Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels/World 4

World 4-1 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World4-1 A.png

  • New persistent red Piranha Plants and a flying Lakitu welcome you to a very challenging world. Be careful!
  • From this point to World 5, you can only go forward. Green Piranha Plants are history.
  • It's not shown in the picture however directly adjacent left above of the blocks with the multi-coin brick in the middle is a hidden coin block.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World4-1 B.png

  • You'll have to hit the spring at the start of this section while running at super speed in order to clear the long gap ahead.
  • It's not shown in the picture however directly adjacent to the staircase is a hidden one-up block.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World4-1 C.png

  • When you pop up the Power-Up Mushroom, wait for it to slide off the block, then catch it in the air.
  • The first pipe of this section leads to a challenging, Coin-filled swimming area A. Swim at your own risk.
  • The last block before the staircase contains a vine which leads to another coin heaven A.
  • Immediately to the right of the staircase, make two hidden Coin Blocks appear for extra running room on your leap to the flag.
  • This level is a source of infinite lives because the coin heaven transfers you back to the staircase after the large pool of water. You have the potential to collect 123 coins per loop.
    • If you want to try and speed things up, you can try looping with just the coin heaven. You collect only 83 coins per loop, but you might move a little faster this way.

World 4-2 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World4-2 A.png

  • When you pop up the Power-Up Mushroom, move to the right, then wait for it to drop. The Bullet Bills will not hit your hero.
  • Grab the Starman in the first brick after the cannons, and dash. You'll flatten all of the Mushroom World enemies in your path with ease.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World4-2 B.png

  • If you're trying to get a Mushroom, be sure to collect it before you hit the final "?" Block, or you'll replace it with a Poison Mushroom.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World4-2 C.png

  • Jump to avoid the Hammer Brother as you blaze through this section.
  • The first pipe in this section leads to coin room A.

World 4-3 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World4-3 A.png

  • The platforms in this area start to drop upon contact. Jump quickly to avoid falling. The 2nd, 5th and 6th lifts move horizontally.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, however there are 2 small platforms to land below the lifts. Also since this is level 6-3 in Vs. Super Mario Bros, the lifts are narrower and it’s night and grey.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World4-3 B.png

  • Bounce off of the back of the Koopa Paratroopa near the right side of the first long gap to guarantee a safe landing.
  • A Bullet Bill flies through this area. Get out of its way and keep moving.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World4-3 C.png

  • It's difficult to stop on the one-block platforms at the very end of this level. You may have more luck with quick hops.

World 4-4 edit

Part A edit

File:SMB2j World4-4 A.png

  • Collect the power-up at the beginning of this world, but don't put yourself at risk of being burned by the fire-bar to get it.
  • If you want to get past the beginning gap, go back and run.

Part B edit

File:SMB2j World4-4 B.png

  • Three Koopas drop into the low-ceiling passage at the start of this section. Duck and jump to stomp them, but watch out for the rebound shell.
  • If you're controlling Mario, you'll have to dash and jump to reach the dangerous Fire-Bar block at the beginning of the section. Hop on, hop off, and run.
  • Be careful when you reach the lowering platform. As small Mario, use your super speed dash while pushing Right to reach safety. Super Mario must jump from lower down.
  • Run through the middle passage at the end of this section and pop up the Power-Up Mushroom. Then drop and run to catch it.

Part C edit

File:SMB2j World4-4 C.png

  • You'll have the most luck in your encounter with the king if you dash under him as he jumps.