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Tennis Australia is the chief governing body of tennis within Australia, linking to other tennis member associations throughout the country's states and territories. They organize and manage multiple national and international tennis tournaments such as the Davis Cup, the Fed Cup, the Tennis Pro Circuit, and the Australian Open series which lead up to the Australian Open, one of the four most important Grand Slams of the year [2].

Ambassadors for one of the most popular sports in the globe, Tennis Australia also organizes numerous camps and events throughout the year. They nurture and facilitate participation within their grassroots, as well as in the amateur and professional level [2].

As one of the newest partners of Active Network in 2011, Tennis Australia now benefits from multiple online administrative solutions, eliminating a large amount of paperwork [23]. As Tournament Coordinator Francis Soyer has said, "the Active system links perfectly with our current tournament administration program" [23]. Having one of the most enthusiastic tennis fan base worldwide, Tennis Australia needed to effectively coordinate volunteers, events, trainings, camps, new registrations and more.

The Active Network solutions implemented in the Australian governing body of tennis have impacted significantly by [23]:

  • eliminating errors, cluttered forms, and tedious transcribing;
  • quickly seeding and scheduling their multiple tournaments;
  • building email lists, collecting fees, set prices, sell merchandise and run their leagues proficiently;
  • supporting and hosting Australian tennis clubs websites;
  • giving players an identity and a presence on the national tennis scene.

By using the Tennis Tournament Software and the Sports Club Software, Tennis Australia is able to contact and build a close relationship with their tennis players, coaches, clubs, state and territory associations through social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter [23].

Some of the special features portrayed on the official website supported by Active Network Australia solutions are as follows [1]:

  • Live scores and statistics [3]
  • Daily aussie results [1]
  • Local, state and national tournament calendars [22]
  • State websites and membership [8]
  • 'My Tennis' players and clubs registration and membership [9]
  • Coach membership [7]
  • Employment membership [10]
  • 'Tennis World' membership online application form [13]
  • Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Junior membership managament [13]
  • Competition planner, competition ladder and competition draws and scores [4]
  • e-Diary [16]
  • 'Slice' e-newsletter subscription [15]
  • Tennis charities online donation forms [11]
  • Talent development coaches online forms [14]
  • Ballkids program coordination [19]
  • 2011 Australian Tennis Conference online registration form [12]
  • 2011 Protected Australian ranking registration [21]
  • Australian professional player profiles and rankings [5][6]
  • Ranking system login [20]
  • Annual Report [17]
  • Fact Sheets [18]

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