, a strong wind will blow to the right here and help you fly across the long gaps. Dash Jump and get carried away.
  • After the staircase before the first huge gap, above the invisible block is a 1-up that isn't shown in the image above.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World5-1 C.png

  • Stomp the Koopa Paratroopa and kick it to the right for a chance of collecting a 1-Up. But remember to jump over the Red Piranha Plants to climb out of the pipes along the way.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World5-1 D.png

  • Jump the gap to the staircase at super speed. Then use the two Koopa Paratroopas to the right to reach the platforms beyond.

Part EEdit

File:SMB2j World5-1 E.png

  • If World 6 is your destination, you can take a shortcut at the very beginning of this section. Pop up the vine and bounce off a Koopa Paratroopa for a boost to the top. First you'll be taken to Coin Heaven B, and when you're done, you'll arrive at the World 6 Warp Zone.
  • Otherwise, you must find a way to scale the massive wall blocking your progress to the end of the level. Two well placed jumps will reveal hidden Coin Blocks that you can use as stepping stones.

World 5-2Edit

Quick note about shorter platforms and sprites

When moving platforms are three circles long (as opposed to the standard four or six), keep in mind that an entire column is one sprite.

The two platforms in one column will always move in uniform. There is only one sequence that will repeat itself.

You will also notice that these platforms are restricted, compared to other platforms. While the objects in the sprite will move, the sprite itself is frozen! Therefore, it cannot go higher than the top of the ceiling - it will just cut off.

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World5-2 A.png

  • Watch out. If you kick the Koopa's shell to the right under the set of "?" blocks and drop down to the floor, there's a good chance that the shell will bounce back and hit you.
  • It's not shown in the picture but try to avoid hitting the brick to the right of the last coin, or you may uncover a poisonous mushroom.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World5-2 B.png

  • To collect a 1-Up, be sure to grab the Starman found at the beginning of this section. Then jump on top of the second pipe, and hit the brick in the high right corner. As soon as you make it appear, run to the right and grab it when it drops.
  • Jump from the first rising platform and make the vine pop up from the brick. Then ride the platform again, leap over to the vine, and climb to the Warp Zone which leads to World 8.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World5-2 C.png

  • Take the exit pipe to the usual standard exit
  • However, if you jump up to the ceiling and dash past the exit pipe, you will find yourself reaching another Warp Zone which will take you to World 7.

World 5-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World5-3 A.png

  • The first leg of this world will continue to repeat, starting at the platform, until the correct exit is found.
  • You'll need to make it to the very high pipe in this section to reach a narrow Coin-filled passage, coin room E, and the rest of the stage.
  • The one advantage to passing through to the end of this section is that there is a hidden Power-Up on the tall bluff. It also resets automatically, so you could also collect a Fire Flower here.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World5-3 B.png

  • Bullet Bills blast through this area at unpredictable intervals. Watch out for them and try to move out of the way in time.
  • Leap from the sliding platform in the wide open space and target the flying Koopa. You'll bounce off of its back and land on solid ground.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World5-3 C.png

  • Stay light on your feet until you make it past all of the platforms in this area. Take a breather on the tree top before continuing on to the end.

World 5-4Edit

Faster fire-bars!

All of the standard length fire-bars that rotate clockwise move at double speed, so be careful!

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World5-4 A.png

  • The Lost Levels are notorious for their challenging passage. This is where they really start to earn their reputation.
  • The 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 12th firebars rotate clockwise twice as fast.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., with the first fire-bar there is low clearance on both sides which might make it difficult if you are fire Mario or big Mario.
  • In order to safely collect the Power-Up, run to the right to make the Fire-Bar scroll off the screen. Then move back to the left to claim the Power-Up.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., there is a podoboo in the lava pit between the first two fire-bars.
  • Avoid the falling platforms at the end of this section by jumping up to the top and running to the right.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World5-4 B.png

  • There are Fire-Bars a-plenty and the threat of podoboos in this area. You'll have to be a well practiced Lost Level adventurer to make it unscathed.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., each platform above the first pit of podoboos is only one tile wide.
  • There is no place to rest. Jump onto the platform at the end of this section when the Fire-Bar moves to the right, then jump off and move on.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World5-4 C.png

  • Go low if your plumber is pint-sized here and take the high road if he is big. Either way, this section is quite difficult to negotiate.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., the first lava pit in this section has a podoboo.

World 6

World 6-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World6-1 A.png

  • A Power-Up, a 1-Up, and a Starman are yours for the taking. Grab the items that you need, then dash with invincibility past the Hammer Brother ahead.
  • Another massive 1-Up opportunity presents itself here for expert players. Trap the Buzzy Beetle along the right side of the first platform by creating a mini-staircase. Then jump up and hop on top of the Beetle so that it bounces off the right block, popping you back up in the air while you accumulate points, and eventually 1-Ups.
  • If things don't work out with the Buzzy Beetle, you can try again with the one of the Koopas on the third platform, after the jump
  • The 1-up is only available if you don't hit the flying Koopa and it is in the center of the U shaped blocks

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World6-1 B.png

  • The first pipe is too tall to top with one hop. Pop up the hidden Coin Block in the area and use it as a step to clear this Mushroom Kingdom skyscraper.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World6-1 C.png

  • If you're in need of a Power-Up Mushroom, knock out the one in the fourth Coin Block from the left, then run to the right and catch it on the fly.
  • The wind will start to push you to the right when reaching the stairs. Use this to your advantage to clear that long gap.
  • Alternatively, you can try to reach the pipe under the solid brick platform. Jump to the first falling platform and face left quickly. Once the Red Piranha Plant is gone, jump and drop down to reach swim area B.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World6-1 D.png

  • Run to the left while riding on the moving platform to avoid blowing off to the right.
  • Just before the staircase, wait for both plumber-eaters to sink into their pipes, then make a run for it.

World 6-2Edit

Limited memory will incredibly affect the map here!

Because the console will only allow a maximum number of sprites at a time, this may affect the number of enemies and platforms. Only five moving objects/enemies excluding your player can appear at a time on your screen and half a screen ahead of you. This affects the three columns of platforms in this area.

As long as there are one to three enemies on the screen, you will notice two platforms in the column that follows.

If four enemies are on the screen, only one platform will show up in the column ahead.

If five enemies are on the screen, no platforms will show up at all! This means that some other enemies will not show up either until others disappear.

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World6-2 A.png

  • With Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps patrolling the area, collecting the two Coins in the coral box at the end of this section is too much of a gamble. Pass them up.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World6-2 B.png

  • Wait for the downward moving platform to pass by the opening in this section, then swim for the hole as fast as you can.
  • Bloopers are a menace in this area. Go low and run along the ocean floor to avoid being hit by one of these sinister squids.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World6-2 C.png

  • A host of underwater creatures will try to catch you off guard as you negotiate the mess of coral spanning the last section and this section. This is the acid test for evasive maneuvers.
  • Exit through the pipe to arrive at the standard level end.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, there are no Paratroopas or Troopas and the level is slightly longer.

World 6-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World6-3 A.png

  • Cheep Cheeeps and Koopa Paratroopas make for dangerous combination here. Watch for these critters and try to top them.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World6-3 B.png

  • After you hit the mid-air Koopa Troopa, target the Power-Up Block and grab the prize as it slides to the right.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the last power-up is omitted.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World6-3 C.png

  • Bouncing off of Koopa Paratroopas is an important technique to know in this open-air stage. Hit the Koopa before the large trees and bounce to safety.
  • You can reach the flagpole by leaping from the tall bluff in this area, but you can only reach the top of the pole if you hit the Koopa.

World 6-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World6-4 A.png

  • If you don't follow the correct routes through the dungeon, you'll be locked in a never ending maze.
  • The correct route for the first part is under the long clockwise-moving fire-bar that is shown in the next picture.
    • Later editions of this game sound a tone to let you know that you're on the right path.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World6-4 B.png

  • Watch the Hammer Brother's flying weapons and jump over this tool-tossing villain when there's a break in the action. Then leap up to the top and keep moving along the path.
  • The correct route continues to the top brick platform. Dash over the small gap when the fiery flying Podoboo sinks into the lava pit.
  • Once you're through the high platform, drop down to the bottom level to progress to the next section.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World6-4 C.png

  • The first portion of this section is over-populated by red Piranha Plants. Be patient and wait for them to sink into their pipes before you advance.
  • Landing on the one-block Fire-Bar platform calls for all of the accuracy that you can muster. If you try to move with super speed, you may be lava bound.
  • The proper path through this section is the very bottom. Dash over the small gap, then stop and watch the Fire-Bar. When it swings back up to the top, run with super speed to safety on the other side.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World6-4 D.png

  • King Koopa's Fireballs fly far. You'll encounter his fiery fury as soon as you land on solid brick. Run, jump, and don't get burned.

World 7

World 7-1Edit

More difficult Hammer Brothers!

Up until now, Hammer Brothers would stay in one place. Now they advance forward, and they can also jump directly to the ground from the very top! Your time to bump them off of the floor above you is limited now, so move quickly!

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World7-1 A.png

  • Watch the dual Piranha Plants right at the start and run when the pipes are clear.
  • A strong gust blows to the right. After you knock out the Koopas, run and ride the wind over the gap.
  • You'll have a clear path if you leap to the top platform towards the end of this section. Jump to the left and blow over to the right.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World7-1 B.png

  • Bounce off the backs of the Koopa Paratroopa pair and leap to the top of the very high pipe. This portal will lead you to a chain of three bonus areas, coin room F, followed by a long windy stretch illustrated in part D below, and then finally to coin room E before rising back out of the first pipe in part C.
  • If you take the ground route instead, stomp the wandering Koopa in this areas as soon as possible. Then wait for the Hammer Bros. to drop to the ground and send the shell sailing.
  • There's an invisible block with a 1 up in it, not depicted in the image above. It's at the end of the series of bricks where the hammer brothers are.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World7-1 C.png

  • Watch out for the Hammer Brother waiting for you on the mini-staircase. Don't go flying into the Buzzy Beetles beyond him.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World7-1 D.png

  • In this long windy stretch, knock the first Koopa Paratroopa down to the ground, and kick the shell to the right for a chance at a 1-Up.

World 7-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World7-2 A.png

  • Much like World 5-3, this level repeats at the platform until you make enter the pipe in the air. Bounce off the Koopas and climb.
  • Before you progress, you will be treated to coin room D. Therefore, you won't need to repeat Part A at all.
  • Getting the mushroom in this area is worth it if you are small: you can then get the hidden fire flower in coin room D and start Part B with fire power. Note that if you die anywhere in this level, you will restart from the beginning of the level, allowing you to always have fire power for Part B, which makes killing the Lakitus and spinies much easier.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World7-2 B.png

  • It's important that you knock the Lakitu out of the sky before you jump to the on-block Fire-Bar platforms in this area. Negotiating the flames will be challenging enough without a mid-air menace.
  • Want to try and use sprite limits to your advantage? If so, keep the Lakitu in the air. Let the Spinies accumulate and you could make one or possibly both of the Fire-Bars in the beginning disappear! Quite a gamble, but it could help beginners.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World7-2 C.png

  • After you hit the back of the Koopa Paratroopa before the final pipe, jump onto the falling platform and jump again to the relative safety of the pipe. Then you'll be in sight of your goal.

World 7-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World7-3 A.png

  • This wind-blown stage features wide open spaces and Super Springs. Fly high and Fly long.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World7-3 B.png

  • A flying Koopa hovers over the start of this section. Wait for it to move to one side, then take off.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World7-3 C.png

  • When your character is in the air and off the screen, move to the right until the target platform is centered, then wait for him to drop.
  • It is possible to collect a Fire Flower from here. You need to crouch, wait for the wind to carry you, then crouch-jump when the time is right.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World7-3 D.png

  • It's important to get a good feel for the plumbers' hang time on this stage so that you don't over estimate how far they can travel, and end up falling to your death.
  • Landing on the left platform of the pulley could be risky. You might want to scroll far enough to the right of the screen so that you have a safe barrier to the left of you.

Part EEdit

File:SMB2j World7-3 E.png

  • There's no need to dash in this section. Leap with accuracy.
  • The wind stops at the platform before the final fire-bar in this area. Your jumps will be much shorter, so you might need to dash to land on the final platform.
  • This section is actually really easy if you're good at long jumps. Just run along the platform with the coins to get up to full speed then jump from one upper platform to the next, never slowing down. You will make it safely to the flag in one fell swoop and won't have to worry about the fire bars or the flying Koopa.

World 7-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World7-4 A.png

  • If you take this short set of stairs one step at a time, you may get burned. Jump to the top in one big leap and keep moving to the next challenge.
  • All five of the lifts, some at the end of this section and others at the start of the next, move downward. Jump from the hidden Power-Up Block and aim high. Then continue to cross the gap, making sure that you don't hit bottom.
    • If you are super-sized, you may need to wait at the final lift until it comes close to the bottom. You can also jump to the very top, then jump and land backwards.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World7-4 B.png

  • The Fire-Bar will not reach you if you duck in the lower corner of the "S" passage. Wait for it to rotate out of the way, then leap to the top and run.
  • Wait for each of the Koopas to move away from you. Then dash across the gaps and stomp them.
  • If you fall on the narrow bottom level of the divided halls, it could be difficult.
    • If you are regular-sized, you will need to patiently wait for a Buzzy Beetle to advance towards you. Then, jump on it and "bulldoze" the other ones away!
    • If you are super-sized, it is much more difficult.
      • If you want to keep your power-up, You will need to jump on the Buzzy Beetle, then dash quickly, duck, and run like World 3-4!!!
      • If you don't feel up to it, sacrifice your power-up and follow the step for regular-sized players.
  • In any case, you have the potential to score a 1-Up using a red Koopa for the "bulldoze" technique.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World7-4 C.png

  • Watch the Fire-Bars from the safety of the corners, then move when the path is clear.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World7-4 D.png

  • One last tricky jump to the Fire-Bar island, surrounded by lava, stands between you and the King of the Koopas. Don't forget that he throws hammers by now.
  • Beware! The final fire-bar on the draw bridge rotates counter-clockwise, making it harder to run underneath him.

World 8

World 8-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World8-1 A.png

  • Start by jumping over those nasty Piranha Plants. Stomp the Buzzy Beetle and kick its shell to get out of the way some enemies ahead. Don't forget your Power-Up on the seventh "?" Block.
  • Quickly jump above the "?" Blocks, collect your Power-Up, and let the Koopa Paratroopas transit. Once they're gone, proceed ahead.
    • If you missed your Power-Up, don't worry. Wait for it above, it'll bounce back and when the time is right, get down for it while avoiding the messy Koopa Paratroopas that might still be hanging there.
  • You'll encounter some gusty wind when crossing the third pipe, right in the middle of this part. Use it for your advantage and proceed full-speed ahead to jump over that pile of blocks that serve as a wall and land carefully on the Red Koopa Troopa.
    • Try to kick its shell towards the incoming Buzzy Beetles, but if it's too far to the left, knock down one of the Buzzy Beetle and kick it instead, to make some points.
  • Once the threats are gone, leap carefully to the solid block and prepare to do a couple of precision jumps towards some Koopa Paratroopas.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World8-1 B.png

  • As you jumped from the last platform, the wind will cease erratically, and may affect your precision jump to step on the first Koopa Paratroopa. Stomp carefully all three of them so you land on the top of the first pipe in this Part, so you can avoid the dangers below, including the Piranha Plant and the Bullet Bills.
  • Quickly stomp the Buzzy Beetle while it's near the Bill Blasters, so you don't get shot while stomping it, and kick its shell to the right to knock out the approaching Hammer Brother.
  • After you pass the second pipe, dash to the left and jump up between the pipe and the edge of the screen to pop the Power-Up.
  • Dash over the small gaps from the pipe to the ledge and leap with super speed to the Koopa Paratroopa.
  • One Hammer Brother follows another here. Jump over them when they're not tossing Hammers, or run under them as they jump. It's tricky, but you can do it.
    • An easy trick is to stand on the single block over the pit, far left side, wait for Hammer Bro to come and then leap over him.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World8-1 C.png

  • It's not shown in the picture however directly adjacent to the brick staircase in the beginning of this part is a hidden one-up block.
  • Beware of the pipe just before the tiny mid-air block island. If you drop down, you may think that you're being treated to a nice swim through swim area B, but when you finish, you'll sadly find yourself at a Warp Zone where you will be forced to take a trip back to World 5. Let time run out and sacrifice a life if you don't want to give up your position.

World 8-2Edit

Important note to All-Stars players!
Unfortunately, castle walls are not individually placed in the background in Worlds 8-2 or 8-3. If you want to find the hidden blocks, you have to rely on any pipes, walls, enemy positions or other hidden blocks.
World 8-2 is booby trapped with Poisonous Mushrooms! Collect the star first if you want the bonus.
In addition, while the Japanese Version contains solid blocks obscured by the brick walls, the blocks in All-Stars are not even there! Also, partially camouflaged bricks are replaced with hidden coin blocks. They must be uncovered, possibly costing some valuable time.
Before you arrive at World 8-3, you should look at its map first! Remember that there are no visible blocks at all! You need to uncover at least the hidden poison mushroom block if you want to proceed!

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World8-2 A.png

  • As you leap from the falling platform, hit the floating brick from below and grab the Power-Up.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World8-2 B.png

  • The wind is blowing and the wall is tall. Bounce from the Spring as high as possible and fly to the top.
    • It's easier to fly over the really tall wall and go for the small solid-block steps than trying to land on top of the tall wall and then jumping again.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World8-2 C.png

  • The vine in the highest brick leads to the Flagpole Goal. Bounce off the Koopa Paratroopa, hit the brick, land carefully and climb the vine.
    • Be cautious with the empty brick that you'll need to climb the vine. If you destroy it, you'll need to take the dead end filled with several hazards.
  • You'll find several hidden blocks in this dead end, but don't collect the items in the blocks because they are Poison Mushrooms.
  • The pipe at the end leads to coin room F, but when you leave, you will be deposited back in the middle of Part B for another chance to escape. Watch the timer.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World8-2 D.png

  • This special aerial flagpole is the entrance to the cloud-filled sky level of World 8-3.

World 8-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World8-3 A.png

  • The best way to get through the long gap in the middle of this Part is by getting to the top cloud rather than taking the Red Spring, since you may collide with some mid-air enemies.
  • Star by taking down Lakitu, and carefully jumping on the Green Koopa Paratroopa when it's near of the could above. Then dash and leap from the top cloud, stepping on the Red Koopa Paratroopa and then go for the falling platform.
    • It's best to aim for the Red Koopa Paratroopa first because there's the risk that your jump may be a little too early and you miss the platform. Let's stay in the safe side!
  • Right after you land from the falling platform, and before getting to the next gap (or even while jumping through this gap), it'll be about time for Lakitu to re-spawn. Carefully avoid the Koopa Troopas, and the falling Spinies, and when you have a chance, jump to the solid-block pile and knock down Lakitu.
    • Once you get rid of Lakitu, hurry up to the next Part, so the threats ahead would be lesser.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World8-3 B.png

  • A Lakitu throwing Spinies, Hammer Brothers throwing hammers, and a hidden block with a Poison Mushroom in your path can cause a lot of trouble here. If you got rid of Lakitu at the end of the Part A, there should be less things to worry about and this Part shouldn't be that difficult. Watch those Hammer Brothers carefully, especially the second one, since the hidden Poison Mushroom is right above of him and will cause you some trouble when you attempt to jump over him to escape.
    • If you don't have the Fire Suit, the best way to get rid of the last Hammer Bro, is to stick to the right until the camera gets him out of the way. But be careful not to lose out of camera-sight your hidden Power-Up and a vine that takes you to coin heaven B. Take it and you'll be dropped off at just the right place to take advantage of the hidden Starman.
  • Take the hidden Starman, and dash quickly towards the Red Spring. Make a good long-jump and you won't need to jump off the Red Koopa Paratroopas.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World8-3 C.png

  • Since you still have the Starman power, these last Hammer Brothers shouldn't bother you at all. Take them out quickly before the power fades.
  • There are two hidden blocks here at the end, near the edge of the gap, camouflaging with the castle walls like the ones we saw before. Pop the right one, and let the Poison Mushroom fall out of your way, and the left one is a 10-coin block. Collect the most of them and when you're ready, climb above the left one. Stick to the far-left of this block (the more room you have for your run, the better) and make a run for the balance platforms, jumping at the farthest right part of the right block. Watch out! As soon as you're in the air, aiming for the highest platform, be careful not to slip off of it, especially if you're playing with Luigi.
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, the 10-coin block is replaced with an invisible block that contains only one coin.

World 8-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 A.png

  • Naturally, Bowser's eighth dungeon is a misleading maze of tunnels and repeating passages. The trick to the first section is dropping down the very first pipe with the platform above the opening to Part B.
  • If you quickly run past the first two fire bars and then jump as soon as you reach the second lava pit, you will avoid any hazards. You will most likely pass underneath the fireball and land on the platform when the third fire bar is facing downward.
  • If you were sent back to the second pipe from Part F as a super-sized hero, you will need to jump extremely skillfully to land on the fourth pipe. Otherwise, you may need to sacrifice your power-up.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 B.png

  • Swim carefully through this Fire-Bar and Blooper infested area. Lure the Bloopers away so that you don't have to contend with both dangers at once.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 C.png

  • Don't miss the hidden power up on the left side of this room.
  • Walk off the ledge to the right and move to the left in mid-air to land on the pipe.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 D.png

  • The third pipe in this area takes you back to Part B. Although you could try for a Fire Flower, it's best to wait until you approach the end of Part E to save lots of time.
  • This part is a maze (just like Castles 3-4 and 6-4), but with only one point to clear. The extended fire-bar must remain in sight in order for you to clear the path.
    • When the sliding platform is within a block's width of the bricks, dash from the platform to the bricks and make a Fire-Bar clearing jump.

Part EEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 E.png

  • A pair of Koopa Paratroopas make leaping over this lava pit a tricky task. Watch the Green Koopa carefully and bounce off its back when it's in the right position.

Part FEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 F.png

  • Don't fall into the Piranha Plant's trap, or you will be forced to go down and return to the second pipe in Part A. The first pipe in Part A will be too far to the left, and you will need to take the wrong route to return to the first pipe.
  • You're in for a surprise. Bowser's got a twin. Watch out for his Hammers and pelt him with Fireballs, or make a run for it.

Part GEdit

File:SMB2j World8-4 G.png

  • No more fakes, this is the real King of the Koopas and he's meaner than his brother.

World 9

World 9-1Edit

The Most Elusive of the Lost Levels
Welcome to World 9, also known as Fantasy World. Its four bizarre stages can only be reached by hearty adventurers who complete all of the first eight worlds in correct order. They are the ultimate Lost Levels.

Don't use Warp Zones: In order to qualify for admittance into World 9, you must not use any Warp Zones. The use of any Warp Zones (even the Backward Warp Zones, the ones that send you to a previous world) will lock out World 9. In Super Mario All-Stars, even if you've completed the game and played through World 9, if you go into any world, use any warp zone and save your progress, World 9 will disappear from your saved game.

*Please note that World 9, and all of the worlds beyond it, are not available to players in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World9-1 A.png

  • Start your World 9 adventure off by dropping down into this faux Warp Zone into a wacky world that's been flooded by water.
  • In Super Mario All-Stars, the ceiling is 1/3 shorter. This will make it a little easier to do quick jumps.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World9-1 B.png

  • You'll be dropped down to this bizarre-colored water-filled overworld. The "?" Blocks you'll find are solid yet fake.
  • You don't need to worry about the Bullet Bill Blaster on top of the "?" Blocks, since they're shut down because of the water.
  • Because of the game standard capabilities of underwater levels, you cannot swim over the Piranha Plant infested path. You have to swim through it.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World9-1 C.png

  • Swim with the waves near the surface of the water in this section. You'll avoid contact with the water-bound Lakitu and Koopa Paratroopas who patrol the ocean floor.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World9-1 D.png

  • Thanks to the water, it's impossible to miss out on a top score for grabbing the flagpole at its highest.

World 9-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World9-2 A.png

  • Just like in World 9-1, you can not swim on top of the path.
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, the upper opening in the beginning of the area has been closed.
  • With Piranha Plant potential and a Lakitu between the pipes in this section, you'll do well by staying near the bottom of the screen.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World9-2 B.png

  • Swim toward the surface here to avoid being chomped by the Piranha Plants.
  • Collect enough coins so that your total is a multiple of 11. Then hit the flagpole when the last digit of the timer matches. You'll earn a 1-Up!

World 9-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World9-3 A.png

  • Start this seemingly empty world off with a light jog.
  • In Super Mario All-Stars, the color of the castle is earth brown instead of white. The trees and fences are also revamped, and they are now missing in spots where there is a ceiling.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World9-3 B.png

  • Hit the high brick at the start of this section to reveal a vine which leads to a unique and short coin heaven. Collect the Coins and return to your adventure.
  • While you can approach the edge of the lava pit in this area, there is no way to cross the surface of the pit. And there are no items of interest nearby.
  • The pipe at the very end of this section serves as an alternate entrance to the Coin-filled bonus area. After you sink into the pipe, you'll find your hero climbing an invisible vine up to the clouds.
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, the coin heaven is in daylight and the trees and fence are colored. The final two lava pits are also a lower tide.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World9-3 C.png

  • Bowser appears in this narrow passage. Avoid the ousted King of the Koopas by leaping through the hole in the ceiling just before this section, then run along the roof.
  • There's no flood of water at the flagpole, so a timed jump from the ceiling is necessary if you want 5,000 points.

World 9-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World9-4 A.png

  • Various Mushroom Kingdom enemies will approach you one at a time in this yet-another watery passage. You can easily avoid them by swimming toward the surface.
  • Watch out! The only actual threat of this level is the wandering Blooper that appears near the middle of this short level. If you don't have a Fire Suit, carefully swim away from him when the time is right.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World9-4 B.png

  • When you reach the end of this ultimate Lost Level, you'll see a message in the block formations. It spells out "アリガトウ!" or Arigatou!, which means "Thank you!" in Japanese.
  • In Super Mario All-Stars, this level is in daylight conditions and the Flaming Podoboo that appears near the end of this level is actually able to reach you.
The Never-Ending Fantasy World!
As you'll notice, you'll begin World 9 with only one life (though, it's possible to make lives in this World), as all your lives will be taken towards your score. But if you manage to clear World 9-4, you'll begin all over again from World 9-1, forever looping until you die. When you lose all your lives, the Game Over screen (shown in the image to the right) that will appear it's a little different. It will reward you for being a Super Player and for discovering the ultimate levels of the game. Congratulations!

World A

World A-1Edit

The Challenging Secret Letter Worlds
Welcome to the Worlds A, B, C and D; the most challenging of the Lost Levels. To unlock these top secret Worlds, you will need to acquire at least eight stars on your title screen by finishing the game eight times (regardless if you use warps or not). Once you have accomplished this difficult task, return to the title screen, and by holding the A button and pressing Start to select your desired character you will have access to these harder versions of some previously-seen levels and some other never-seen-before levels.

Worlds A through D are played completely apart from the original Worlds by accessing them through the title screen as previously mentioned. However, if you are playing Super Mario All-Stars, you will play Worlds A through D right after you finish World 8 or World 9 with the same amount of lives and they will respectively behave as Worlds 10 through 13 as enemies and gimmicks will not revert to easy as is the case of its counterpart Famicom Disk System version. These worlds are the real challenge in the Super Nintendo edition.

*Please note that Worlds A through D are not available to players in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-1 A.png

  • Pop a Koopa through the space between the blocks, then hit the shell in the air for 8,000 points.
  • Be sure to reveal the hidden vine from the right most block of the right elevated platform. Climb up to discover coin heaven C.
  • You'll be dropped at the top of the row of bricks above the pipe from the bonus area and avoid a tricky jump below, as well as find an opportunity to net yourself a 1-Up.
  • This level is a source of infinite lives until you cross the halfway point (Except in Super Mario All-Stars). You can collect a 1-Up and a potential 77 extra coins.
    • In All-Stars, there are no halfway points beyond World 7-3, so you can collect as many coins as you want. Here, you can collect a potential 122 coins as opposed to 77.
  • Either way, you have to sacrifice a life if you want to loop. This level does not advance backwards.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-1 B.png

  • At the beginning of this section, kick the top Koopa shell to the left, then follow it as it plows through the enemies for a 1-Up.
  • After you clear the middle pipe, stop for a moment and wait for a Hammer Brother to approach. Then dash and jump over this pesky critter.
  • Jump into the high pipe for a chance to explore coin room G.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-1 C.png

  • Only patience and great timing of your jumps will help you clear this last section.

World A-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-2 A.png

  • Use the Spring to bounce up and pop a 1-Up Mushroom from the brick. Then collect it as it falls through the next opening.
  • If your hero is small, the Power-Up item in the row of bricks will be a Mushroom. Run to the right as it slides and catch it on the platform.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-2 B.png

  • A super-sized character can crash through the bricks at the top of the staircase and jump to the top row.
  • A small character's only way to the roof is to jump onto a lift near the end of the section and jump again.
  • The big ramp in the middle of the section is a restart point.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-2 C.png

  • You can take the normal exit pipe to the level's end and move on to the next world, or continue to run along the ceiling and be taken to a Warp Zone that leads to the next world, World B.

World A-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-3 A.png

  • You'll be hit by a strong gust while running on this cloud platform. Let the wind blow you as you go and try not to lose your footing.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-3 B.png

  • Now that you've survived several underwater stages, you are familiar with the danger of Bloopers. This mid-air Blooper is not as menacing as its fishy buddies.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-3 C.png

  • If you hit the red spring here just right you'll have enough air to clear the top of the pole and you will be able to move on to the Warp Zone ahead.
  • Beware of Sprite Limits! If there are five enemies on the screen before you approach the red spring, it won't show up and you won't be able to take the Warp Zone ahead. If this happens, you can still make it to the Warp Zone as long as the Red Koopa Paratroopa appears. All you'll need is a well-landed jump on the winged fiend while running towards it.
    • Due to the game's sprite capacity, if there are five sprites in total on screen (without counting our hero), and among them the red spring and the Koopa Paratroopa, the Flag at the Goal Pole won't show up, and you will have a glitched up ending of the level without receiving any points from how high you reached it.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-3 D.png

  • The Warp Zone that you find here will take you all the way to World C.

World A-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-4 A.png

  • The four shorter fire-bars rotate at double speed, so beware.
  • The Fire-Bars will not scathe your character if you stand on the left edge of the "?" Block. Wait there, then grab the Power-Up when the timing is right.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-4 B.png

  • You can stomp this Koopa Troopa and send it sliding to the right. There's no danger of it bouncing back.
  • Five Podoboos pop up and sink back into the lava in this section. Start jumping as they are on their way down.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-4 C.png

  • Approach the edge with a super quick dash, then jump on the cannon at the end and jump again.
  • Prepare for another face-off with the King of the Koopas!
    • As explained at the beginning of the article, if you're playing the original Super Mario Bros. 2, this battle should be an easy task, as Bowser will behave like Bowser from Worlds 1 to 5. However, if you're playing Super Mario All-Stars, Bowser will breathe fire and also throw hammers!

World B

World B-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-1 A.png

  • Since you have endless chances to continue, don't risk your life for the early 1-Up Mushroom. Unless:
    • Your hero is on his Fire Suit so he can eliminate the Green Koopa Troopa guarding the booty with ease.
    • You're a super player! You can knock out the Green Koopa Troopa at one far-side of this reduced space, hit the hidden block in the middle, and wait for the 1-Up Mushroom to come to you. It can be tricky, but it's good for practicing those super skills needed in this game!

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-1 B.png

  • Watch out! If you wait under a hidden block to stomp a Koopa, you'll jump with less height than you expected.
  • Hit the block above the first pipe to reveal a vine that leads to coin heaven C. However, only a super-sized character will be able to punch a hole in the brick in order to reach the vine before it scrolls off the screen.
  • A trio of hidden blocks in the gapped row of bricks make for a solid platform when they materialize, so you can catch that Starman with ease.
  • Hit the "?" block on the far right and jump when the Power-Up Mushroom flies.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-1 C.png

  • Poison Mushrooms still abound and can ruin a perfectly good game. Let them slide out of harms way if you make one appear.

World B-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-2 A.png

  • A Koopa Paratroopa bounds down the stairs near the beginning of this water stage. If you're not careful, you'll be trampled.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-2 B.png

  • Go below the floating platform to avoid the Koopa Paratroopa that rules the top of the blocks. You won't get the Coins, but you'll be safe.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-2 C.png

  • The low route is Coin-filled. But careful, as one Cheep-Cheep swims in the same straight line of the coins. Swim steadily and make sure that you don't let your hero go below the bottom of the screen.
  • The extended Fire-Bar swings freely in the wide open space. Follow it as it goes around and head for the exit, another standard exit.

World B-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-3 A.png

  • Instead of stomping the pair of Koopa Paratroopas in this section, you should target the pulleyed platforms for a better chance to advance.
  • Pop the "?" block as you ride the sliding platform in the middle of this section, and grab the Power-Up Mushroom before it drops. Then, secure your footing on the platform or the block and jump to the next challenge.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-3 B.png

  • If your character is super-sized at the end of this section, hit the bricks quickly to clear away one and make a Fire Flower appear in the other. However, you need to collect the coin above the power-up block before hitting the brick itself. Otherwise, the power-up won't appear, yet the block is still emptied.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-3 C.png

  • Move forward on the first ledge until you can see the next ledge, then wait for the Koopa to approach and take two quick hops to your goal.
  • A Koopa Troopa patrols the last bluff. Make sure that you react to the Koopa right when you land before it gets too close.

World B-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-4 A.png

  • You can catch the Fire-Bar guarded Power-Up if you're fast. But if you're already super-sized, it won't do you much good.
  • In Super Mario All-Stars, the right side of the pipe in Part A is sealed in, so you are in no danger of over-jumping and falling into the lava pit right beside it.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-4 B.png

  • Riding the sliding platform at the very beginning of this section is the only way across the gap. If your hero is super-sized, he'll have to duck in order to squeeze under the bricks.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-4 C.png

  • If you sink into the only pipe in Part B, or either pipe in this section, you'll go back to the first pipe in Part A.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j WorldB-4 D.png

  • However, if you sink into the last pipe in the dungeon, you will go straight to a Warp Zone C which will lead you to World D.

World C

World C-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World C-1 A.png

  • Position your plumber to the left of the first ground pipe. Then, when the Piranha Plant sinks and the Koopa walks to the left edge of the bricks, jump and bounce off of the Koopa to the top of the next pipe.
  • If your character is small by the end of this section, dash and jump between the pipe and the row of bricks to reach a Power-Up.
  • There is a hidden 1UP block right above the first "?" block. If you are Super or Fire Mario, you must hold Down + Jump in order to get it.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World C-1 B.png

  • Drop down the second pipe, which leads to coin room H.
  • You've perfected the Koopa Paratroopa Bounce by now. Jump to the right over the long gap, and target the Koopa to bounce off its back and land on the bricks.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World C-1 C.png

  • Altitude is more important than distance in the middle of this section. When you bounce off of the Koopa, take advantage of the extra air time and land on the bricks above.
  • You can use the invisible coin block below the 10-coin block to jump to the top of the brick platform, then you can jump off the paratroopa with less air time required.
  • You will also find an invisible coin block to the left of the small patch of land under the next set of bricks; this will be very difficult with mario but you can run and jump onto the invisible coin block and reveal a plant leading to coin heaven C. This will actually send you back earlier in the level but it is a good way to collect more coins.

World C-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World C-2 A.png

  • The Blooper on the first bridge will close in on you if you wait too long. Move quickly and cautiously with your eye on the enemies.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World C-2 B.png

  • You might remember a section of World 4-3 that was very much like this long open gap. Run with super speed and hop onto the blocks with all of the expert-jumping skill that you can muster.
  • The Koopa Paratroopa towards the end of this section hovers near the right edge of the gap, leaving a big space between the left edge and itself. Walk to the right until you see the Koopa, then back up, dash and jump. With luck, you'll hit it.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World C-2 C.png

  • Jump up when the sliding platform is positioned under the "?" at the very edge of the previous section. Then jump again and collect the Mushroom.

World C-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World C-3 A.png

  • World C-3 is much like World 7-3, except now you have to watch out for Lakitu around the second spring. Make sure the air is clear before you jump.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World C-3 B.png

  • Be careful! There's very little room to get away from Lakitu on the high tree top in the middle.
  • Land on the platform to the very right for a safer jump onto the next Super Spring.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World C-3 C.png

  • If you know how to collect a Fire Flower in World 7-3, doing it here is easier than it looks. You still have to watch out for Spiny, but Lakitu can't harm you when you are standing on the ? block.
  • Lakitu disappears after you pass the pipe in this area.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World C-3 D.png

Part EEdit

File:SMB2j World C-3 E.png

World C-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World C-4 A.png

  • It is to be noted that the original game only gives you a time limit of 300 on this level, while All-Stars gives you a limit of 400.
  • World C-4 is much like World 7-4, only this level opens with an additional Fire-Bar. Dash past the extra obstacle and move on.
  • Remember the five lifts that you previously saw in World 7-4, and remember how to land safely if you are super-sized.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World C-4 B.png

  • Remember the safe spot in the lower corner of the "S" passage.
  • Also remember the "bulldoze" technique in case you approach trouble.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World C-4 C.png

  • The bricks in the corners of the boxed-in area will keep you from hiding from the Fire-Bar.
  • At the first fire bar, you will be able to duck once until the path is clear.
  • At the second fire bar, you can't hide. You'll have to move very quickly, leaping from the left edge to the center to the right edge without stopping. This will be much more difficult if your hero is super sized.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World C-4 D.png

  • This is your second-to-last fight with Bowser. Defeat him and prepare for the final world.

World D

World D-1Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World D-1 A.png

  • Perhaps the most challenging world of this game, World D begins very unfriendly, and discriminating your small-sized hero. The Power-Up is too far to the left, and this line of bricks ends in the middle of the gap, and adding those meddling Hammer Bros., grabbing this Power-Up as a small-sized hero is nearly impossible. Defeat the Hammer Bros., and then clear the long gap by bouncing off the Green Koopa Paratroopa.
    • If you get a Game Over and continue from the beginning of this world, you'll have to deal with this challenging opening of the level every single time, since your hero will be small-sized.
    • However, if you come from another world with the Fire Suit, these first challenges should be no problem, as you can eliminate those nasty Hammer Bros. from distance, then break some of those bricks and get along the line avoiding that long gap.
  • It's not shown in the picture, but above and slightly to the right of the third floating brick containing a Poison Mushroom is a hidden 1-Up Mushroom block. Jump from the second floating brick, and then on the Red Koopa Paratroopa to get there.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World D-1 B.png

  • Drop down the first pipe that you encounter to find coin room G.
  • There's a Power-Up in the floating brick just before the last pipe in this section. Dash left from the right edge of the ground block and jump to pop it out.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World D-1 C.png

  • The wind will pick up by the end of this world. It should not pose much danger, although it may interfere with your ability to hit the high point on the flagpole.

World D-2Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World D-2 A.png

  • Once you flatten the Koopa at the top of the stairs, kick its shell and run with super speed to clear the narrow gap.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World D-2 B.png

  • Upside-down Piranha Plants cause trouble here. Hop across the gaps and avoid the plants.
  • When you return from the coin heaven, you'll arrive in front of the tall pipe at the end of this section. Drop down for a visit to the exclusive coin room I.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World D-2 C.png

  • When you bounce off of the Koopa in this section and climb the vine, you'll be on the path to a pair of bonus areas, starting with coin heaven C.
  • This level provides a useful opportunity to gain lives, and this will be your last chance to do it.
    • Because the coin heaven drops you off at the highest pipe in this section (With both a regular and upside-down Piranha Plant in the same column), you can revisit both the coin room and the coin heaven multiple times. You can collect a potential 80 coins per loop.
  • Make sure to defeat the Red Koopa Paratroopas here to ensure that sprite limits do not prevent the Red Spring from appearing. Otherwise, you will be stuck.
  • The floating block at the end of this section is a narrow but crucial platform. Carefully jump to the block and hop to the flag.

World D-3Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World D-3 A.png

  • By standing next to the Bullet Bill Cannon, you can keep it from releasing shots as you wait to collect the Power-Up in the area.
  • A Hammer Bros. duo causes trouble towards the end of this section. Dash and jump over the Bros. and between the hammers.
  • One useful strategy for this level is to wait by the first group of cannons for a couple Bullet Bills to fire to the right, and then chase after them through the level. Because of sprite limits, they can prevent some of the Hammer Bros. from spawning. They also can provide useful jumping-off points to avoid the Hammer Bros.
  • It's not visible in the picture but there is a row of nine bricks at the end of the first wall.
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, however, these are replaced with nine hidden coin blocks, meaning that you have to create the safety zone against the Hammer Brothers instead of trying not to destroy it.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World D-3 B.png

  • Wait at the top of the tall stack of blocks for the Hammer Brother to close in. Then jump off of the blocks and stomp or pass.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World D-3 C.png

  • As you leap from one Cannon to the next at the end, make sure that a Bullet Bill isn't launching from the next Cannon up.

World D-4Edit

Part AEdit

File:SMB2j World D-4 A.png

  • Why is the first pipe in such a strange place?
  • Jump across the first gap as soon as the Fire-Bar clears away. Then hit the ground dashing and run to safety.

Part BEdit

File:SMB2j World D-4 B.png

  • Drop down the pipe at the end to continue to the outdoor Part C.
  • In Super Mario All-Stars, the ceiling above the last Piranha Plant is open, but there is no real advantage to it.

Part CEdit

File:SMB2j World D-4 C.png

  • Wait for the Hammer Bros. on the left side, then stomp them. Beware of a hidden block with a poisonous mushroom between the third Piranha Plant and the staircase.
  • At the end of this section, move to the right until the Piranha Plant comes into view. Then jump when the pipe is clear. You will be treated to Coin Room H before you are sent to the final room.

Part DEdit

File:SMB2j World D-4 D.png

  • Run under the Fake Bowser's brick platform here, then jump up and double back to collect the Power-Up.
  • The second pipe in this area will take you back to the strangely placed first pipe in Part A.

Part EEdit

File:SMB2j World D-4 E.png

  • Just like World 2-4, you need to make the appropriate landing here. However, it is more difficult now because the landing is much higher and Podoboo resides here.
  • You've met Bowser many times to get to this point. Now beat him once more to complete the last Lost Level. You can hit him with fireballs or jump over him when he retreats.

Coin Rooms

Standard EndingEdit

File:SMB2j Standard End Map.png

  • This is the standard ending to numerous underground and underwater levels.
  • The hidden blocks near the flagpole will give you a boost. Jump up to the top block, then grab the pole for some easy 5,000 points.

Coin Room AEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room A.png

  • A Poison Mushroom is easily accessible, and should be avoided.
  • Create a platform to the real Power-Up in the ceiling by revealing two hidden Coin Blocks. For a Mushroom, you need to make it rebound by hitting the right brick.

Coin Room BEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room B.png

  • The coin line is a total of 16 coins in length. You have plenty of room to dash and crouch to reach them, but watch out for Bullet Bill!
  • If you are big, you can reach the 10-Coin Block from the middle of the three high blocks just before the pipe.

Coin Room CEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room C.png

  • It's a tight squeeze in this room if you're super-sized. You will need to dash and crouch to reach the four coins underneath.
  • You need to be super-sized to be able to reach the 10-coin Block.

Coin Room DEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room D.png

  • It's a real challenge to get coins or a Power-up in this Coin Room. If you are super-sized, you can break through the bricks for a Fire Flower. If you are Luigi, you can jump from the right without dashing for either Power-up.
  • But if you are regular-sized Mario, you will need to dash right and jump left from the pipe.
  • Either way if you are small, it will be a Mushroom and you will need to make it rebound by hitting the right brick.

Coin Room EEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room E.png

  • The coin line is a total of 16 coins in length.
  • If you are big, you can break the bricks closest to the exit and unveil a 10 coin block.

Coin Room FEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room F.png

  • Collect the coins here by jumping carefully. If you aren't careful, you may end up becoming Piranha Plant food.

Coin Room GEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room G.png

  • The Power-Up in this Coin Room is boxed in by bricks. If your hero is small, it is unreachable, and you can only reach six of the coins.
  • Watch out for that Poison Mushroom on the right, although it is boxed in by the same bricks.

Coin Room HEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room H.png

  • Hit the lowest brick to the left quickly and try to knock all ten coins out of the block.

Coin Room IEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Room I.png

  • After your pint-sized plumber pops the Power-Up, hit the brick to the right so that he can collect it.
  • Once you're bigger, smash one side (not the bottom middle brick) of the block cluster and hit the top middle block to reveal a 10 coin block.

Coin Heaven AEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Heaven A.png

  • The brick wall is too long to jump over it. You'll have to hop off the platform in order to continue on with the platform on the other side.
    • Though, there is a glitch that allows to walk through the brick wall by holding Left on the D-Pad while the moving platform is passing by the wall. This can also be done in the cloudy platform amidst the level.
  • This Heaven has a 73 coin potential and is generally found in Worlds 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Coin Heaven BEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Heaven B.png

  • Hop on the platform and grab as many coins as possible, then drop down and leap over the clouds while collecting more.
  • After you're done jumping the cloud-hurdles, hop on the platform and jump more clouds while grabbing coins.
  • You'll encounter a higher row of clouds (there are a few small gaps in the row). Run across it. You can run right over the gaps.
  • This Heaven has a 77 coin potential, but Mario won't be able to reach all of them.

Coin Heaven CEdit

File:SMB2j Coin Heaven C.png

  • Hop on the platform, grab coins, drop down, then grab more coins, and repeat the process until the level ends.
  • This Heaven has a 55 coin potential, but Mario won't be able to reach all of them.
  • In the exclusive Worlds A, B, C and D, this is the only type of Coin Heaven seen.

Swim Area AEdit

File:SMB2j Swim Area A.png

  • Swim around and grab the coins, but try not to get cornered by the Bloopers or the Buzzy Beetles. If you are Fire Mario, you can blast the Bloopers away.
  • You can not jump on or even use fireballs against the Buzzy Beetles. You can only swim over them.
  • Make sure the Blooper guarding the exit pipe doesn't chase you into the pit.
  • This Swim Area has 40 coins total.

Swim Area BEdit

Note to All-Stars players
In the original game, this area has a 50 coin potential. However, in All-Stars - The Lost Levels, the last 16 coins are missing. Fortunately, there is actually ground underneath instead of a whirlpool drain.

File:SMB2j Swim Area B.png

  • Be careful around the Koopa and the Bloopers. Once again, avoid being cornered or chased into a pit, and if you have a Fire Flower, use it.
  • When you reach the exit, wait for the Koopa Paratroopa to float down toward the pit, or blast it with fireballs.

Warp Zone AEdit

File:SMB2j Warp Zone A.png

  • Don't fall, or you will lose a life. Stock up on all 17 coins. If the Warp Zone backtracks to an earlier level, there is no suicide pit. Just wait for the time to run out.

Warp Zone BEdit

File:SMB2j Warp Zone B.png

  • This type of Warp Zone is very convenient, because if the pipe leads to a previous World, you can jump into the pit to the left to avoid being sent back.

Warp Zone CEdit

File:SMB2j WorldA-3 D.png

  • This type of Warp Zone appears only in Worlds A and B, which takes you to either World C (if accessed through World A-3) or World D (if accessed through World B-4), both being at the very end of their respective levels.

Advanced Techniques

In Super Mario Bros., the only hidden secret that you would be required to face in order to continue the game is in World 8-4 (The one hidden coin block). This game is riddled with them! Sometimes the game might play dirty against you, and you will need to use a certain tactic to get through the area. The traditional way may cost you countless lives.

Expert DuckingEdit

  • World 1-2 (Secret Area) - There is an overhang that will require you to either sacrifice your power-up or duck at the right point in order to get through. If you duck too early, you will fall into the crevasse.
  • Castle 3-4 - If you are super-sized in this maze, the correct route will be a tough squeeze, but this time you need to watch out for Podoboo. Run when you are successfully under the low ceilings, and duck when you see an opening. Otherwise, you may fall into Podoboo's pit.
  • World D-2 - If you are super-sized and you happen to try to dash underneath the final upside-down Piranha Plant, you will likely lose your power-up. Try jumping for the top and sinking down the pipe to the coin room.

Hidden Coin BlocksEdit

  • World 1-2 (Secret Area) - There is a high mountain leading to Warp Zone 4. There are two hidden coin blocks that you need to uncover which are located above the pool of water. Don't move too far to the right or you will fall in.
  • World 2-2 - There are two hidden coin blocks that you will need to uncover in order to jump on top of the pipe and cross the huge pit.
  • Castle 3-4 - In part 2 of the maze, there are four hidden coin blocks that you need to uncover if you want to proceed through the second area.
  • World 5-1 - This level has two dirty secrets.
    • If you fall into the small landing right of the huge staircase, you need to uncover a hidden coin block to come back. It may be made harder by a 1-Up block.
    • If you choose not to climb to the Coin Heaven, you will need to uncover two hidden coin blocks to cross the mountain.
  • World 6-1 - You need to uncover a hidden coin block to jump over the Piranha Plant.
  • World 8-2 - Watch out for all of the hidden poisonous mushroom blocks in this level!
  • World 8-3 - This level has two dirty secrets.
    • Watch out for all of the hidden poisonous mushroom blocks in this level!
    • You will need to uncover a hidden coin block and a hidden poisonous mushroom block in order to jump onto the attached platform.
  • World D-3 - You will need to uncover a set of hidden coin blocks to ensure your safety.

Mystery ExitEdit

  • World 3-1 - This level has three dirty secrets.
    • If you sink into the first pipe, you will end up travelling to a warp zone that leads you back to World 1.
    • If you take the Super Spring high over the flagpole and move too far to the right, you will end up at the very same warp zone!
    • If you sink into the second pipe, you will end up at the pipe blocked by a wall. You need to uncover a hidden power-up if you want to escape.
  • World 5-1 - This is not actually a bad secret (Unless you want to access World 9, or you want to Warp to Worlds 7 or 8). When you land after falling from the Coin Heaven, you will find yourself at a warp zone that takes you to World 6.
  • Castle 7-4 - This exit is fatal. If you run too far to the right on the ceiling after jumping on the five platforms, you will end up getting trapped until you run out of time.
  • World 8-1 - If you sink through the pipe in this area, you will be taken to a warp zone that leads you back to World 5.
  • World 8-2 - The flagpole is not located in the usual place! You need to climb a hidden vine to find it.
  • World 9-3 - If you don't jump over the ceiling and run over Bowser, it will be an incredible squeeze!
  • Castle C-4 - Just like Castle 7-4, you will need to avoid running too far to the right on the ceiling, or you will be trapped.

Traditional Jumps Don't Work!Edit

  • Castle 2-4 — The beginning of the area has a narrow and tough landing for a super-sized hero. If you try to land the traditional way, you have a 50% chance of falling into the lava pit.
  • Castle 4-4 — You will need to do it at least once after you pass the Hammer Brother. If you are already Super Mario, you will need to make sure that you stop at the right time. Don't stop too soon, or you may get scorched by Bowser's fiery spit.
  • Castle 8-4 — This level has two dirty secrets.
    • In the beginning, you will need to make a backwards jump to land on the floor below the staircase.
      • Danger: If you are super-sized, you need to rely on luck because there is nothing to downsize you!
    • In the third area, if you are super-sized, you will need to jump and land properly to proceed onto the fourth area.
  • Castle D-4 — Much like the beginning of Castle 2-4, you will need to make a skilled landing to avoid falling into the lava pit.

If you are playing as super-sized Luigi, the lack of friction means it is harder to land. You may have to sacrifice your power-up to land safely. Regular-sized Luigi (and Mario) will always land safely after dashing.

Good TimingEdit

  • World 4-3 - You need to successfully jump from the right attached platform and land on the higher mountain head if you don't want to rely on luck. If you hit the bottom, the gap is too wide, and you need to rely on the luck of flying Bullet Bills.
  • World 8-3 - After you uncover the two hidden coin blocks you need to jump onto the attached platform, you will need to wait for the right to elevate very high (but not too high) so that you can successfully jump the wide gap between the platform and the floating blocks just before the flagpole.

Trust ParakoopaEdit

  • World 4-3 - One of the huge gaps is made accessible by a red Parakoopa. You need to stand close to the edge in order for it to appear. Run back, then dash and jump!
  • World 8-1 - You will need to stand close to the edge and wait for the red Parakoopa. This is made harder by both the Piranha Plant to your left and the crevasses in the floor.
  • World B-3 - Near the end, at the very huge gap, you will need to wait for a green Parakoopa to fly towards you so that you can jump.
  • World C-1 - At one point, you will need to wait for a green Parakoopa.
  • World C-2 - You will need to stand close to the edge in order to trust jumping on the red Parakoopa.

Move Right, Then LeftEdit

  • World D-3 - Stand on the final lonely Bullet Bill launcher, wait for the Hammer Brother, then jump over him. Do the same on the set of three bricks.
  • Castle D-4 - Between the staircase in the surface area and the pipe where you need to land, move a little slower on the staircase so that you don't accidentally jump on top of a Piranha Plant.


  • Castle 8-4 - In the fifth area, don't fall down to the lowest pipe! You will be blocked by two hidden coin blocks and will have to warp back to part 1.
  • Castle C-4 - One of the fire-bars can be incredibly difficult. It's nearly impossible to avoid the fire-bar enclosed by two bricks. You will need to dash quickly, or you will get burned.
  • World D-1 - Probably a really dirty tactic against you, there are two Hammer Brothers at the beginning that may force you to rely on pure luck. Otherwise, you can dash very quickly and jump on the lower Hammer Brother.