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The Sports Club Software by Active Network provides user-friendly solutions to aid sports club managers minimize the workload from start to finish. From membership management to event registration, merchandise sales and detailed reports from participants. Effective communication with players and coaches is also offered through email marketing tools, as well as active engagement in online training plans [1].

Among the highlighted technology features of the software include:

  • Free publicity for the club on
  • Secure online payment processing and membership collection data
  • Email design, delivery and tracking tools
  • Sport league or club management from any internet connection
  • Tailored sports league registration forms and membership forms
  • Online club merchandise sales from the webstore
  • Sport club marketing with social media tools
  • Broad and flexible event attendee reports

The client is able to create a free account and get full access to the software with no initial payment. A 'Free Test Drive" is then offered to experience the system usage, and a per-participant fee applies if the client decides to implement the system. The system usage can be totally free if it is included in the club's participant fees.

References edit

1. The Active Network (2011). Sports Club Software. Retrieved from

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