Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels/World C

World C-1 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World C-1 A.png

  • Position your plumber to the left of the first ground pipe. Then, when the Piranha Plant sinks and the Koopa walks to the left edge of the bricks, jump and bounce off of the Koopa to the top of the next pipe.
  • If your character is small by the end of this section, dash and jump between the pipe and the row of bricks to reach a Power-Up.
  • There is a hidden 1UP block right above the first "?" block. If you are Super or Fire Mario, you must hold Down + Jump in order to get it.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World C-1 B.png

  • Drop down the second pipe, which leads to coin room H.
  • You've perfected the Koopa Paratroopa Bounce by now. Jump to the right over the long gap, and target the Koopa to bounce off its back and land on the bricks.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World C-1 C.png

  • Altitude is more important than distance in the middle of this section. When you bounce off of the Koopa, take advantage of the extra air time and land on the bricks above.
  • You can use the invisible coin block below the 10-coin block to jump to the top of the brick platform, then you can jump off the paratroopa with less air time required.
  • You will also find an invisible coin block to the left of the small patch of land under the next set of bricks; this will be very difficult with mario but you can run and jump onto the invisible coin block and reveal a plant leading to coin heaven C. This will actually send you back earlier in the level but it is a good way to collect more coins.

World C-2 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World C-2 A.png

  • The Blooper on the first bridge will close in on you if you wait too long. Move quickly and cautiously with your eye on the enemies.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World C-2 B.png

  • You might remember a section of World 4-3 that was very much like this long open gap. Run with super speed and hop onto the blocks with all of the expert-jumping skill that you can muster.
  • The Koopa Paratroopa towards the end of this section hovers near the right edge of the gap, leaving a big space between the left edge and itself. Walk to the right until you see the Koopa, then back up, dash and jump. With luck, you'll hit it.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World C-2 C.png

  • Jump up when the sliding platform is positioned under the "?" at the very edge of the previous section. Then jump again and collect the Mushroom.

World C-3 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World C-3 A.png

  • World C-3 is much like World 7-3, except now you have to watch out for Lakitu around the second spring. Make sure the air is clear before you jump.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World C-3 B.png

  • Be careful! There's very little room to get away from Lakitu on the high tree top in the middle.
  • Land on the platform to the very right for a safer jump onto the next Super Spring.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World C-3 C.png

  • If you know how to collect a Fire Flower in World 7-3, doing it here is easier than it looks. You still have to watch out for Spiny, but Lakitu can't harm you when you are standing on the ? block.
  • Lakitu disappears after you pass the pipe in this area.

Part D edit

File:SMB2j World C-3 D.png

Part E edit

File:SMB2j World C-3 E.png

World C-4 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World C-4 A.png

  • It is to be noted that the original game only gives you a time limit of 300 on this level, while All-Stars gives you a limit of 400.
  • World C-4 is much like World 7-4, only this level opens with an additional Fire-Bar. Dash past the extra obstacle and move on.
  • Remember the five lifts that you previously saw in World 7-4, and remember how to land safely if you are super-sized.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World C-4 B.png

  • Remember the safe spot in the lower corner of the "S" passage.
  • Also remember the "bulldoze" technique in case you approach trouble.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World C-4 C.png

  • The bricks in the corners of the boxed-in area will keep you from hiding from the Fire-Bar.
  • At the first fire bar, you will be able to duck once until the path is clear.
  • At the second fire bar, you can't hide. You'll have to move very quickly, leaping from the left edge to the center to the right edge without stopping. This will be much more difficult if your hero is super sized.

Part D edit

File:SMB2j World C-4 D.png

  • This is your second-to-last fight with Bowser. Defeat him and prepare for the final world.