Super Mario Bros./Gameplay


NES Super Nintendo Game Boy Color/Advance GameCube Wii Classic Controller Wii Remote Description
D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad or Control Stick D-Pad or Left Control Stick D-Pad Press left and right to direct Mario throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Press down to enter pipes, and press up to climb beanstalks.
A Referred to as A here, but with the right options, you can use B or X A A A 2 Pressing A makes Mario jump. The height of your jump is determined by how long you hold down the A button. For long jumps, use the B button and accelerate before you jump. When underwater, press A to make Mario swim to the top.
B Referred to as Y here, but with the right options, you can use X or B B B B 1 Holding B makes Mario run instead of walk. Fire Mario can throw fireballs by pressing the B button. He can send two fireballs at a time to blast away his enemies, even underwater.
Start Start Start Start Plus plus Press Start to pause the action.

Continue: In order to continue in the world you were playing after dying, simply press the Start button while holding down the A button at the title screen.

Character Selection: In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, press the Select button on the Kingdom Map to change between Mario or Luigi.

One foot jumps: If a target is off to the side of a platform, position Mario so that one foot rests on the edge of the platform, and one foot rests in mid-air. Then jump up to perform a one-foot jump and hit out of the way targets.

Crouch and Slide: Super Mario and Fire Mario can "crouch and slide" by holding the B button and Right on the D-Pad (or the Control Stick for Virtual Console releases) to run right, then hold Down to duck into areas that are only one square tall.



Mario & Luigi

File:Smb1 mario.png
File:Smb1 luigi.png

Mario and Luigi are the heroes and stars of the Super Mario Bros. adventure. When the game begins, they start out small. They can be killed if they are struck by an enemy, or by trying to jump on a Spiny, Piranha Plant, or Bowser while in this form. They can also be killed by falling into a pit at the bottom of the screen, or if they run out of time. They can jump up and punch "?" blocks, but they can not break any bricks. Find a Super Mushroom as quickly as possible to give the brothers a fighting chance.

Super Mario & Luigi

File:Smb1 super mario.png
File:Smb1 super luigi.png

After touching a Super Mushroom, Mario and Luigi grow to twice their original size. With this new found ability, they gain several powers. They can smash bricks with their fist while jumping. They can access the Fire Flower power-up in order to become Fire Mario or Luigi. If they get hit while super (or try to jump on a Spiny, Piranha Plant, or Bowser), they do not die, they merely revert to their normal form. When this happens, they become invulnerable for a short period. They can still die, however, if they fall in a pit or run out of time.

Fire Mario & Luigi

File:Smb1 fire mario.png

Fire Mario and Luigi have all of the same abilities as Super Mario and Luigi, and they gain one additional power: the power of fire. After taking possession of the Fire Flower, they can toss fireballs from their hands by pressing B. Up to two fireballs can be on the screen at one time. These fireballs are even accessible when the brothers are underwater. Fireballs bounce along the floor, and can fall down pits. Beware, there are some enemies which are impervious to fireballs. If Fire Mario or Luigi are struck by the enemy, they will revert all the way back to regular Mario and Luigi, a costly mistake.

Princess Toadstool & The Mushroom Retainers

File:Smb1 princess.png
File:Smb1 toad.png

While the princess is your ultimate goal, you will encounter and ultimately rescue seven Mushroom Retainers until you reach Bowser's fortress and rescue the princess. Each time, the retainers will thank you for your services, but inform you that the princess is in another castle. Princess Toadstool is also known as Princess Peach, and the Final Mushroom Retainer is known as Toad.



A variety of Power-Ups can transform Mario and Luigi in three ways. As Super Mario, Mario gets big, then if attacked by an enemy, he shrinks back to regular size, and continues the game. As Fire Mario, Mario shoots deadly fireballs. Enemies cannot attack Invincible Mario—for a time.

"?" Blocks Coins
File:Smb1 question block.png

"?" blocks are scattered all throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. They can occur alone, or in groups. Most of them contain a single coin, but a good number of them contain essential power-ups that can aid Mario and Luigi on their quest. No matter what they contain, it's always something that the brothers can use. The items listed below are the different possibilities.

File:Smb1 coin.png

200 points. You will find coins floating in the air and in some blocks. If Mario or Luigi manage to collect 100 coins, they will receive an extra life (1-Up). You can carry your coins between courses.

Super Mushroom Fire Flower
File:Smb1 super mushroom.png

1000 points. Super Mushrooms transform regular Mario or Luigi into Super Mario or Luigi. Super Mushrooms will rise out of a block, and proceed to the right. They will continue to move that way unless they hit an obstacle, or fall into a hole. Touching the Super Mushroom grants Mario and Luigi super power, doubling their height. This new size makes them easier targets, and makes it difficult for Mario and Luigi to squeeze through small spaces, but the rewards are worth it.

File:Smb1 fire flower.png

1000 points. This special flower can transform Super Mario or Luigi into Fire Mario or Luigi. They can be found by Super Mario or Super Luigi in any block that would ordinarily contain a super mushroom. They rise out of the block, but unlike the mushrooms, they remain there, motionless. As mentioned above, Fire Mario can do everything that Super Mario can do, in addition to throwing fireballs.

Starman 1-Up Mushroom
File:Smb1 star.png

1000 points. Mario or Luigi become temporarily invincible and will kill any enemy that they touch. Most of these are secretly hidden in normal blocks. Once revealed, they bounce around wildly, making them hard to catch. To become invincible, Mario or Luigi have to catch the star. Enemies are powerless over Invincible Mario or Luigi, but only for about 30 seconds. Listen to the music, and falling into a bottomless pit still costs one life!

File:Smb1 1up mushroom.png

These move like mushrooms but give the Bros. an extra life. Many of these are hard to find and once out of their block, difficult to reach. Try to grab it before it moves permanently off the screen. They are distinguished from the super variety of mushroom by their green color alone.

The Mushroom Kingdom


The Mushroom Kingdom is divided into eight worlds with four levels in each, providing a total of 32 levels to conquer! In each level, Mario encounters deadly enemies which he can shoot with fireballs or stomp out. The following moves, however, are deadly to Mario and Luigi:

  1. Bumping into flames, or members of the Koopa clan, or other dangerous creatures.
  2. Running into a Troopa or Buzzy Beetle that you kicked out of the way, but didn't destroy.
  3. Falling into a pit or a drain
  4. Running out of time before you make it to the flagpole or defeat Bowser.

Mario and Luigi's journey through the Mushroom Kingdom takes them through a variety of terrains.

  • The ground: Here you'll find hills, bushes, and many more land-like features. Discover hidden advantages when you knock your "block" on the blocks.
  • The underground: Everything is made of bricks, but you can blast through them by using your head!
  • Tree-top world: You have to be athletic if you want to avoid a fall!
  • The Castle: The evil Bowser isn't the only challenge you'll have to face to reach the princess in her castle!
  • Underwater world: To avoid getting sucked down the drain, you have to swim like crazy!
  • The suspension bridge: Don't worry about falling off, but watch for flying enemies that attack from below.
  • Coin room: Duck down a pipe and find a treasure room full of sparkling coins. Don't run out of time!
  • Coin heaven: Discover a beanstalk hidden in the blocks, hop aboard, and strike it rich! Cash in!
  • The warp zone: Discover the warp zone, and take a shortcut to other worlds.


  • Blocks: 50 points. There are breakable blocks, unbreakable blocks, and blocks containing hidden secrets. Some blocks appear out of thin air when you jump up. Breakable blocks can only be broken by Mario or Luigi when they are in Super or Fire modes. Inside "?" blocks you'll find power-ups, coins, and other special surprises. Regular blocks may also contain power-ups and 10 coins, therefore every block is worth a punch, but don't run out of time!
  • Flagpoles: The flag pole signifies the end of the first three levels in every world. A staircase usually precedes the flagpole, giving Mario and Luigi a high platform to jump from. The higher you land on the flagpole, the more points you are awarded, up to a maximum of 5,000. It is also possible to score more bonus points depending on when the clock stops (see Secrets). It is nearly impossible to jump over the flag pole, but in rare instances it can be done, in which case Mario will run endlessly through an empty terrain until time runs out.